Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Canadian Idol - Top 9 - Results

And we start with a medley of songs. Amberly, Katherine and Mark sang first, and it was sweet. Drew, Earl and Mitch go on with Purple Haze from Hendrix. Hum, no. Maybe Earl, but not Drew or Mitch. Especially not Mitch. A Little Less conversation... Hum, not sounding great. Earl alone would have done so good with that song!

A little recap from the night before confirmed it for me - Earl and Amberly were great!

Jaydee Bixby performs his new single, Old Fashion Girl. Not my cuppa, but he's good at what he does. We also learn that a few well known artists will come perform on the idol stage:

Simple Plan (Canadian Rock)
Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush ("Idol Unplugged")
Tom Jones (British Invasion)
Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams' songbook)

And we are on to the results... Theo is SAFE! Earl is SAFE! Mark is SAFE! Katherine is in the BOTTOM 3 and Drew is SAFE. Mitch is SAFE! Sebastian is in the BOTTOM 3. Amberly is in the BOTTOM 3 while Mookie is SAFE.

Amberly is sent back to the couches first.

And the contestant going home is...


Next week, the contestants go unplugged...

I was extremely surprised that Amberly was in the B3. Surprised that Katherine was in there, too. It's mind boggling! Katherine needs to mature a bit - once she's done that and learn how to connect to her songs, she'll be unstoppable!

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Jill said...

I guess I got half my miracle - Sebastian stays, but Mark again avoids the Bottom 3...damn those Newfie voters!!