Friday, November 30, 2007

What Are You Listening To? Part 2

I have recently taken to setting my iTunes player on "shuffle" while I work, and I have been resisting the urge to skip some songs very well lately. This lead me to "discovering" songs that I had, but had not listen to very much. So I decided, why not share? Some of those songs are "new discoveries" for me, while others are just songs I'm listening to a lot at the moment...

1- Powerless To Change - Greg Neufeld - Greg Neufeld 2007

music player
I made this music player at

This song contains three of my very favorite things: acoustic guitar, cello and Greg's soft, velvety voice. Slipping the earphones on to listen to that song feels like slipping on a warm, cozy sweater, sitting by the fire, sipping on hot chocolate. Check out his band, DIMARCO - they have a Dave Matthews kind of vibe that is very appealing.

Sometimes I don't mean the words that I say... We are only human and that's ok... There's no one else to blame... No one else to blame... We're just powerless to change...

2- I'm Yours - Jason Mraz - Single 2006

If you like this song, head on out to Jason's MySpace Page to listen to a live version of this song. The back and forth with his percussionist/back vocalist is absolutely wonderful. One cannot help but sing along, clap hands and just sway happily from side to side when listening to that song.

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

3- I Will Remember You - Ryan Cabrera - Single 2006

Oh, the romantic, 16 year old little girl in me love this song. It just takes me back... It's great. Check out Ryan on his MySpace Page.

I will remember you, and all of the things that we've gone through... There is so much I can say but words get in the way... So, when we're not together, I will remember you...

4 - Angel - Sarah McLaughlan - Surfacing 1997

Truly one of a kind.... I don't like a lot of female singers for some reasons... But her... Her voice is just enchanting.

In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there

5 - Landmines And Landslides - Less Than Jake - In With The Out Crowd 2006

And a little bit of ska to end.... This song is more rocking than what they usually do... But it's still so good!!!!

landmines-landslides no matter how i try
i'm destined for disaster a failure by design
landmines-landslides every single time
i'm destined for disaster i'm trapped on every side

American Idol Blake Lewis is shitting in my bathroom

Go vote for the vid!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blake Lewis - Lots of News!

Silence is Golden

Lots of things happening in Blake's world lately!

Blake launched his official site,

just yesterday. There are some really sexy pictures, links to songs, blogs from Lewis and a forum.

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Very well done, looks fresh and young and fun, just like Blake! Go visit it today, and register!


Blake posted two new videos on his MySpace Page. One was of Bob Bobberson (see previous entry, the other was of him recording a track for his album, ADD. Shot by Ethan Newberry.

BShorty Grabs Mic!


Team Plaid has received some exclusive information regarding Blake's Break Anotha video. Here's the scoop:

This info comes from the same source that gave us the ADD spoilers last week, and also confirmed Blake’s appearance on Ryan’s show this morning for us. This little bit of info is about the video for “Break Anotha” - it will world premiere on Thursday, 12/6 on Yahoo! We’ll finally get to see this cool video that Blake has been talking about!

Can't wait for a Bshorty video! That'll be totally shibby!


Blake appeared on Ryan Seacrest radio show on KIIS FM yesterday morning. It was short, but cute! Here's the direct link for the interview - go listen!!!!

Blake also did an interview with Jojo from KIIS FM. The interview is not up on the site yet, but keep checking, it'll surely be posted later. In the mean time, if you truly cannot wait, head on to Team Plaid to download the interview. It's a must listen!


Barnes&Nobles have ALL of ADD's songs up as previews!!!! Head out there NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From those 30 seconds previews, Gots 2 Get Her, Know My Name, How Many Words, Here's My Hello, End of the World and I got You seem to be totally killer songs!!! I'll reserve my judgment for when I can hear the full songs - snippets don't tell the whole story... Still, it's exciting to get a taste of Bshorty!!!


And finally, here's Blake's schedule for the next little while... Lots of radio appearances/interviews, tv shows, and a few live shows including Jingle Ball in Seattle..... Set your TIVO, DVR and other recording devices, and share the shibby love with shorthy's fans!!!

4 DEC Satellite Media Tour
5 DEC Entertainment Tonight
6 DEC 2007 Fuse’s The Sauce
6 DEC The Early Show
6 DEC The Insider
7 DEC Extra

**Blake’s AOL Sessions will premiere 12/7**

9 DEC CW Now
11 DEC The Ellen DeGeneres Show
11 DEC Jimmy Kimmel Live
11 DEC FOX News
16 DEC Action Sports Championships (CBS)

I Choose Noise

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blake Lewis is ready to catch your panties

Blake Lewis is ready to catch your panties
The ‘Idol’ runner-up came into the studio full of ideas for his album

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The ‘Idol’ runner-up came into the studio full of ideas for his album

By Dennis Hensley
MSNBC contributor
updated 8:30 p.m. ET, Mon., Nov. 26, 2007

With some “American Idol” finalists, it’s hard not to get the feeling they just wanted to sing and be on TV. For them, actually recording music is just an afterthought. But last season’s runner-up Blake Lewis is not that kind of “Idol.”

When it came time to start making his debut album, the Washington-born beatbox virtuoso came to the table with CDs and notebooks full of ideas and a title he’d had in mind for years, “Audio Day Dream.”

“I had discs that I made like four years ago that said ‘Audio Day Dream sampler’ on them,” says Lewis whose infectious debut single, “Break Anotha” is currently climbing the charts. “So when I met with (19 Entertainment CEO) Simon Fuller and (BMG Label Group Chairman) Clive Davis, I came prepared. I had the whole idea laid out and I sold myself, like, ‘This is what I want to do and I hope you like it,’ and they did.”

Read the rest at

Monday, November 26, 2007

Greg Neufeld, Channel One and Lukas Rossi - Lee's Palace - Nov 25th 2007

Great, great night last Sunday at Lee's!!!

It was my first time helping a performer by selling merch for them. It was pretty cool, to be honest. It also gave me a different perspective on the show, how it all gets ready, on how hard people work behind the scenes and of course, a very different views of the show itself.

The night started with Greg Neufeld performing a short acoustic set. It was great to finally see Greg live. I got relieved from my merch selling duties for his set, so I made my way to the floor and just enjoyed the music from the pit. Greg's voice is like velvet, with a little husky edge. It can be chill inducing, powerful or very soft... Very, very nice. TV really didn't do his voice or his stage presence justice - he was great on tv, but he's so much better live! I can't remember all the songs he sang. He sang a first song I can't remember the title of, Daughters from John Mayer (wow), a song he wrote with Andrew Austin that totally made me melt on the floor, Delicate by Damien Rice (oh WOW, another one that made me melt!) and two more songs I can't recall the titles of. Very, very good performer. So glad I got to see him. I'm looking forward to more music from him, soon! In the mean time - get his cd and check him out!

Then after a short break, Channel One got on stage to perform an acoustic set. I didn't know those guys, so I have no idea what they played, unfortunately... But what I heard sounded really good. The singer's voice is awesome, and the band sounds really tight. They came over to the merch table after their set to sell their merch, and I got the chance to chat with them a bit... Really nice guys. I'll be checking their stuff for sure.

Oh and now, the piece the resistance. Lukas Rossi himself, on stage with his lovely, gorgeous and talented pianist, Lou Dawson. Here's the set list for Lukas:

Dead Flowers
Lonely Ones I can't get enough of this one)
It's On
Empty Cities
War (new song)
Sunrise Of A Digital Star
Angry Memories Of You
It's All Love
Playboy (for Chrisy!!!!!!!)
Unidentified song that still ROCKED!!!!

Even from the very back of the room where the merch table was, Lukas was reaching out to me and pulled me in the show. He was in great form despite being sick, and was playful with the crowd. He gave a shout out to his dad, having us all scream "We love you Sergio!!!" That was cute. :) He looked.... happy up there on stage. He was intense, shaking his whole body off after a song, sort of like to get the excess of intense energy out of his system. I wish I could have been in the middle of the floor to experience that intensity - it took my breath away from afar - but it was also cool to have a different perspective of the entire show.

Lukas did an encore with Channel One, and they sang Comfortably Numb. Simply INCREDIBLE.

Lukas met with fans after the show for a meet&greet. About 50 fans stuck around after, and he chatted with them all, taking pictures and signing stuff for them. It was cool, it looked like a big reunion of friends, with lots of hugs and laughters and all around good time.

That was Lukas last Canadian acoustic show before he brings Starsdown here. I just CAN'T wait to see him again. :)

I love you, Luke. :) Kendra, you are amazing in everything that you do. Lou, I adore you and it was good to see you again. Chrisy... Thanks for being there with me. :)

Short slide show that aired on ETalk:

Greg Neufeld - Lukas Rossi - Lee's Palace - Nov 25th 07

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Republic - Dreaming Out Loud

>>>Please view my album review HERE<<<

One Republic's first album, Dreaming Out Loud, is on sale everywhere now! Did you buy it? Huh? Didja? YOU SHOULD!!!!

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I'll review the album in a little bit, but in the meantime, you can listen to snippets of the album either on iTunes or at Here's the track list:

1. Say (All I Need)
2. Mercy
3. Stop And Stare
4. Apologize
5. Goodbye, Apathy
6. All Fall Down
7. Tyrant
8. Prodigal
9. Won't Stop
10. All We Are
11. Someone To Save You
12. Come Home
13. Apologize

The Next Great American Band - Top 6

I have to say - when the season started, I was not sure about this show. But the more into the season we get, the more I get into it. The bands are good, real musicians who for the most part have been there, done that. In that regards, TNGAB comes closer to RockStar then American Idol. The music showcased is great, too. None of those recycled, rewashed and re-recycled songs we constatnly hear on AI. I gotta say, I enjoy watching!

This week, the bands sing songs from Mig Jagger and Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones!!!!

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 goes home. The judges spent a lot of time praising them, and rightfully so.

Tres Bien - Get Off Of My Cloud

The lead singer is so good. His voice was good, and he's just such a dynamic front man. It was a fun performance!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Free

I disagree with the judges - I feel this band is showing off exactly what they are about. The horn section ws once again phenomenal. I always feel that Denver is the weak link in te band, but he's been improving a lot lately. He physically stepped up to the front for this performance, and for me, it did wonders. He's pushing his voice, and it's sounding great.

Sixwire - This Will Be The Last Time

I absolutely adore the harmonies this band produces. It felt good to have an uptempo song from them this week. I also really enjoy when they showcase Steve on the guitar. Wow, he's good! This was a fun, dance your feet off kind of performance, and I loved it!

Light of Doom - Jumping Jack Flash

Eric started in too low of a key, and he had troubles hitting some of the lower notes. All in all, solid performance musically, but the vocals were really suffering.

The Clark Brothers - Gimme Shelter

Right off the bat, the electric guitar grabbed me. Austin is such an awesome player, it's incredible. Adam on the mandoline/whateveritscalled was brilliant in between the chorus. WOW! And Ashley's vocals? Phenomenal, as usual. I kinda wished he didn't scream as much at the end, but it fitted the song, fitted the urgency they had been building throughout the performance. It ws dark, it ws powerful and it ws goosebump inducing. Last week, it was Ashley's vocals that made the song. This week, it was Austin's guitar. I can't say it enough, those guys are AMAZING.

Dot Dot Dot - Let's Spend The Night Together

I really didn't like this performance. The harmonies between the two girls were totally off, and Adam's vocals were just not up to par. The fact they showcased the girls and then Rose again felt like they are desperate. It's too bd they reverted to that, the lst two performances were really good. But not this one.

So, I'm thinking that Denver and TMHO will be the next band to go... LOD seems to have a good following, so I expect them to stick around... Then again, Denver and TMHO seem to have quite a bit of fans, too... Maybe it'll be Dot Dot Dot who will go? That would be a first, the band that goes last going home....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blake Lewis - Break Anotha Video clip, ADD Spoilers, making of ADD - Oh My!

There was litterally TONS of things being posted on Blake this past week. I'm posting it all here, in one big post! Enjoy!

She Loves The Way - Blake Lewis & BT

How can Blake and BT and Kevin make a sexy song even sexier? WOW! Really enjoy hearing that version, it's great. The hand puppets are hilarious, and it is great to see how much fun and complicity the three guys hve. :) Loved BT on the Kaoss pad!

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream clips

Wanna hear snippets of Blake's upcoming album? :)


Blake Lewis - TRL 2007-11-19

Preview of ADD's debut single video, Break Anotha!!!! Green screen!!! Blake dancing!

Blake Lewis as Bob Boberson

From Cisco McCarthy, here is Bob Bobberson in all his glory. I love Cisco. I love Blake. I love Chris who sings in the background (WOW!). But mostly, I love Bob Bobberson. I wanna rub his buddha.

Blake Lewis in Seattle studio

Blake working in the studio with Kevin Sawka and BT. Maybe recording one of the 9 interludes that will appear on Audio Day Dream?

A few tidbits, coming from Team Plaid:

* There will be 9 interludes throughout the album to fit the A.D.D. theme (and don’t expect just beatboxing!). Three of the interludes get their own track numbers (1, 12, 16). The others are hidden, but you can find the names of them in the CD booklet. They were recorded live by Blake’s band.
* iTunes will have an exclusive track that Blake did with S*A*M and Sluggo in New York called “Human.”
* WalMart will have exclusive bonus DVD footage.
* Clive Davis has taken Executive Producer credit.

Check out Team Plaid for more…

Video Interview with Blake on The Vine @ Eonline:

"Idol" runner-up Lewis realizes "Dream"

"I don't want to be put in a box," Lewis said. "If there's any box I could be put in, it's pop music. The surprise is that, hopefully, it's an album you've never heard before, but it's very pop and mainstream. I just go with my gut feeling and my instincts and intuition. I did that on the show, and that's how I approached (the album), too."

Blake Lewis' ideas are there, but scattered,0,3494200.story

Though it features input by industry heavyweights J.R. Rotem and Mike Elizondo, Lewis' principal collaborator on "Audio Day Dream" is songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder, whose band OneRepublic's "Apologize" (a collaboration with Timbaland) has ruled Top 40 radio this fall. Tedder and Lewis trick out their mercilessly catchy tunes with loads of delicious ear candy: In "Gots to Get Her," they layer a vocal melody inspired by "Puttin' on the Ritz" over fluttering acoustic guitars and triumphant R&B horns, while "Surrender" pairs grinding Depeche Mode keyboards with a pounding hard-rock beat.

The Next Great American Band - Top 7

This week, the bands sing songs from Lieber and Stoller.

Franklin Bridge goes home.

Light of Doom- “Jailhouse Rock”

That might be my favorite from them so far. The guitar solo put forward what the problem is with that group; the lead singer. Although, I have to admit, he did much much much better vocal wise than ever before.

The Clark Brothers - “Saved”

After the first verse, I was thinking that the song had too fast a pace for Ashley to really do well vocal wise. Boy ws I wrong. After his fantastic fiddle solo (damn he's good!), the passion was unleashed in his voice. His vocals were not spot on, but they were passionate, emotional, felt like he wrote the song himself. I believed everything he sang, and even through my crappy computer speakers, I let myself get into the performance because they draw me in. WOW!

Dot Dot Dot - “Love Potion #9″

Adam's vocals were really good this week. It was a good, solid performance. Not as great as last week, but I felt that when Adam dials it down, they do so much better!

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 - “Poison Ivy”

I liked it! It was a fun performance, and the harmonizing was pretty cool on the chorus.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - “Ruby Baby”

I'm glad they mde it, I like them!!! I felt like Denver was pushing his voice more this week, and it sounded GREAT! I really wish he had some backup vocals tho, and that he'd clearly step up as the leader of the band. The showcase of the horns was AWESOME!

Sixwire - “I Keep Forgettin’”

LOVE the harmonies. This sounded more pop rock than country, and I enjoyed that very much. The guitar solo was amazing! Sexywire. *LOL*

Tres Bien! - “Some Other Guy”

I think the band did really, really well. Great song that fitted their style so very well. The singer is a great frontman!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream (ADD) Press Release

The time has finally come!!! Blake's Audio Day Dream Album is almost here!!! Check out the full PRESS RELEASE here.


From Clive Davis:
"Blake knows music, is deeply involved and connected with the process
and we all had a ball making this album. The results are so gratifying.
Blake comes to the fore as a totally fresh, creative, edgy and bold new
artist, poised to break through right out of the gate," comments Clive
Davis, Chairman and CEO BMG Label Group.

From Blake Lewis:
"This album is exactly how I wanted it to come out. It's like an '80s
mix tape, with some hip-hop and electronic influences. I wanted to make a
record where every song sounds like it could be on the radio, but my radio.
2000-'80s Blake radio is what I call it," Lewis says.

From Simon Fuller:
Simon Fuller, creator of the popular TV series and chief executive and
founder of 19 Entertainment Label Group says, "Blake is an extraordinary
artist; talented, distinctive and unique. He has made a fantastic debut
album, and I am so looking forward to all his fans hearing it -- they will
love it."

SOURCE Arista Records

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Are You Listening To?

I have recently taken to setting my iTunes player on "shuffle" while I work, and I have been resisting the urge to skip some songs very well lately. This lead me to "discovering" songs that I had, but had not listen to very much. So I decided, why not share? Some of those songs are "new discoveries" for me, while others are just songs I'm listening to a lot at the moment...

1- Congratulations - Blue October & Imogen Heap - Foiled 2006

Oh wow. It has a Peter Gabriel feel to it that I really love. Jason's vocals are stellar, and the etheral singing from Imogen Heap and the strings just add so much to this song. Heartbreaking, but beautiful, nonetheless. Blue October.

My heart, my pain won't cover up, You left me.. hu hu hu hu...

2- Apologize - One Republic & Timbaland- Dreaming Out Loud 2007

Who has not heard that song yet? It's playing EVERYWHERE. It is the number one song in Germany and in Canada. And you know what? Deservingly so. Gorgeous vocals, great lyrics, catchy tune with beautiful production. I've had the chance to see One Republic this week, in a small, intimate setting; let me tell you, this song soars when played live, it is incredible. Their album, Dreaming Out Loud, comes out November 20th. Go get that album! Those guys will be HUGE.

I'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down

3- Earth To Bella (part 1 and part 2) - Incubus- Light Grenades 2006

What a surprising song. It starts all sweet and soft, then the guitars come and knock you off your feet.... Very short, too. I don't know, there's something powerfully intense in those 2 and a half minutes. Part 2 is calmer, with organ and acoustic guitar... Beautiful. Incubus.

Earth to Bella
I see where you are not listening
I bear the burden of being the voice that let's you know
We all grow old
And before you swim you've gotta be okay to sink

4- Lonely Ones - Rise Electric- Light Grenades 2006

Lukas Rossi is known for his personal, emotional lyrics. Lonely Ones is no exception. In the original Rise Electric version, Lukas pours his heart out into his lyrics, into his music. His voice is is just so intense, ranging from falsetto to grit to whisper. It's a sad song, but you can't help banging your head in time while the guitars ripp into powerful, emotional riffs.

And now that I’m gone
you’ll know what you’ve done
You’ve turned me into your disease

5- Rebound - Jamestown- The World Is Falling Down 2006

***Go visit, and click on the Music tab to listen to the songs***

Jim McGorman, of RockStar INXS and RockStar Supernova fame, is not only an excellent guitarist, he can also sing. And I mean REALLY sing. This song, as well as the rest of the album, has a heavy 80s english pop flavor that I love. Catchy chorus, great lyrics, amazingly beautiful voice, great guitar... This song should be a hit!

Nothing you feel is wrong
Let me go
I can't keep holding on

6- Break Anotha - Blake Lewis- Audio Day Dream 2007

For those who read me regularly, you just KNEW this one was coming. *L* What can I say? I love Blake Lewis, and I think his first single, Break Anotha, is simply put FANTASTIC. The song has just been added to iTunes USA, so go purchase it if you have not already!!! The album is coming out Dec 4th, and from everything that we've heard so far, it will be AMAZING. Break Anotha is a catchy, catchy song. Starting with sirens and horns, with Blake's vocal scratching, this song has a little bit of everything for everyone. The lyrics are clever - we are being warned about a womanizer, we have no idea who.. Or do we? Blake's voice is gorgeous, the horns are great, the drum is nothing like we usually hear.

Sorry baby, there's something coming over me
It's like two sides of me
I try to be good, but I don't wanna be
But you could be a friend of me

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Republic with Colbie Caillat opening - Toronto - Revival Bar - 11/12/07

Earlier last week, I was puttering around MySpace and received a bulletin by One Republic about a small, last minute show in Toronto. In order to get tickets for that event, one had to send an email at the appropriate email address in order to enter the draw/contest.

So I did. And I got an email back telling me I had won two tickets! I was so excited!!! I never win that kind of things, so this was doubly exciting for me.

So my friend Tammy and I make our way to the Revival Bar - absolutely gorgeous venue. Small, with a long bar on the side, the stage at the very back of the room, brick walls, archways, middle-age-kind-of-looking chandeliers, curtains hanging low and heavy. We couldn't believe how small the stage was, how unbelievably close we were going to be to the performers. There were about 150 people in the bar, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. Probably not much more, as they were giving away 50 double passes for the contest.

We grabbed a drink, hang back a bit, but soon made our way to a prime spot at the stage, front row, just a tiny little bit off center. We were not aware that we were going to be treated to an opening act! Out walk some musicians I didn't know. One guy had a beautiful guitar - a brand spanking new Gibson, he told me, with nacre engraved in the neck and a red, flowery insert on the front. Totally gorgeous. I found out later it is a Hummingbird True Vintage. I'm in love with it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My pictures suck, sorry. My friend Tammy will have some for me later that I'll post.

Back to the band... Turns out those musicians on stage in front of us were Colbie Caillat's live band! She's beautiful and has a great voice. The sound mix was a bit off, so her voice was drown out by the band at first. But it got better after the first song. She played, in no particular order (only because I can't remember the order properly!): Oxygen, The Little Things, Feelings Show, Realize, Bubbly, Battle, Tailor Made.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The band really ROCKS. The songs on the album are pretty mellow, but live, on stage? Really ROCK. The drummer is fantastic, the bass and keyboardist are great, and the two guitarists are amazing. Both their voices compliment Colbie's really well. And they are great musicians! Very cool. Colbie engaged the crowd a bit, telling us about her songs, and what they were about. Loved it. I'd go see her again in a heartbeat.

In the meantime... Go buy her album, Coco!!!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After a little bit, the guys from One Republic started setting up their gear. Damn there are a lot of things to plug in and bring on stage! Ryan did his sound check to the polite, intermittent screams of some fans. His guitarist was having a good time answering them by screaming, too. Ryan seemed to be in great form last night. There was a lot of playful banter with the crowd, especially with us, who were literally standing a foot away from him. Ryan was mentioning that their song "Apologize" was #1 in Germany, and here in Canada, too. Isn't that amazing? They did about 10 songs - I don't remember them all, but they were all gorgeous and great and amazing and rocked the hell out. The titles I remember are Apologize, of course... They also did, Stop and Stare, which will be their second single. That song really is AMAZING live. They also did a song called Home (I think), which is about a guys who's been deployed in Iraq.

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I was VERY impressed by One Republic. I mean, I knew they are great musicians, and I also knew that Ryan is a great songwriter. He's collaborated with a lot of people recently, including Timbaland, obviously, and Blake Lewis. But I didn't know he was such a great front man. He's truly mesmerizing. He gets into the music, into the lyrics, and it electrifies his whole body. Beautiful. His voice is clear and gorgeous - too bad the sound mix was a bit off again, as Ryan's voice was drowned out a bit at times. And I didn't know the band would rock out so much. I was wondering how the songs would translate in a live setting - they come across loud and clear and rocking the fuck out. Lovely.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Will I have their song "Apologize" in my head for a week straight? Oh yes. Will I buy the album when it comes out on November 20th? Damn straight. Will I go see them again when they come to Toronto. HELL YES!!!

One Republic's album is available for pre-order at Go pre-order NOW! You know you want to.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blake Lewis - LG Action Sports Championship Recap - 11/10/2007

Some reports are finally coming from the LG Action Sports Championship, Blake Lewis' first live performance of his new songs. It's all very exciting!!!

From dashery:

Opening riff of "Some say silence is golden, I choose noise."
Break Anotha
Gots To Get Her (inspired by Putting on the Ritz)
Beatboxing Bonanza Introducing the Band, A.D.D
She Loves The Way
What'cha Got 2 Lose
Another new song I'm calling "Don't Say Goodbye" because I know he said that line a lot. :)
Know My Name

To read what dashery had to say and to SEE VIDEOS, visit her journal HERE.

From Midge, we've got a nice recap and some really cool pictures!!! Here's a short excerpt of her recap:

So, the award show ends and on comes BLAKE! As mentioned before, he started with a cool little intro and then on to “Break Anotha” I love seeing him and the band members! They mesh perfectly together and you can really see how much they feed off of each other. It’s just so refreshing to see Blake outside of the AI box.

To read the rest and see the pictures, please head to Team Plaid to Midge's entry!

Here's one picture from her - go see the rest of them at Team Plaid!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

From RzOnMrcury, we've got VIDEOS!!!!!

Intro/Break Anotha

Know My Name

Here's My Hello

Whatcha Got 2 Loose?

Gots To Get Her

Jam Session

Bshorty Grabs the Mic!

She Loves The Way

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream (ADD) - Track listing

Blake's first ADD single, "Break Anotha", will hit iTunes this Tuesday. Go buy it! Just BUY IT!!!

Also, ADD will be on sale everywhere on Dec 4th. If you have not pre-ordered the album yet, GO DO IT NOW!!!!!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1. Silence Is Golden... (Intro)
2. Break Anotha
3. Gots To Get Her (Inspired by "Puttin' On The Ritz")
4. Know My Name
5. How Many Words
6. Surrender
7. Hate 2 Love Her
8. Without You
9. Here's My Hello
10. What'cha Got 2 Lose?
11. She's Makin' Me Lose It
12. Bshorty Grabs Mic!
13. End Of The World
14. 1000 Miles
15. I Got U
16. ..I Choose Noise (Outro)

I cannot believe the name bshorty made it on the album. And the Intro "Silence is Golden" and Outro "I Choose Noise" (from his Myspace page) is all B, too. Very, very clever.

This is why I love the guy - he's putting so much of himself in there, literally. The fact that his stage name made it on the album is incredible. He's not known to the mass public by that name, at least not by the vast majority. All the artists he performed with in the past know him under that name tho - giving him even more credibility.

The intro/outro really really do make me believe this album will represent Blake well. And THAT is very exciting!

I cannot wait to hear "What'cha Got 2 Lose?", I just can't. Oh, who am I kidding? I wanna hear the whole thing RIGHT NOW!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 8

Tonight was a really, really good night!

8 of the 10 remaining bands were performing songs from Billy Joel. Side note - I LOVE me some Billy Joel. His songs are beautiful, his lyrics are gorgeous and his music is timeless.

All the bands were really good tonight. It'll really be a question of preferences from now on. Excellent song choice all around, too.

Franklin Bridge - Big Shot

I thought their sound was much cleaner compare to last week. Still, I felt that made them a bit sloppy, if that makes any sense. Still, it was a good performance. The singer flubbed an awful lot of the lyrics tho...

Cliff Wagner and the Old No. 7 - You May Be Right

I thought it was a nice arrangement. A bit monotone for such an energetic song, but all in all, I thought it worked. It was fun!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Tell Her About It

Awwwww... Denver had a baby!!! So cute. Anywya, he band sounded AWESOME on this. This song was tailor-made for them! Great, great, great performance. Denver sang it well, but I wish he had a bit more oumph to his voice... The end was really good tho.

Dot Dot Dot - Pressure

Totally awesome song choice. Adam toned his teatrics down, and boy did it work. He was much more focused on his vocals, and it sounded great! Great version. The keyboardist didn't get props tho - and he should have! He was incredible. I really enjoyed them tonight!

Sixwire - She’s Always A Woman

Beautiful. The soft beginning, the slow harmonies... It was perfect. VERY well done. And I LOVED what the singer said to Dicko when he asked why he sang such a mesogynic song. It celebrates all different kinds of women! Love it. They are clearly the band to beat.

Tres Bien - Moving Out

Again, great song choice. The arrangement was good, although I felt like it never really took off. The front guy doesn't have the best voice in the word, but he's good and has a great personality.

Clark Brothers - She’s Got A Way

Dicko keeps on telling Sixwire that they have the housewife vote... Well the Clark Brothers have stolen some of them with that beauitul, heartfelt performance. Ashley's voice ws gorgeous, emotional. I only wish he started singing with mor power a bit earlier.... But it doesn't matter. This was the performance of the night. Wow, simply wow.

Light of Doom - The Stranger

Alright. Light of Doom is the last band to make it. they sound better than they have so far. The singer sounded really good. Their best up until now. Their version of the song was a bit weird tho....

So Rocket and the Muggs went home. And as Dicko said, it really was “death by lead singer" in both cases.

Who will be going home next week? It'll be hard one to guess... I'm thinking maybe the big band and Tres Bien???

Jim McGorman with Avril Lavigne - Live Nation Online Concert

Here are the videos for the Live Nation Online Concert for November 6 2007. All videos can be downloaded at Rebound or viewed here! :)


Avril Lavigne with Jim McGorman - Live Nation - Hot

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Avril sounded good on the intro. I enjoy when she sings softly like that. Her improv on the last part with Jim's backing vocals was pretty good, too.

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Avril Lavigne with Jim McGorman - Live Nation - Girlfriend

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Eee! The band plays a bit of "Sweet Home Alabama" while waiting for Avril to be ready. :)

The bridge was pretty cool - the acoustic bass could be heard very clearly, it was nice! And then the re-entry into the chorus was changed and I gotta say, I liked!

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Avril Lavigne with Jim McGorman - Live Nation - Sk8erBoi

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Fun performance...

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream (ADD) - Album Cover Art

This album cover art for Blake Lewis' Debut Album, Audio Day Dream (ADD) has been added to Not too sure if it is the official cover art, but all signs point to yes....

So, what do you think? I personally LOVE it. To me, it is very "Blake" - 80s inspired, has a recurrent team with his MySpace page, which is really clever, and the little 45 adapter is a really nice touch.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 10

Oh, that was a great show this week!

First, I think aside from two bands, the performances were really good this week. Everyone upped their game, and it showed! Also, love the judges. I may disagree at times with them, but all in all, they give good comments and critics to the bands, and I really appreciate that.

This week, the bands were to perform original songs and a song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. I have to say that I really disliked that they did the original first. To me, it was a bit anticlimatic. But still, the bands seemed to have had an easier time making the songs of Elton and Bernie their own, as opposed to last week with Dylan's songs.

We also find out this week which two bands will go home. The show starts with all 12 bands, and each band is given an opportunity to sing an original and a cover except for two bands, who will be going home. The Likes of You and The Hatch unfortunately didn't go through.

So, on with the bands!!!!

Sixwire - Got to Get Away (original) and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (John/Taupin)

The original was really good! Very catchy, it's got a little bit of pop, rock and country. HUGE cross-over appeal for these guys. Excellent musicianship, great quality vocals. I agree with Dicko - the fact the lead singer stepped up a bit really works for them. To me, these guys are the front runners. The cover started out a bit shaky, but it got back on track really quickly, and it turned out pretty darn good. They kept the original melody and just added a touch of rock country to it. Fesh little twist on an overplayed classic. VERY well done.

Tres Bien - How I Feel (original) and Love Lies Bleeding (John/Taupin)

This original song was really good. Love the Beatles-ish, 60's pop feel to it. Agree with Dicko - the front man is great when not hiding behind a guitar. I thought the cover was well done, I liked the arrangement and how they adapted it to their sound. I thought the vocals were sloppy tho.

Franklin Bridge - Love’s Fool (original) and Philadelphia Freedom (John/Taupin)

I liked their original song much better than last week. It is still too busy for me, but it was good. I really liked that the drummer was put at the forefront. Love his drumming and his shouts throughout the song.... Really good! The cover was good. I didn't think it was overarranged... I thought it suited them very well. Thought the cover was better than the original tho...

The Clarks - Country Time (original) and Country Comfort (John/Taupin)

I adore these guys. They look like they are having fun! Great musicians, great and good looking singer. Original not as great as last week's, but still really catchy and good. The cover was amazing. The song suited them so well, it could have been theirs. Love that they did something more low key, show some versatility. The singer's voice was beautiful on that. LOVED the mandolin!

Light of Doom - Light of Doom (original) and Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (John/Taupin)

Alright, alright. They are good. VERY good. Amazing. For kids. But I'm with Dicko - I just can't get past the fact they are kids. They are amazing musicians - the guitars and the drums, WOW! But the singer really isn't anything to write home about. I hated the original - lyrics were painful..... The cover was better, suited them well, but again, the vocals were not great.... In fact the singer was out of tune most of the song.

Dot Dot Dot - Stay (original) and Your Song (John/Taupin)

Ok, the singer really bugs. His constant smile, his over abundant energy, he's just too much. And if his vocals were great, I think I could take him. The thing is, his vocals are NOT that great... The original was pretty good. Much, much better than last week. A litte bit of an 80's flavor there. The cover - goo idea as far as the arrangment, but unfortunately, they fell short as far as vocals.

Cliff Wagner & the Old #7 - Little White Chapel on the Strip (original) and Honky Cat (John/Taupin)

The original song was so catchy and full of fun. Made me want to dance! Very good! The cover was good, but seemed to lack energy. Seems to me the singer forgot his lyrics, too... Not as good as last week, but they were still pretty good!

The Muggs - Should’ve Learned My Lesson (original) and I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues (John/Taupin)

I absolutely adore their sound. Pure rock, really good! The guitarist is simply amazing. But damn! His voice is relly awful. It's not even that he is out of tune, it's just that his voice is not pleasant. The original was good, love the guitar riffs. The cover was PAINFUL. The singer really looked pissed when the judges were critiquing his voice.

Rocket - Future Ex-boyfriend (original) - Rocket Man (John/Taupin)

Ouch. Both songs were pretty bad. The cover was the worst. The band sounds good, but the singer.... OUCH! She sounds really bad. She ws very emotional as the judges critiqued her.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - All Night (original) and I’m Still Standing (John/Taupin)

I liked the original very much. The dance music feel of it was a nice change. The cover was even better I thought. I would love to see Denver be more at the front, showing more that he is the front man of the band.

So to me, it goes like this:

Clark Brothers

Tres Bien
Franklin Bridge
Cliff Wagner and the Old #7
Light of Doom
Denver and The Mile High Orchestra
Dot Dot Dot

The Muggs

Who will go home this time! Tune in on Friday to find out!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Avril Lavigne with Jim McGorman - Hot - Craig Ferguson

Taped Oct 17th 2007, aired Oct 29th 2007

Avril Lavigne with Jim McGorman - Hot - Craig Ferguson

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Jordin Sparks - Tattoo - Video with special guest Blake Lewis

Jordin's video of Tattoo has been released! It cacn be viewed at her Yahoo! Music Page:

But if you wish, you can also view it right here.... Look out for that special guest in the green striped hoodie!