Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canadian Idol - Top 20 - Part 2

Adam Castelli - Gone 'til November
What a weird, weird song! I obviously didn't know it... And Adam really didn't make me want to check it out. He sounded likie he was half talking and half singing, it was all veyr strange to me.

Jessica Sheppard - Umbrella
Nice arrangement, cool pop-rock vibe that fits her well. I don't like that song, but she made it. She was really off in places, but great in others.

Jesse Cottam - Iris
I love that song... Jesse's intro is really nice. The low parts are gorgeous, very well executed. But when he launches into the chorus, into the higher register... Did not work for me at all. No power, flat, off at times. Nope.

Theo Tams - Collide
Oh wow, this was GREAT! Love that he plays piano, love his falsetto. Great transition from the verse to the chorus to include the full band into the performance. His voice was great... Nothing but good things to say about this one!

Katelyn Dawn - She Talks To Angels
Hate the whiny guitar, hate that awful country vibe she put on it. Vocals were good, but she missed the passion, the emotion, the soul the song requires. Me no likey. At all.

Mitch Macdonald - I'm Yours
Great vocals, and yeah, his voice didn't go thin this time. Great song choice for him, but I did not like the arrangement. Way too busy!!! But other than that, I thought it was his best so far.

Katherine St-Laurent - The First Cut Is The Deepest
Gotta say, she did that song justice. Very nice. Lots of emotions and a great voice to go with it. I like how her voice is on the verge of breaking when she reaches for the highest notes, it adds lots of honesty and authenticity to her sounds. Nice job.

Omar Lunan - Ain't No Sunshine
WOW! He really isn't my type of singer, but I gotta say, he blew me away tonight. Great soul in his voice, vocals were killer, stage presence was awesome... Lots of passion and I loved the liberties he took with both the melody and the phrasing, Great, great, great!

Earl Stevenson - Something To Talk About
What a weird choice for him! He sounded... weird thoughout, moving in an uncomfortable way all through the performance. Although he was moving around a lot, his voice sounded flat and without much life... Until the last few lines, which were KILLER!!! Why oh why didn't he do this earlier in the song?

Oliver Pigott - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Ah now, that was much better than last week. Love his softer side, the emotions pouring out of him. His falsetto is really weak tho. I really enjoyed what he did with the song tho, Great!

My Top 3: Theo, Oliver, Omar
My Bottom 3: Adam, Katelyn, Jessica

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