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Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 8 - Results

Oh yeah, result night!

The idols start with an unplugged version of "My Generation", which is actually not half bad. Earl came out on a skateboard... *L*

Zach's band album is out today... Meh.

Recap of the night before.... Oh yeah baby!

Gavin Rossdale performs an unplugged version of his single, "Love Remains The Same"

Ben announces that Ann Murray will be on the show at some point.

Another one of Jullia Black's cameo. This time she interviews the idols at the mansion. Youppi. Highlight of that segment was Earl singing some kind of song - he sounded good!

So on with the results...

Earl is pronounced SAFE, as well as Drew. Mark is the first member of the BOTTOM 3.

Theo is also pronounced SAFE.

Mitch is also SAFE.

Sebastian is the second member of the BOTTOM 3.

Amberly and Mookie are left for last. Amberly is SAFE while Mookie is in the BOTTOM 3.

And who will be going home???

Yep, Sebastian. *sigh*

Ben seems to be a fan of the Pigott Brothers. I know I am! I am sad to see Sebastian go. :(

He performs "Lucille" one more time, much much better than the night before. DAMN! Why didn't he do this last night? *sigh*

Next week - Tom Jones...

Bye Sebastian!


Oliver Pigott @ Holy Joe's, Toronto, July 23 2008 - Video

Thanks to Ceilidh444 for the videos!

Dream (Featuring Sebastian Pigott)

Sad Song

Storm Brewing (featuring Sebastian Pigott)

Make Love

Medley (featuring Sebastian Pigott)

Every Time We Say Goodbye

Devil Die

Also visit this BLOG to see some really nice pictures of Oliver during the show.


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Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 8 Performances

This week the contestants go completely acoustic!!! THIS IS CANADIAN IDOL UNPLUGGED! Gavin Rossdale is this week's mentor.

Sebastian Pigott - Lucille
Finally!!!! It's about time that we get the Sebastian we discovered in the early rounds back. This was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Totally in Sebastian's style. Love the dance, the harmonica, the pushing of the vocals. This was full on blues and sould music. LOVE it!

Earl Stevenson - Two (Ryan Adams)
I really like Earl's new haircut. Looking good! Earl was fantastic. I did not know this song, and he totally made me want to check it out. He can sing really pretty when he's not prancing the stage! Love the quieter performance, the softer vocals, the ending that was so pretty. So much soul in this... WOW. Earl, you are DA MAN!

Mark Day - Stay
Wow, I actually enjoyed that! I can't stand his mannerism when he sings, but his voice was really pretty tonight. He seems to really understand the lyrics, and took Gavin's advice to heart. Good for him!

Mitch Macdonald - Oh Atlanta
While it was a bit too happy go lucky for me, I thought Mitch did well with this. His voice sounded really good, ad his stage presence was really cool. Good job!

Amberly Thiessen - The Way I Am
Hmmm... I thought Amberly started out really pitchy and remained pitchy throughout. To me she never really got into the groove to properly deliver her song. Not my fav.

Mookie Morris - Ophelia
The style was great for him, but I was bored.... Way too easy for him to sing such a song.

Drew Wright - Sunday Morning
I thought the style really suited him and that he did really well performance wise. Not a hit outside the park, but something nice nonetheless.

Theo Tams - Weak In The Knees
Holy shit. I knew I'd like this guy if he could keep the runs in check. WOW. The background singers were a bit loud in the chorus, but everything else was perfect. I felt that Theo really took the advice he was given and really connected to the song. BEAUTIFUL.

My Top 3

My Bottom 3

Goign home: Sebastian or Amberly

American Idol Season 7 Tour - Toronto, ON - July 26th 08 - Show Review

What's that?, I hear you say? You went to an American Idol Concert?

My answer - dude, do you not read my blog?


Yeah, yeah, I went to see the American Idol Concert in Toronto. So sue me.

I have to come right out and say I am a huge David Cook fan. Didn't see that one coming, didn't ya? Dude, do you not read my blog??


Ok, so yeah. I'm a David Cook fan. I was dreading having to sit through 9 sets (8 sets of 3 songs, one set of 4 songs, plus a group number, for a grand total of 29 songs) just to hear my David sing. Because yes, he's mine. Dude, do you not read my blog??

Ok, I'm done with that joke.

Sure, I was looking forward to hear Michael Johns and Carly Smithson sing. Those two were really the only ones I wanted to see/hear live aside from Cook. Still, I was expecting to be completely bored until my CFM stares boyfriend David Cook would come on stage. Yes, he's my boyfriend. Dude, do you not...

Ok, not gonna go there.

So yeah, I was apprehensive about the show, but determined to go so I could see David. Let me start with a quick recap of our time before the show.

We went to the venue early to try and meet the idols. Given there was construction where the buses usually come, the buses were to go underground. So the venue set up barriers (read flimsy yellow "caution" tape and a few metal barriers) for the fans to stand behind and hopefully see the idols before the show. There was a very large crowd - something like 200-250 people. What a contrast from last year's 30!!! Anyway, to make a long story short, 5 idols came out: Ramiele, Jason, Brooke, Carly and David Cook. The girls didn't spend much time with the fans, but the two boys did, especially David. I had brought my 3 Axium cds for him to sign, but given how large the crowd was, I totally was not expecting it would happen. Now, I don't really care for autographs, but rather would like to chat with the idols for a bit. We were lucky last year that the crowd was so small - the idols spent a great deal of time chatting with us before the show. Not so much this year. Still, I decided to try my hand at this crazy speed version of fans/idols meet and greet. I found an opening in the crowd and presented my cds to David. I got a nice reaction from him, and actually was able to converse with him for a few seconds (which I felt really fortunate for, since he was being rushed so much). FANGIRLY ALLERT - yes he looked me in the eyes. Yes he is hot as fuck. Yes I had a hard time being coherent. No I didn't freak out in front of him, I kept my cool. And yes, my hands were shaking and my knees were weak after we had "met".

*dreamy sigh* Ok, so, on to the show!

I had awesome seats. I mean, totally fucking awesome seats. I had bought a Left Floor Row 10 seat when the tickets went on sale, but when my friend called me only 5 days before the show, saying she had 2 Right Floor Tickets in the 5th row, I just couldn't resist. Turned out that, because of the configuration of the stage, our seats were really third row. Fucking awesome!!! By now, I'm getting more and more excited for the show, but still thinking that it might be a bit boring until David comes out.

So, let's start with

He seems like such a sweet man. He came out, smiling. His voice was much better than I expected, and his stage presence was actually really good. I didn't really care for his slower song, but the more upbeat ones were really fun. He really set a good tone for the rest of the night.

So far, I'm not bored. Good.

She is so tiny. I bet everyone who mets her or see her on stage for the first time says that. I mean, I am pretty dwarf-like myself, but she is even tinier! She seemed a bit uncomfortable on stage, but with the help of the back up singers by her side, she seemed to loosen up a bit by the end of her first song. She goes to start the second one, and her mike gave out. We couldn't hear the band playing either. She stood there, wondering what to do, when out came Michael Johns, taping his watch, ushering her off the stage. She finally goes backstage, gets a new mike and starts her song. The crowd was clapping for her and cheering her on, encouraging her to forget about it all and just sing. I felt terrible for her. And I feel even more terrible that I don't have much to say about her songs. I thought that while her voice was very pretty, that it was not powerful enough and did not really cut through the music in such a big venue. She needs to loosen up and improve her stage presence, too.

Still, I was not bored yet.

Michael Johns
Alright, this was good. Great! Fun! Awesome! MJ opens with WWRY/WATC and it really, really rocks. He's absolutely gorgeous in person, and seems so much taller and bigger than I imagined. He's smiling a lot, seems to be enjoying being there on stage, "back in the Commonwealth". He continues with IAWBIAR, and I am melting. This song is SO sexy, and it fits him and his voice perfectly. It definitely was my favorite of his. He of course closes with Dream On, and I have to admit, it was 100 times better for me live than on TV. He goes off stage, and I am left wanting more, more, more and more.

I am having such a great time!!!

Kristy Lee Cook
Hum. I'm not a country fan. Like, at all. I was so dreading this set. And I was so freaking wrong. Yes, I really enjoyed watching KLC do her thing on stage. Her voice really is pretty, she can really sing. Her stage presence was much better than I expected. She seemed to have such a good time up there! She did not sing "God Bless The USA" as everyone has already reported. She instead sang "Anyway", and it was honestly beautiful. She finished with a rock country song and I really liked her doing that kind of music.

This is not a bad show after all!!!

Carly Smithson
She was the only woman I was looking forward to seeing on stage. She is absolutely stunning in person. She's got such a pretty smile, too! Her Evanescence song was AMAZING. I love that kind of rock song for her - it really allows her to rock out while still totally showcasing her amazingly powerful and pretty voice. The slow song was great, and the Heart song "Crazy on You" was a total blast as well. She's very at ease on the stage, and her banter with the crowd seemed really natural and spontaneous. I just wish she'd give a bit more of herself to the crowd.

Wow, I'm smiling and having tons of fun!

Brooke White
The only draw back about having such incredible awesome seats was that when Brooke sat down at the piano, we couldn't see her face at all, which was a drag. "Let It Be" was great, but I wish I could have seen her play it, instead of just listening. She got up and came center stage to play her next song on guitar. She told us her hubby was born in Toronto - massive screaming ensue. She's gorgeous, and her voice is so beautiful, very suiting. She went bak to the piano to play "Yellow" from Coldplay, and I was cursing my great seats again since I couldn't see her. That song is PERFECT for her. It's modern enough to create a wide interest in the music circle, and it's slow enough that she can really let her voice do its magic. They had some cool yellow lights and effects on the big screen going on while she sang, STUNNING.

So the 6 singers come back and sing "In The Name Of Love" by U2 as a sort of Idol Gives Back Tribute. I enjoyed that a lot.

Alright, intermission. Am I bored? Not at all. Am I having fun? Yes, totally! Am I excited for the next 4? You betcha!!!

Jason Castro
Ukulele in hand, Jason came and sat down on the stool and started singing OTR. I have always loved that version, and Jason really does it justice. He then played "Crazy", guitar in hand, and I loved it. He's a bit awkward on stage, but it was a pleasure watching him do his thing. His voice was surprisingly powerful. Very nicely done. There were quite a few "dreadheads" in the audience, so he got a really nice reception.

I'm feeling mellow and happy now!

She was NOT a favorite of mine during the show. And I really was not expecting to like her half as much as I did. I still wouldn't go see her in concert, but only because she sings music that is totally not what I am into. Aside from that... I thought she did really well, and for the first time, I really got why she finished 3rd and not lower. She has an amazing voice, powerful, and has a very wide range. My favorite from her was "Umbrella", I thought she did that fabulously. She is incredibly pretty, and holy molly batman, she's got legs!!!!

I'm happy, but plugging my ears knowing what's to come...

WOW. The crowd, composed of a huge number of teeny boppers, went NUTS. The screams were deafening. Once again I had to watch the awkwardly positioned big screens to see Archie perform, since he was sitting down at the piano for "Angels". I have to admit, he gave me chills during that song. WOW. Apologize was great too - it's a style that fits David very well I thought. He then did Stand By Me, which was really nice, and finished with When You Say You Love Me (Disney plug anyone?). I never thought I'd say this, but I would consider going to see him in concert - his voice really is completely STUNNING live. WOW. He was a bit awkward as far as stage presence, but he's so young...

Alright, my boyfriend is about to come on stage, and my heart is pounding.

David Cook
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! FINALLY it's My Cookie!!!! Of course he stars with Hello, and I am melting. It's so gorgeous the way he sings it... So sexy. Time of My Life, while very well executed and a great sing along song, felt a bit out of place in the definitely rock dominated set. But I still enjoyed the Magic Rainbow for all of its wonderful cheesiness, and for all the gorgeous glory noting David does on that one. I've never loved glory notes that much before. WOW can the boy hold those notes for a long time! Don't Want To Miss A Thing was great. A lot of people find it cheesy, but I've always enjoyed the song. And David makes it his own, sings it awesomely, and I am melting all over again. His voice is powerful, gorgeous, and I want more! So after talking to us a bit, David launches into My Hero. HOLY FUCKING ROCKSTAR BATMAN!!! I remember being a bit disappointed when I heard he was doing that song in a full on rock style rather than acoustically like he did for his homecoming visit during the show. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED ANYMORE! Wow, this was the highly of my night. David has just got IT. Another perfect fit for Mr Cook. I love the way he sings this, the way he moves, his intensity, the way he stares at the crowd, and the way he manhandle that guitar. Absolutely fantastic. He goes off stage saying goodnight, but of course he comes back playing Billy Jean. Alright, this is tied with best moment with My Hero. Can I say it again? HOLY FUCKING ROCKSTAR BATMAN!!!

And now it's the end and the last thing I am looking forward to is the MJ/DC dance off during PDSTM. We got a great one, right in front of us, too! David did the running man and Michael did.... I'm not too sure what. *LOL* But we all loved it, and the boys exchanged some nods and smiles. Such adorable dorks they are.

By now, my voice is gone and I am sweating like a pig. WHAT? I was exhausted, and my feet were killing me. UGH????????? I sat down for a minute, looking at my friend, smiling like a total lunatic, telling her how amazing it had been. WHAT????? Yes, yes, yes, my friends, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed my AI Concert Experience. It was a blast, from top to bottom. Of course, David Cook was my highlight of the night, but I can safely say that Michael, Carly and Archie stood out to me, too. This really was an awesome, awesome show!

We are exhausted, but of course we want to go see if we can meet the idols again. People are lined up at the same spot as before the show, and it is HOT and HUMID as heck in there. There's probably around 400 people now, it's crazy loud and people are being pushy. My friend and I sat bak on a bench, and we watched the crowd. All the idols came out but David Cook and Ramiele (they had come out inn the afternoon instead). The crowd got REALLY pushy when Archie got out, it was not pretty (and it was quite surprising for the usually tame, polite Toronto crowd). I decided to be brave and get Michael's autograph. I also got Chikezie's.

I went back home and couldn't sleep for hours after the show. I was still to excited about it all! The idol live bug has bitten me, and now I wanna go to another show.... Yes, it was THAT good!

My pictures are posted HERE. Feel free to repost them, but please leave the tags on!!!

American Idol Season 7 Tour - Toronto, ON - July 26th 08 - Concert in Pictures

I will write a review later, but for now, here are the pictures I took during the concert. Feel free to repost them, but please leave the watermarks on. Thank you!

ETA: My REVIEW is up! Go read it!




























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Lukas Rossi - The Mint - July 22 2008

All videos courtesy of http://ca.youtube.com/user/lukasrossiofficial

I Love Myself Today

Here Comes The Rain Again

Memories of You

Don't Pray For Me (with Lou Dawson)

Burning Bridges (with Lou Dawson, Alison Porter and Thrasher)

Good Enough (with Lou Dawson, Alison Porter and Thrasher)

Not Ready To Make Nice (with Alison Porter)

Sunrise Of A Digital Star (with Alison Porter)

Bleeding The Dream (with Dean Dichoso)


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Canadian Idol - Top 9 - Results

And we start with a medley of songs. Amberly, Katherine and Mark sang first, and it was sweet. Drew, Earl and Mitch go on with Purple Haze from Hendrix. Hum, no. Maybe Earl, but not Drew or Mitch. Especially not Mitch. A Little Less conversation... Hum, not sounding great. Earl alone would have done so good with that song!

A little recap from the night before confirmed it for me - Earl and Amberly were great!

Jaydee Bixby performs his new single, Old Fashion Girl. Not my cuppa, but he's good at what he does. We also learn that a few well known artists will come perform on the idol stage:

Simple Plan (Canadian Rock)
Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush ("Idol Unplugged")
Tom Jones (British Invasion)
Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams' songbook)

And we are on to the results... Theo is SAFE! Earl is SAFE! Mark is SAFE! Katherine is in the BOTTOM 3 and Drew is SAFE. Mitch is SAFE! Sebastian is in the BOTTOM 3. Amberly is in the BOTTOM 3 while Mookie is SAFE.

Amberly is sent back to the couches first.

And the contestant going home is...


Next week, the contestants go unplugged...

I was extremely surprised that Amberly was in the B3. Surprised that Katherine was in there, too. It's mind boggling! Katherine needs to mature a bit - once she's done that and learn how to connect to her songs, she'll be unstoppable!

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Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 9 Performances

Tonight, the contestants sing songs from Rock & Roll Heaven, or like Ben seems to like saying, songs from people who are dead!

Theo Tams - No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Love, love, love that song. He sang it really well and I liked he took liberties with it. I'd rather hear someone who has more soul sing that song, but I thought he sounded really good nonetheless. Surprise, surprise, he's not playing an instrument tonight... He's done good!

Mitch Macdonald - Angel Eyes (Jeff Heyley)
Holy pitchiness in the beginning! He got his groove by the chorus, and the bridge was really nice. He sounded whiny tho.

Earl Stevenson - Light My Fire (The Doors)
Great choice for Earl. Love how he sounded in the beginning, sitting down on the stool. And then he gets up and throws the stool around?? *LOL* So cool!!!! He got into it so much that I think he forgot the lyrics a bit, but he covered it up well by singing the crap out of the song. Loved, loved, loved it. And dare I say it, but he's looking good with the new hair cut. :)

Sebastian Pigott - Love Me (Elvis Presley)
Alright, this sounds much more like the Sebastian of the earlier rounds. Much better vocals, love the soul he got. I wish he'd push his vocals a bit, because he sounds awesome when he adds a bit of power and reaches a bit. Love the hip movements, of course.. ;) He looks great with that new haircut. Poor Sebastian, they are really being hard on him. He looks totally defeated. I would be, too, if I'd be constantly told that I look great but can't sing. He CAN sing... He sure can. But somehow he's not showing that very much on the show. Missing his bro perhaps? Pressure getting to him? I don't know...

Katherine St-Laurent - Move Over (Janis Joplin)
Holy 80's throw back with the hair and clothes! I love her voice, I really do. I just don't think she connects very much with the lyrics. Seems like Jake and I are of the same opinion...

Drew Wright - No rain (Blind Melon)
Aw, I wish Mitch had sang that song,just because I think it would have suited him very well. Drew's vocals were really good - I liked the parts where he reached, almost going into a falsetto. I also liked the phrase "and it rips my life away", I thought that was just killer. I thought he also showed lots of personality - seems like his venture on the drums last week really loosen things up for him and it's nice to see him come out of his shell. I didn't care for the arrangement - I felt the song was going no where and the ending was weird.

Mookie Morris - I Feel Good (James Brown)
Shut Up and Mook Me! *LMAO* No worries, it's not me, it was a sign in the audience... *L* I thought the song choice was very predictable, and was fully prepare to roll my eyes during the entire performance. I gotta admit, Mookie did good! He worked the audience - he looked really at ease in the audience, it was great. He sounded awesome. I could have done without the little Earl-like walking around the stage and especially without the falling down at the end, but I thought he really did good on this.

Amberly Thiessen - Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
I am almost ashamed to say that I didn't know this song. But I thought her vocals were really great. She gave me goosebumps, actually. My favorite she did so far.

Mark Day - Dance With My Father (Luther Van Dross)
Shaky off the top, and he got drowned by the band a few times, but all in all a good performance. Finally he shows that he can sing and he's not a joke. Still not my cup of tea, but I think that was probably the best he's done so far.

My Top 3:

My Bottom 3:
Mark Day

Who I'd like to see go home: Do I really need to say it?
Who will go: Sebastian
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Andy Skib Solo Project - To Have Heroes

If you are a David Cook fan, you most probably know he was in a band called The MidWest Kings (MWK) at some point before he went solo with Analog Heart. He was playing guitar and singing backup to Andy Skib. Well, Andy has a solo project called To Have Heroes, and the music is AWESOME.

So, you have to check out MWK's newest release called LUNA DESPIERTA. It is available for purchase on iTunes, as well as their previous albums. It's good music, seriously, check it out!

Visit MWK on MySpace

And then you have to do yourself a favor and check out To Have Heroes!!!

Liking what you are hearing? Purchase the EP on SnoCap, on iTunes or on CDBaby!!!



American Idol Season 7 Tour - San Jose, CA, July 8th 08 - Videos and Pictures


Review: One David better than other during American Idols Live! concert

Thousands of young girls let loose earsplitting shrieks. Little boys tussled with teens for space on the arena floor. Moms and dads waved their arms in the air. Security guards readied themselves in case things got ugly.
And all that was for the person inside the Pop-Tart outfit and his accompanying band of mascots, who were firing T-shirts out of air guns prior to the start of the show.

The capacity crowd was definitely excited for the local stop of the 2008 American Idols Live! Tour (presented by Pop-Tarts). The majority of that enthusiasm on Tuesday night at the HP Pavilion in San Jose was clearly focused on the two Davids -- this past season's runner-up, David Archuleta, and eventual champion, David Cook.

Music review: Lackluster 'Idol' concert

Season 7 winner Cook seemed just as overwhelmed but worked hard to compensate with exaggerated rock bluster and effusive gratitude.

"I've waited 25 years to stand right here," he said, bowing his head as audience members held up signs that read "Marry Me" and "Cougars for Cook."

He's certainly a capable rock singer, not all that different from Chris Daughtry, but Cook's decision to throw all those chugging riffs and sweaty metal vocals behind limp songs by Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Diane Warren seemed like the kind of thing that would have got him a round battering on the actual "American Idol." Where is Simon Cowell when you need him?

Fan Review:American Idol concert recap (Warning: long entry and LOTS of pictures!)

He took off his "Wild Kittens" bracelet, signed it... (I started shaking when I realized what was happening.) ... and he handed it to me. As he signed it, he said to no one in particular, "I have to give this to her because I lost her other one." And then as he gave it to me, he looked my in the eye and said, "I got this from my elementary school when I was home, so you take care of it." I looked him right back in the eye and said, "I will guard it with my life."


I am not sure who those belong to, so if they are yours, let me know so I can give proper credit!











Hello - from cookified

Uploaded by cookified

Hello in HD - from thekirsten

Hello - from Gladiatorgirl2

Banter - from cookified

More Banter - from Gladiatorgirl2

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing in HD - from Gladiatorgirl2

My Hero - from cookified

Uploaded by cookified

Billy Jean - from LILESLIEconcerts

Please Don't Stop The Music - from cookified

Uploaded by cookified

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 10 - Results

After a recap of the previous night's performances, the Idols perform a medley of some of David Bowie's hits. I gotta say, Mookie, Earl and Drew singing "Fame" was the highlight of the medley for me. It's a great cool vibe for Earl and Mookie, and Drew showed tons of personality while playing the drums. Nice!

Little segment with Jully Black and the idols, backstage after each of their performances. Jully gets on my nerves.

Finally we get to the results. Mitch, Earl and Mark are called out first. Ben declares Mitch SAFE first, then tells Earl he is SAFE, too. Ben tries to fake the audience out by making us believe Mark was in the bottom 3... But no such luck, Mark is SAFE as well.

Sebastian and Drew are called out next. Drew is SAFE while Sebastian is the first to be in the BOTTOM 3. He doesn't look surprised about it either.

Mookie and Amberly are called out next. Ben tells them that one of them is in the bottom 3. Amberly is SAFE, so Mookie is in the BOTTOM 3. Wow, that was a surprise.

Katherine, Adam and Theo are last to learn their fate. Theo is SAFE, Katherine is SAFE, and Adam is the final member of the BOTTOM 3.

Jake comments that Adam did a great job the night before while the other two could have done way better. I agree. Farley says that Toronto has to vote vote VOTE for the Ontario contestants. And I agree! All three contestants in the B3 tonight are from Toronto/Hamilton!!! Sass says her favs last night were Katherine, Earl and Mookie. Zack gives advice for the two who will survive the B3 and go on to next week: give it your all and be as desperate as you can be.

And your results are...

Adam Castelli is headed home. Adam performs Rebell Rebell again, and does an even better job than the night before.

While I agree that of the three who were in the bottom 3 Adam was the right choice, I really wish Canada would vote for the best contestants and not the one who lives in their province. Be objective! There's NO WAY Mark Day should still be there. NO WAY! Adam was not going to win, but he deserved to stay over Mark ANY DAY. ARGH!

Next week's theme is Rock and Roll Heaven, where the contestants will sing songs from people who are dead. Oh Ben. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 10 Performances

Top 10 night!!!! Should be good... The contestants are singing David Bowie's songs...

Drew Wright - Five Years
What's up with the weirdo contacts? Aside from that, it probably was my fav of his so far. His voice sounded good, sounded more powerful than ever before. And I gotta say, anyone that can play the drums and sing at the same time impress me.

Adam Castelli - Rebel Rebel
Dude's coming to the stage on a motorcycle? Seriously? A bit over the top, but I like they are trying new things. Certainly makes for an entrance one cannot miss! The singing could have been better, but then again, this is not really a singer song, so I guess it was fine. I REALLY liked the performance tho, especially when the lights turned red, the music changed and he started really rocking out... My fav from him so far!

Mark Day - Dancing In The Street
OMG. I... I don't know what to say! This was so....... so........ cruiseshipped to the max, karaoked something awful.... From the arrangement to Mark's phrasing to the dancing and the pointing... I really felt like I was on a cruise, trapped and forced to watch a bad show. Sorry Mark, you really, truly have a great personality, and you are a funny guy! But singing ain't one of your talent, man. Gotta say, the judges reactions and Mark's replies to them were quite funny!

Mookie Morris- The Man Who Sold The World
Mookie had such a weird accent singing that song. This is such a great song... And I felt that while Mookie sang it well, there was something missing. The swaying from side to side while playing guitar didn't fit the mood of the song, his singing through his crooked mouth was distracting and I just felt there was not much passion in the performance at all. Good vocals, but not much else.

Amberly Thiessen - Space Oddity
Amberly's voice was really nice on this, I really like her singer-songwriter vibe. I liked she started surrounded by darkness, one spotlight on her and the the lights were on for the last chorus. Good performance.

Sebastian Pigott - Let's Spend The Night Together
The first, slow part was AWESOME (except for the weird out of tune guitar, what was that?). The first time the song speeds up, it's still fabulous. But then it goes into overdrive... And it's not really flying. He seems to have forgotten words, too. It's strange to have a performance that is both really good in parts and awful in others.

Earl Stevenson - Rock and Roll Suicide
First genuinely good performance tonight. LOVED his vocals tonight, especially when he was in his upper register. The prancing around the stage is a bit weird, but it is very "Earl". *L* Great, great choice for him.

Kathering St-Laurent - Cat People
Another good performance. While she was missing a bit of attitude to really pull off that song, I thought her vocals were great. The raspiness in her voice really matched the tone of the song, too. Good job.

Theo Tams - Silly Boy Blue
Argh, why did he have to sing that run at the end? Such a great vocal performance, as well as physical performance. He's SO good... Loved it.

Mitch MacDonald - Moon Age Daydream
It was nice to hear him sing something different this week. I really enjoyed the verses, I thought he worked them out really nicely. The chorus was a bit strange for me tho. Overall, it was good!

My Top 3:

My Bottom 3:

Going home:
Please let it be Mark.

Greg Neufeld - Erin Gilmore Fantastic Pictures

This professional photographer took some absolutely fabulous pictures of Greg Neufelf. All I can say is WOW over and over again!

You can find her website here:









Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oliver and Sebastian Pigott @ Reilly's, Toronto, July 11 2008 - Show Review

I went to see Lukas Rossi on Wednesday, and Oliver Pigott was in the audience. We chatted with him, and he told us he was doing a show with his brother on the Friday. We decided to go and check it out. I'm SO glad I did!!!

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The show was suppose to be the Piggot Brothers only, but we had a few surprises in store for us, starting with the opener.

Gary Morissette opened the night with some covers (American Pie, some Bob Seger, etc). He was really good. Not a lot of banter between the songs, but he seems happy to be there. He sounded awesome on American Pie, I think it was the crowd's favorite. He didn't use just his gravelly voice, he showed us some of that softer side he's got, and it was a really nice surprise. I really wish he had shown us that side of his voice on the show.


The bros came on stage shortly after. There was a CTV producer and cameran filming for the show (hometown visits). So the bros did "Dream" for them. So good. They ended up singing it three times during the night, but no one minded. They played some covers (Sebastian played Bring It On Home To Me - WOW - and Blue Moon in Kentucky) and some originals, too (Sebastian did Sinking California, Oliver did Our Generation, Shed Your Sins, Rich and Loaded, Still On Your Mind, Follow That Car, Let Your Devil Die). They played together and solo. They did some improv as well. Tetiana came up on stage at the end and played "Fly Like and Eagle" with them.


They are AMAZING. Oliver has got a great voice, much more powerful than what we've seen on TV. He's so passionate up there on stage! Sebastian seems a bit more shy, but his voice is awesome, too. He seemed to want Oliver to play with him a lot. I understood why at the end of the night, when I chatted with Sebastian for a minute or two - he told me it had been 5 years since the last time they played together, so it was quite a special show for them both. Oliver also told us that Sebastian was really, really upset that he got voted off.


For some reasons, all my pictures of Sebastian turned out blurry. I have a video of them singing "Dream", but until I can find a way to modify the sound, I won't be able to post it.

It is an absolute pleasure to see them play together. They feed off of each other's energy, look at each other a lot and the joy of playing together is palpable. They harmonize perfectly together. Another thing I noticed: those guys love music, they breath it, feel it, live it, they ARE music. It just oozes from them, it runs through their veins. It's amazing to witness such passion, such love for music.


A while after the bros, Katelyn Dawn came up on stage, unannounced, and started playing guitar. Tetiana went up and sang with her, as well as Jessica Sheppard. Katelyn and Tetiana sang Hallelujah and it really was beautiful, so much better than on the show!

Really, all of them came off as so much more talented than what we've seen of them on the show. I really wish Canada would have seen them like we did tonight!

I found two videos on the net from mecolvin:

Rich and Loaded:

Fly Like An Eagle/Crazy: