Friday, July 11, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 16 - Results

Tonight, we will get our Top 10!!!!

After a recap of how we got to the Top 16, Ben calls two people from each performance night: Martin Kerr and Mark Day from Monday night, and Gary Morissette and Drew Wright from Tuesday night. Mark Day is SAFE, while Martin Kerr is GOING HOME. Bullshit. Mark Day should have been the one to go home. Gary Morissette is GOING HOME and Drew Wright is SAFE.

With 8 spots left, Ben calls Theo Tams and Mookie Morris from Monday night. From Tuesday, he calls Earl Stevenson and Katherine St-Laurent. All 4 are SAFE, deservingly so.

8 contestants left and only 4 spots available. Hum...

From Monday night, Omar Lunan and Amberly Thiessen are called to center stage, as well as Tuesday night's performers Mitch McDonald and Katelyn Dawn. Amberly is SAFE and Omar is GOING HOME. Too bad, I liked Omar, and would have taken him over Mark Day ANY DAY. Mitch is SAFE and Katelyn is GOING HOME. Canada got that one right, at least.

Now the rest of the contestants are at center stage with Ben - Adam Castelli and Marie-Pierre Bellerose from Monday night, as well as the Pigott Brothers, Oliver and Sebastian, from Tuesday night. Oh dear. Will one of the bros go home tonight?

So Adam is SAFE (yeah, I like him) and Marie-Pierre is GOING HOME. Which means... Yes, one of the Pigott Brothers will be leaving the show tonight. What a load of CRAP! Sebastian agrees: "It's low, it's low!"

And of course, Ben will reveal the last member of the Top 10 after the break...

Ben gets right to it - Sebastian is SAFE and Oliver is GOING HOME. Sebastian looks upset, while Oliver seems to be content with what he's accomplished.

I am PISSED. I just knew that by pairing the two bros on the same performance night, one of them would end up going home. They share the same fan base, and they both come from Toronto, which seems to have a lot of contestants on the show this year. Why can't Mark Day have gone home? Why not Drew Wright instead? I like Mitch and Adam, but I'd have rather seen Oliver in there instead of them. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Next week the Top 10 will be performing songs from David Bowie.

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