Monday, July 14, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 10 Performances

Top 10 night!!!! Should be good... The contestants are singing David Bowie's songs...

Drew Wright - Five Years
What's up with the weirdo contacts? Aside from that, it probably was my fav of his so far. His voice sounded good, sounded more powerful than ever before. And I gotta say, anyone that can play the drums and sing at the same time impress me.

Adam Castelli - Rebel Rebel
Dude's coming to the stage on a motorcycle? Seriously? A bit over the top, but I like they are trying new things. Certainly makes for an entrance one cannot miss! The singing could have been better, but then again, this is not really a singer song, so I guess it was fine. I REALLY liked the performance tho, especially when the lights turned red, the music changed and he started really rocking out... My fav from him so far!

Mark Day - Dancing In The Street
OMG. I... I don't know what to say! This was so....... so........ cruiseshipped to the max, karaoked something awful.... From the arrangement to Mark's phrasing to the dancing and the pointing... I really felt like I was on a cruise, trapped and forced to watch a bad show. Sorry Mark, you really, truly have a great personality, and you are a funny guy! But singing ain't one of your talent, man. Gotta say, the judges reactions and Mark's replies to them were quite funny!

Mookie Morris- The Man Who Sold The World
Mookie had such a weird accent singing that song. This is such a great song... And I felt that while Mookie sang it well, there was something missing. The swaying from side to side while playing guitar didn't fit the mood of the song, his singing through his crooked mouth was distracting and I just felt there was not much passion in the performance at all. Good vocals, but not much else.

Amberly Thiessen - Space Oddity
Amberly's voice was really nice on this, I really like her singer-songwriter vibe. I liked she started surrounded by darkness, one spotlight on her and the the lights were on for the last chorus. Good performance.

Sebastian Pigott - Let's Spend The Night Together
The first, slow part was AWESOME (except for the weird out of tune guitar, what was that?). The first time the song speeds up, it's still fabulous. But then it goes into overdrive... And it's not really flying. He seems to have forgotten words, too. It's strange to have a performance that is both really good in parts and awful in others.

Earl Stevenson - Rock and Roll Suicide
First genuinely good performance tonight. LOVED his vocals tonight, especially when he was in his upper register. The prancing around the stage is a bit weird, but it is very "Earl". *L* Great, great choice for him.

Kathering St-Laurent - Cat People
Another good performance. While she was missing a bit of attitude to really pull off that song, I thought her vocals were great. The raspiness in her voice really matched the tone of the song, too. Good job.

Theo Tams - Silly Boy Blue
Argh, why did he have to sing that run at the end? Such a great vocal performance, as well as physical performance. He's SO good... Loved it.

Mitch MacDonald - Moon Age Daydream
It was nice to hear him sing something different this week. I really enjoyed the verses, I thought he worked them out really nicely. The chorus was a bit strange for me tho. Overall, it was good!

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