Monday, July 28, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 8 Performances

This week the contestants go completely acoustic!!! THIS IS CANADIAN IDOL UNPLUGGED! Gavin Rossdale is this week's mentor.

Sebastian Pigott - Lucille
Finally!!!! It's about time that we get the Sebastian we discovered in the early rounds back. This was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Totally in Sebastian's style. Love the dance, the harmonica, the pushing of the vocals. This was full on blues and sould music. LOVE it!

Earl Stevenson - Two (Ryan Adams)
I really like Earl's new haircut. Looking good! Earl was fantastic. I did not know this song, and he totally made me want to check it out. He can sing really pretty when he's not prancing the stage! Love the quieter performance, the softer vocals, the ending that was so pretty. So much soul in this... WOW. Earl, you are DA MAN!

Mark Day - Stay
Wow, I actually enjoyed that! I can't stand his mannerism when he sings, but his voice was really pretty tonight. He seems to really understand the lyrics, and took Gavin's advice to heart. Good for him!

Mitch Macdonald - Oh Atlanta
While it was a bit too happy go lucky for me, I thought Mitch did well with this. His voice sounded really good, ad his stage presence was really cool. Good job!

Amberly Thiessen - The Way I Am
Hmmm... I thought Amberly started out really pitchy and remained pitchy throughout. To me she never really got into the groove to properly deliver her song. Not my fav.

Mookie Morris - Ophelia
The style was great for him, but I was bored.... Way too easy for him to sing such a song.

Drew Wright - Sunday Morning
I thought the style really suited him and that he did really well performance wise. Not a hit outside the park, but something nice nonetheless.

Theo Tams - Weak In The Knees
Holy shit. I knew I'd like this guy if he could keep the runs in check. WOW. The background singers were a bit loud in the chorus, but everything else was perfect. I felt that Theo really took the advice he was given and really connected to the song. BEAUTIFUL.

My Top 3

My Bottom 3

Goign home: Sebastian or Amberly

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