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David Cook - Best Week Ever

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David Cook Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to Cook's brand new single, Time of My Life:

Time of My Life

I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
And looking for that magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it until I let go
Gave into love
And watched all the bitterness burn
Now I’m coming alive
Body and soul
And feeling my world start to turn

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

Holding onto things that vanished
Into the air
Left me in pieces
But now I’m rising from the ashes
Finding my wings
And all that I needed was there all along
Within my reach
As close as the beat of my heart

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
The time of my life

And I’m out on the edge of forever
Ready to run
Keeping my feet on the ground
Arms open wide,
Face to the sun

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time,
This is the time of my life, my life
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time,
This is the time of my life,
This is the time of my life,
The time of my life,
Time of my life.

Here are the lyrics to a song that has not been released as of yet. It is believed that this song was part of that infamous second solo album that Cook had in the works before he got on Idol. The title is not known, but fans generally call it "Optimistic to a Fault".

Better Never Than Late - Optimistic To A Fault

Any second I would sing you to sleep with kind words in mind and hearts sewn to sleep.
Leave nothing to chance and everything behind.

Second chances pave the way to broken hearts.
This is the moment where I tell you that I’m falling apart
and I’m stuck in reverse between the same damn lies.

Oh no, there I go, optimistic to a fault
Go home, you can never go again
When anything at all is anything but you
I want nothing my dear
This always ends in tears.
You were my everything in all
You’re now my everywhere but here
This always ends in tears.

Second chances pave the way to broken hearts.
This is the moment where I tell you that I’m falling apart
and I’m stuck in reverse between the same damn lies.

But tossing pennies, making wishes to make it right
Anther lonely day, another lonely night
And I would give anything if you would only pick up the phone

Oh no, there I go, optimistic to a fault
Go home, you can never go again
When anything at all is anything but you
I want nothing my dear
This always ends in tears.
You were my everything in all

Not Around from Axiom - The High School Recordings

Life goes on or so they say
But I can’t let it go
Can’t seem to say goodbye to all the good friends that I know

Letting go
Letting go

It’s time to go but before I do
I gotta let you know
You been a friend to the en
Through everything thick and thin
And I can’t thank you enough
But it’s time for our lives to begin
So now our last goodbye it seems as your tears stream to the ground
But remember I’ll never forget you
Even though you’re not around

No more hugs, no more tears but the memories will live on
Oh the smiles
Last for miles
And I’ll see you even after you’re gone

Letting go
Letting you know
It’s time to go but before I do
I gotta let you know
You been a friend to the end
Through everything thick and thin
And I can’t thank you enough
But it’s time for our lives to begin
So now our last goodbye it seems as your tears stream to the ground
But remember I’ll never forget you
Even though you’re not around
Even though you’re not around
Even though you’re not around

Life goes on or so they say
But I can’t let it go..

Lukas Rossi @ The Music at Greek Theatre for Green Planet Battleground Earthnet

Thanks to WATT from RBL for the videos!

Fuse with Supernova

Be Yourself with Supernova

Dance to The Music with Tommy Lee, Ludacris, Train, Bowling For Soup

David Cook - Early Show

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Cook -Pop Watch Interview Popwatch - excellent interview by Michael Slezak with David Cook:

Part 1: Smug, arrogant, confident, cocky... New York Times Wednesday kinda guy

Part 2: Cover controversy

Part 3: Cougar Bait

Part 4: Greg Brady meets the Magic Rainbow

Part 5: Album and Tour

David Cook and David Archuleta -Us Magazine Interview and Pop Watch Interview

Us Mag:

David Cook signs to RCA

From David Cook's Official MySpace Page:






American Idol winner David Cook has been signed to 19 Recordings / RCA Records and is preparing to start recording his debut album which is due for release in fall 2008.

"David Cook is an extraordinarily versatile and talented artist with an impressive sense of musicality," says Tom Corson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, RCA Music Group. "He is a natural performer and a true star. We are thrilled to welcome him into our family."

Cook, who's first single, "The Time Of My Life" skyrocketed to 1 on iTunes within 7 hours of being available, will be recording his album over the summer while on the road with the American Idol tour. The tour kicks off on July 1st in Glendale, AZ and wraps on September 13th in Tulsa, OK.

“The Time Of My Life” has sold 236,024 digital tracks in 4 days, making it the best single debut of an American Idol since season two. Additionally, Cook currently has 17 tracks on the Top 100 Digital Songs Chart, the most ever by any artist.

“The Time Of My Life” is blowing up at radio, coming in as the 1 most added at Hot AC and AC radio right out of the box and 2 most added at Top 40 radio, pulling in over 6 million listeners in less than a week without an official launch. Additionally, it was the biggest single premiere on AOL’s PopEater site, garnering over 1 million streams in 24 hours.

“I am extremely happy to be signed by 19 Recordings / RCA Records. Signing this deal is truly a dream come true. I am looking forward to the recording process and creating a record. The support I have received from America has been overwhelming and I can't wait to hopefully do right by them,” says David Cook.

25 year old David Cook hails from Blue Springs, Missouri where he discovered his singing skills while in the 2nd grade. Before his American Idol victory Cook independently released an album "Analog Heart" which earned him an URBY nomination for "Indie Album of the Year." Cook also belonged to two bands, Midwest Kings and Axium.

"David Cook is a remarkable talent and is a worthy winner of American Idol," says Simon Fuller, creator of the popular TV series and chief executive and founder of 19 Entertainment Label Group "he has an astonishing voice, and is capable of truly memorable performances as he showed throughout the season. He's mature, well grounded and knows what he wants. It's this quiet determination that sets him apart from other singers; I honestly believe that David has the potential to go on to become one of the most successful Idols of all time".

David Cook - Mike and Juliet - May 28th 2008

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David Cook, David Archuleta and the rest of the Top 10 - Larry King Live Part 2- May 27rd 08

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

David Cook - Fashion Evolution

David Cook's transformation throughout the season has been truly fantastic and fascinating. What was your favorite look? Your least favorite?

Happy Together

All Right Now


Eleanor Rigby

Day Tripper

Billy Jean

Little Sparrow


Always Be My Baby

Music of The Night

I'm Alive

All I Really Need Is You

Hungry Like The Wolf

Baba O'Reilley

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Dare You To Move

Don't Want to Miss A Thing

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Dream Big

The World I Know

David Cook - American Idol Season 7 Performances

Top 24 - Happy Together

Top 20 - All Right Now

Top 16 - Hello

Top 12 - Eleanor Rigby

Top 11 - Day Tripper

Top 10 - Billy Jean

Top 9 - Little Sparrow

Top 8 - Innocent

Top 7 - Always Be My Baby

Top 6 - Music of the Night

Top 5 - I'm Alive / All I Really Need Is You

Top 4 - Hungry Like The Wolf / Baba O'Reilly

Top 3 - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face / Dare You To Move / Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Top 2 - Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Dream Big / The World I Know

Winner's song - The Time of My Life

David Cook Thanks You - American Idol 2008

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American Idol Season 7 Finale on The Soup

David Cook and David Archuleta - Access Hollywood


You can find a gorgeous version of "The World I Know" by David Cook on the Access Hollywood website:

But here it is for you:

David Cook takes the Idol Quiz

David Cook on Idol Tonight

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cook and Archuleta singing the phone book - ET

David Cook, David Archuleta and the rest of the Top 10 - Larry King Live - May 23rd 08

Very fun and nice interview. The contrast between Cook and Archuleta couldn't be better highlighted than in that side by side interview. Cook is poised, calm and collected, at total ease with the camera and the interviewer. Archie is giggling all the time, searching for his words, stumbling over questions. But you know what? Both come across as genuinely nice guys, who seem to have a very nice brotherly kind of relationship. It's heartwarming to witness!

David Cook's segment

David Archuleta's segment

David Archuleta and David Cook

Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta and David Cook

Brooke White and Carly Smithson

Kristy Lee Cook, Michael Johns, Ramiele Malubay and Chikezie

American Idol - Final Result Show

I apologize it took me so long to post about the Final Result Show. It's a 2 hour show! Makes it harder to recap, and besides, it's been a crazy media frenzy out there since the winner was crowned. And I didn't want to miss any of it!!! So here's my recap and thoughts on the final result show for Season 7...

I've posted some of my comments on the season HERE in my performance recap blog. Check it out!

Now onto the final results show of this American Idol Season 7!!!

97.5 millions votes were cast for this year's season final performance show. "A smashing record!", Ryan Seafoam says (you'll get the reference later). 56% of those votes went to one David, while the other one received the remaining 44%. The discrepancy? About 12 millions votes. That is NOT a close race. As Simon said the night before, this was a knockout. But which David got the win?

After a bit more blah blah with the judges, the show starts with the Top 12 singing "Get Ready", accompanied by the dancers of So You Think You Can Dance. They sound pretty good! And it's nice to see them all back on the stage. Poor Jason Castro (and apparently David Hernandez) got a bit too close to the pyros, and got a nice tan out of it...

As we come back from the break, we get a duet with our Top 2, David Archuleta and David Cook. They sing "Hero", from the Spiderman Soundtrack. And they sound AMAZING!!! The harmonizing really is beautiful. Cook, who apparently suggested this song after some other song they were suppose to do really didn't work, is a genius for having thought of that particular one. Archuleta sounds good and current on this song, which by all account should be better suited for Cook.

And now, make room for the Guru Pitka!!! The Guru of Love met up with the two Davids, who were treated to a private screening of the movie, Love Guru. Mike Myers is HILARIOUS, and I have to admit that the two Davids were pretty good "actors" as well. The "Guru Pitka" gives advice to the Top 2 - Cookie should shave and Archie should be careful not to go boom boom in his pull-up. The sideways look Archie gives Cook is so funny! The "shaving" scene is totally hilarious, I rewind it at least 10 times right there. Archie catching the shaving cream, dead pan... Too funny!!! Oh, and DO NOT miss Ryan Seafoam (get it now???) sitting on the Guru Pitka's "magic pillow". Oh dear!

Syesha Mercado sings "Waiting For You" with Seal!!! They did great.

And it's Jason Castro's turn to perform his beautiful rendition of "Halleluja". All by himself, Castro offers a great, heartfelt performance. He sounded even better than when he did it the first time. Great, great! He seemed nervous as hell tho - his mike was shaking in his hands...

The very last Ford Commercial "Let the Good Times Roll" comes right after Castro's performance. It's a collection of funny clips and bloopers from the whole season of filming those commercials. I really enjoyed them this year - they were mostly funny and cheesy to the max, but it was great to see the contestants get so much into them. I particularly liked the "Tainted Love" one, with Cookie has a hero-goth-vampire-like personage. "Ring of Fire" was so ridiculous because of the costumes (hello package!) that it was great. Fun times!!!

David and David get a Ford Escape Hybrid each. "You have your license?", asked Ryan to Archie.... *LOL*

The Top 6 girls perform hits by the Divine with Donna Summers! Amanda looks rough coming down the stairs - is she drunk? Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT miss Ryan Seafoam Seacrest fucking BREAK DANCING during this medley. Ho comes rolling around on the floor around 8:07 in the clip below. Moments like these is why I love this show so much!!!

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns perform The Letter together. This performance is HOT!!!!!! Those two are showing RIGHT THERE that they are hugely talented and were sent home way too early. Go Carly! Go Michael!

A little, not so funny appearance from Jimmy Kimmel later, our Top 6 guys perform with none other than Bryan Fucking Adams! I love me some Bryan Adams... Yes I do! The guys all sound great, especially Cook, who's right in his element with this medley.

OMG. I cannot fucking believe my eyes. Is that .... No, it can't be! Can it? Yes! Yes! It IS ZZ TOP playing "Sharp Dressed Man" with Cook as the front man!!! ZZ TOP on AI, OMG, the world has gone completely insane! Cook sounds AMAZING, totally looks the part, and even does that weird knee dance in the middle of the guitar solo. AWESOME! Oh, do I spy a Blake Lewis rocking out to ZZ Top and sporting a sharpie written "COOK" on his knuckles? Blakey, I love you, call me, 'kay?

Grant Nash and Brooke Whie perform next. It was cute. :)

Oh dear lord. The Jonas Brothers perform next. Time for a pee break. Oh, and now they are showing the worst auditions of the season. Oh, and Renaldo "We're Brothers Forever" Lapuz is performing his song with a big band! *LMAO*!!!!!

One Republic now performs with David Archuleta their hit "Apologize". I love Ryan Tedder - what a talented guy. He's an amazing singer and song writer. He sounded a bit off in the beginning, but regained his footing later during the performance and sounded awesome. Archie sounded GREAT on the song. Whoever thought about that pairing is a GENIUS. All season long, one of the major critic about Archie was that he was not current -well this duet really proved otherwise. Archie sounded really, really, really great on this one.

The current American Idol Jordin Sparks comes on next singing "One Step at a Time". So cute to see Blake Lewis singing along to her song.

Oh dear gawd in heaven. The weird hologram singing thing is back this year. This time it's Gladys Knight and the Pimps. And her "pimps" are Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Ok, they are funny.

Singing "Last Name", here is Carrie Underwood. Damn that dress is short. But damn she's got legs.

The Top 12 perform together to hits from George Michael. Who gave David Hernandez the line "naked" in that medley? Too funny! I love me some DH! Check out the CFM stare that David Cook gives on Father Figure at the end "'til the end of time"... If you don't know what CFM means, you probably are not a real DC fan then! ;) George Michael performs "Praying For Time". Paula's crying.

And this is it!!!!

Archie looks awfully calm, which is ironic since he's been a nervous wreck all season long. David Cook, on the other hand, seems nervous has hell. The judges give some last comments:

Randy - Best Season, you two brought it, I'm so happy it's the two of you, strongest season, blah, blah, blah
Paula - you two are amazing, I'm honored, this is only the beginning, blah, blah, blah
Simon - Congratulations to both of you, it was a great night, after watching back I didn't think it was quite as clear cut as I called it, blah, blah, blah...

Wait a second.


Is Simon.... Backtracking? Back peddling?


Simon is APOLOGIZING to David Cook for having bashing him the night before? Verging on disrespectful?


Fuck man, David Cook wins this. I now know he is winning this.

The envelop. Open the goddamn envelop Ryan Fucking Seafoam!!!!

And the confetti fall on David Cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The newly crowned American Idol performs an emotional "The Time of My Life" with the rest of the Top 12 surrounding him. Yeah David Cook! I am so proud he's won. He deserved it!!!!

Looking back, it is easy to have 20/0 insight... But the clues were all over the finale that David Cook was going to win. From the Top 2 duet on "Hero" to the Top 6 medley with Bryan Adams, to FUCKING ZZ TOP playing with David Cook... This show was full of rock! Also, David Cook got to introduced both Bryan Adams and George Michael during the medleys. On the other hand... Archie got to perform with the more modern band, One Republic, and they did do the song "Heaven" during the Bryan Adams medley, which Archie KILLED on during the auditions. More over, Archie performed way later in the show, which led me to believe he was going to win...

Oh, who am I kidding, I was a nervous wreck by the end of the two hours, waiting to hear that DAVID COOK HAD WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 7............ David Cook........... Thanks for a great, great season!!!!!

David Cook -Tonight Show with Jay Leno - May 22nd 08

Poor Cookie, he's so tired...

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American Idol Extra - David Cook, David Archuleta and the rest of the Top 12 - May 22nd 2008

David Cook:

David Archuleta:

Top 12

David Cook -Good Day New York Interview

David Archuleta and David Cook -Hero

That was one of the most gorgeous male duet EVAH! The harmonizing is so beautiful, both their voices compliment the other very well, which is so strange since they have such different voices.

Very well done!

Jason Castro - Halleluja


Carly Smithson and Michael Johns - The Letter

I thought they did a great job! I would have rather hear them duet on "One" by U2, or "Hold On, I'm Comin'", but this was great, too. A bit high for Carly, but still good!

David Archuleta and One Republic - Apologize

I love me some One Republic!!!! Archie did a great job.

David Cook and ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

ZZ Top on American Idol? Wow!!! Oh, and check out David "knee dance"!

David Archuleta and David Cook - with the Love Guru Pitka

Starting at 2:55

David Cook - Fox and Friends

About his future:

Part 1

Part 2

David Archuleta and David Cook - Jimmy Kimmel Live

The hilarious Guillermo "interview"

David Cook - Your American Idol






David Cook - The Time of My Life - Song Premiere


Head on over to

And take a listen to American Idol Winner, David Cook, singing his first single, Time of My Life


David Cook is a Guitar Hero in his underwear!

Longer version:

Ok, ok, and Archie too...

And the original - Tom Cruise in Risky Business

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American Idol Season 7 - Top 2 - The Grande Finale

Well, this is it! The last performance show of the season. What a trip that was! I have to admit that, coming out of Season 6, where I thought the cast was so lovable - I was really invested in Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis - I didn't believe the "this cast is the best yet!" hype of the beginning of the season. Maybe now that the season is almost over and that we are about to crown a new American Idol, my mind is not as clear as it could be... But I now believe the hype. This WAS the most talented season so far. Not because there were no talents in prior years - there was, and talent that will be hard to surpass (think Clarkson, Underwood, Daughtry), but because there was a heck of a lot of talent on this season. Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, David Hernandez, Chikezie... I expect many from this season will get record deals.

Back to last night's performance show... This was so bittersweet for me! One the one hand, I am thrilled to see this show coming to an end. I've invested so much of my time, energy and love this year that it's time for a break. On the other hand... I don't want it to end! I want to see Cookie on my tv screen every week for the rest of my life. At the same time, I know full well this is only the beginning for this young, talented man. Cliche much? Maybe. But it's the goddamn truth!!!

Alright alright, enough stalling and filler - AI taught me well, n'est-ce pas? - on with the show!!!

Many thought that the boxing analogy AI used to describe both contestants was cheesy and totally ridiculous. I have to admit to the cheesiness of it all. But you know what? I enjoyed it all immensely at the same time. I was so incredibly nervous for Cook - had been for many hours prior to the show, much to my total dismay - and this little silly skid with Michael Buffer introducing "The Real Deal" David "Sugar Foot" Cook and David "Babyface" Archuleta gave me a moment of much needed relief. Gotta say, Cook looked good with those gloves. And the moves? Not bad either.

Ok, ok, the show....

The snarky bitch in me laughed out loud when Ryan, who narrated the contestants introduction package, mentioned that 2 "men" were vying for the price. Two men? Really? Hum, in my opinion, there was ONE man and one kid. I'll let you guess which one is which. And no, the kid is not Simon.

Advice from the judges before we start? "Leave it all out there", "Soak it all up", "May the best man win" and "You gotta hate your opponent". Wow, gimme 10 millions a year, I'll give you advice like that every freaking day of the week!

Ooooooooooh Archuleta....

And David Cook opens the show!!! Is Ryan wearing guy liner?

Round 1 - Clive Davis Choice

I found what the mentors - Clive Davis and Andrew Lloyd Webber - had to say to be really interesting. Clive explains his song choice for Cook by saying he was looking for a song with lyrics expressing the yearning of generations for answers, for spiritual guidance, for the meaning of life... And then all he says about Archuleta's choice is that it's a great song by Elton John and Tupin? Then Webber goes on to tell Cook that he has the vocal ability to pull this off, that he only needs to be brave. And to Archie? That he needs to keep his eyes open. ???

David Cook - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

David looked so calm and happy. Cook's vocals were very strong and totally rocked this anthem like song! He changed the phrasing a bit to suit his style better, and added a bit more heavy guitar than the original. Going into the crowd was a good idea, too. He looked confident, and I think this was a very solid performance from Cook. He seemed happy with himself, clapping and pumping his fist. Cook is the only one to have ever done a U2 song in a performance show on Idol (yes, I know, Yamin sang One on the final result show).

Randy enraged me from the get go: "I don't know if you did everything you could do with it". Why is Cook expected to change up all his songs when Archie stays in his comfortable little box is beyond me. I for one am glad he didn't change it too much - he would have been crucified for changing an "anthem. You don't touch songs like that" - I can hear it. *sigh* Paula found Cookie: "David Cook has arrived, Amen, Amen, men." Simon thought it was "phenomenal".

David Archuleta - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John

I so did not want to hear Archie sing that song. I really didn't think he could pull it off properly. Well, I need to eat my words. He did it with lots of soul, and everything he's got inside. He produced a few bum notes, but you know what? I loved them. I loved them because it showed how much he was reaching inside and how much of himself he was pouring in that song. He finally connected with the lyrics! I think by far and away this was his best performance of the whole season.

Randy is so far up Archie's ass it'[s not even funny. His talking over Paula "crazy" really bugged me. Paula "The sun is never going down on you" made me chuckle. Simon was right on the money.

HOWEVER - I think round 1 is a tie.

Round 2 - Contestant Choice from Writing Contest Entries

The guys were given the 10 best entries from the song writing contest and were able to choose a song amongst those for themselves. Webber is worried about Cook's voice, and he tries to make Archuleta to reflect on the meaning of the lyrics of his song. "No one is going to take this away from me", says Archie. "If you are gonna go, go for the gold", says Cookie.

David Cook - Dream Big - Emily Shackelton

With his trusty Les Paul in hand, Cook serves us an unusual coronation song. Unusual in the sense that it is not the typically sweet, sappy, cheesy song AI has been offering us for the last 6 seasons. And I really am enjoying it!!! It's hard to do a song that no one knows and make the public fall in love with it. But I think Cook did a great job. He chose a song that is right up his alley and totally show us what kind of artist he is. I thought it was a refreshing choice amongst the cheesy wanna be inspirational typical AI songs. It takes one hope - To make the stars worth reaching for - So reach out for something more... Cook's voice was a bit tired, but he gave it his all, and it was awesome!

Randy didn't like the song but thought Cook was singing his face off. Eh. Paula loved it, while Simon thought it was a lightweight. He didn't feel like it was a winning moment for him. Paula's "It was not the winning song!" really confused me at first. Now I know that the song that won the song writer competition will be performed by the winner on the final result show.

"I feel guuuud, I'm playing for 7000 people so..." - Cook

David Archuleta - In This Moment - Ryan Gillmor

And there is the cheesy, predictable ballad that AI usually favors. It was another "Inside Your Heaven I'm Having My Now Moment" kind of song, and I really hated it. I'll be honest and admit that Archie sang it really well, and those lyrics really fitted him well. I wanna be in this moment, no one can take it from me...

Randy is, if possible, crawling even further up Archie's ass. His face will appear in Archie's mouth if he keeps going up. Paula loved it. Simon loved the egoistical lyrics. He thinks he chose the better song. Wha???? Simon, there is not enough space in Archie's ass, Randy's taking it all up!

Realistically, I'll give Round 2 to Archie. I personally preferred Cook's song, but I am not naive enough to believe that most of America liked the better song. They went for the one that felt safe and familiar. So slight advantage to Archie.

Round 3 - Contestant Choice

David and David chose their songs for this third round. They could choose to sing a new song or something they've done previously in the season. Webber advised Cook to mke his song "more of a cry of passion" and Archuleta to "make people believe what you're singing". Archie will reprise his best performance of the season, Imagine by John Lennon, while Cook will do a song he has been wanting to do for a while now, but had not - The World I Know, by Collective Soul. "They have to sing like it's their very, very last night on the show", says Andrew Lloyd Webber. Dude didn't get the memo that IT IS their last night on the show. *roll eyes*

David Cook - The World I Know - Collective Soul

David saved his strongest, most beautiful performance of the night for last. The simple, understated arrangement really allowed his voice to shine in all its wonderful glory. He had everything in that performance - soft caressing vocals, gritty powerful notes, fantastic falsetto, emotional delivery... I really loved this one. And his tears at the end, no matter what they were for... They were real, honest, genuine and it just makes me love him even more. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Has our conscience shown?
Has the sweet breeze blown?
Has all the kindness gone?
Hope still lingers on.
I drink myself of newfound pity
Sitting alone in new york city
And I dont know why.

Are we listening to hyms of offering?
Have we eyes to see that love is gathering?
All the words that Ive been reading
Have now started the act of bleeding into one.

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
While the tears roll down.
'Cause it's the world I know.
Ooooh it's the world I know.

Randy, yo, yo, SHUT UP! Let him have his moment!!! He's got a point tho - Cook showed us a lot of different sides to his artistry, and I for one am grateful for that. Paula is giving him a well deserved standing ovation. Simon says Cook is one of the most genuine, nicest guy they've ever had on the show. And then he goes on to being "honest", saying it was a beautiful song but not the right choice of song for Cook on the night. Simon thinks David should have reprise "Hello" or "Billy Jean". Cook explains that for him, the show has been a progression, and that doing something he's done before would have been going backwards when all he wants is to go forward. Simon Cowell, shut up. Your Cookie Love Train card has been revoked.

David Archuleta - Imagine - John Lennon

While I thought Archie did a great job with it the first time around, I really didn't like his take on it last night. Yes, he sang it really well, and I felt he connected more with the lyrics this time around. But this song does NOT need all the runs he injected in there. Totally unnecessary. Me no likey.

Randy made me throw up in my mouth, seriously. Paula loved it. Simon crowned him right there.

Ryan, you are a beautiful man, and I'd do you in a heartbeat, but the guyliner really doesn't work for you.

Round 3 - Cook, all the way baby.

It was interesting to me to see how both Davids reacted after each of their performances. Cookie always seemed happy, calm, at peace, like he's having fun. Archie, on the other hand, was really emotional after each performance, panting and holding back tears. The poor guy looked like he was about to throw up, faint and shit his pants all at the same time. I admired Cook's poise throughout the show, but have to admit that Archuleta's obvious desire for the gold really tug at my heart strings.

As far as the performances tonight. I think both came out swinging for the fences and did really well in their own rights. Archie is not my cup of tea, but I can recognize the kid is talented. In my opinion, he's not quite ready yet, but he'll have a career... A very successful career indeed, be it with the crown of the next American Idol or not on his head. But tonight, I felt that while he sang the crap out of all his songs, he didn't stretch himself, or didn't show anything new. It might have been a good strategy - stick to what you know - or not - not showing growth. David Cook, on the other hand, constantly showed how original he is, and how much he has grown during the competition. His last statement in regards to his song choice of Collective Soul "This whole show was a progression for me, why do something I've already done" says it all. The guy's got mad talent, he's brave and original and doesn't compromise. I admire that in him. He showed us different sides of himself tonight, and it really contrasted with the one dimensional opponent that is Archie. Cook showed us his soul, showed us what he is all about, and I for one love him for it all. You've got a fan for life in me, David Cook.

Tonight promises to be a great show - duets with mentors, many idol alumni singing, the So You Think You Can Dance dancers, as well as many celebrities and of course, our top 2... Tonight, the next American Idol will be crowned.