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The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life

By Michelle Collins

American Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert Stopped By Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins this week, where he shot footage for tomorrow night’s brand new episode, airing Friday at 11 PM, as well as took time out of his insanely hectic schedule to sit down with and answer the questions we’ve all been dying to have answered. What follows is the story of that afternoon:

There’s an old saying that goes “Never meet your heroes, because you can only ever be disappointed.” For me, this has never been such an issue, as most of my heroes are dead. In fact, the only hero of mine that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Ms. Joan Rivers, exceeded my expectations and beyond for being the most amazing woman ever. But lately, a new hero has emerged on the horizon: Adam Lambert, the enigmatic, timeless, sexy, talented, from another planet amazing American Idol runner-up who has turned the United States into a pigpen of lusty fanboys and fangirls, myself included. Having watched this season of Idol since Day 1, my feelings for Adam went from “casual fan” to “He is the Second Coming of Christ.”

So when word got around that Mr. Lambert would be coming in to tape a segment for Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, airing this Friday, May 29 at 11 PM, I was faced with a real dilemma: Do I opt to meet him face to face, risking the chance that I embarrass myself 4 Lyf, or do I take that old saying to heart, and keep my dreams and heroes at an arms length? The answer should be pretty obvious. And so I strapped a jetpack made out of dreams and joy to my back in an effort to rocket ship my ass into his heart.

The morning before perhaps my most anticipated celebrity encounter of all time, I was an effing lunatic. I straightened my hair with NASA-like precision, and tried to present myself in as Lamberty a way possible, hoping he wouldn’t realize my motorcycle-inspired jacket was an original Lauren Jeans Company design purchased from the Hell’s Angels Dept. Store of Choice: Macys.

Minutes before he arrived at the Best Week Ever studio, a group was quickly forming around the door: Plenty of VH1 employees hoping to catch glimpse of this magical man, the crew, etc. One of the show writers brought her two kids to the set — both huge American Idol fans — and didn’t tell them that Lambert was on his way in. The air was thick with nervous energy. And then…

Ladies and gentlemen…

Adam Lambert walked into the room.

Tall, in a slim cut jacket that was tailored to perfection, hair perfectly coiffed, he entered with a big smile. And perhaps there was something about my GIANT BEAMING GLOWWORM FACE that caught his attention, but the next thing I know, Adam Lambert is there, introducing himself to me. And it went a little something… like this:

(Ahead, our exclusive interview, along with dozens of Lambert pics with him looking ~fabulous~. Plus, we get the scoop on his bromance with Kris Allen!)

Michelle: I am having a panic attack.

Adam: Hi, how are you?

Michelle: Hi I’m Michelle. We have so much to talk about. I’m freaking out! I adore you.

Adam: Don’t freak out.

Michelle: But I am. I just lost 7 pounds from excitement.

Adam: Oh my god, are you serious? I need to start freaking out more often.

Michelle: What!? You look fabulous; you don’t need to lose a pound.

Adam: No I need to lose about fifteen.

Michelle: I’ll seriously kill you, you’re gorgeous! Don’t change a thing.

Adam: I know your face from this show, right?

(Ed. Note: I would just like to repeat this sentence because I just cracked my skull open, pulled my brain out of it, deep fried it, put some corn cob holders in the sides, and put it back in my skull cavity out of shock.)

Michelle: (gulp) I was on the show a while ago, yeah. I’ve done some other stuff for VH1.

Adam: Okay that’s what I thought because I was like “I know you, I’ve seen you before.”

Michelle: (me right now) Wait a minute you cannot say that because I am shaking. Are you kidding? Do you know that I literally want to have your children?

At this point, I believe it was his publicist who slowly backed him away from me, carefully, like one would walk away from a mental patient, or Gary Busey. He was then introduced to Mr. Paul F. Tompkins, dressed impeccably as always, with whom he was shooting a hilarious bit with for Friday night’s brand new episode. We don’t wanna give away EXACTLY what happened… but let’s just say some pretty swanky glasses are involved:

Not to mention a pretty damn lucky CPR doll:

Let me also say this about Adam… forget his incredible singing ability for a second… but what an actor! He nailed his lines ON THE FIRST TAKE — complicated words, mind you — and had the sort of comic sensibility that one can only be born with. The entire room was cracking up from the guy — be sure to watch tomorrow night to see the entire bit, because it delivers.

Once Adam and Paul breezed through their respective bits together, I unsheathed my diamond-studded Wolverine claws, sunk them into the kid’s back, and hauled him away from his throngs of glowing fans in an effort to get at least 10 minutes one on one. The poor guy had been up since the crack of dawn, and now here he was, ending his exhausting day with the ghost of Robin Williams: Me.

As we walked from the set into the green room, our arms were nearly touching:

Michelle: Do you realize that you are a magical person?

Adam: Well, thank you. (arms touching now) And I’m only attracted to other magical people.

Michelle: (Click here to see animated rendering of me.)

In the green room, a tray of fruit was set up, which we all convened around while bantering. But Lambert’s clock was ticking down — and while I would have loved to have stood there all day chatting about seedless watermelon, we had business to attend to. And it is then that THE MOST EXCITING INTERVIEW OF MY ENTIRE LIFE began:

Michelle: Come! Sit, take a load off. I have a question before we start: Are you a fan of The Golden Girls?

Adam: Not really, I think I’m too young.

Michelle: Are you? How old are you? I thought you were my age.

Adam: I’m 27.

Michelle: I’m 27! I look like your mother, but I am.

Adam: But I never got into The Golden Girls! I’m more Sex and the City than I am Golden Girls.

Michelle: Duly noted.

Michelle: First of all, parents around the world need confirmation on this: You’re Jewish?

Adam: Mm-hm.

Michelle: Why are we not Be-fris? We could take Bas Mitzvah classes together! You name it, anything. Come to Israel with me this Summer!

Adam: Oh my god, what’s it called… Birthright?

Michelle: Yes. I did it! I couldn’t turn down the free trip.

Adam: Was it cool?

Michelle: Well, I was the tallest person in the whole country, but yeah, it was great!

Adam: Did you plant a tree?

Michelle: No, me? Trees? Come on. I ate some hummus, got a tan. Did you know that they actually play you on the radio over there? Your “Mad World” cover is an international sensation.

Adam: Really, in Israel?

Michelle: I swear to you.

Michelle: What do you think of your international success?

Adam: You know, I’m getting little whiffs of it.

Michelle: Are you? I hope that’s not my D and G lady cologne that you’re getting whiffs of right now. I’m such an idiot, don’t even talk to me.

Adam: (laughing) I love it, I love you!

Michelle: Really? Say it again, so everyone in the room hears you.

Adam: I love her. (Into the microphone) I love her.

Michelle: I have to tell you something. So my Mom calls me the night that you lost…

Adam: I didn’t lose! I just didn’t win. Half-full, half-full.

Michelle: Well, listen, your whole life is a win. Everything about you is “WIN“.

Adam: Yeah, exactly, there’s no losing.

Michelle: I’m not even just saying this: you are magical, from Mars, I don’t even think you’re of this Earth. Now let’s talk about something the internet needs to know more about: Your Bromance with Kris. Which has taken on a life of its own: There’s fan fiction involving you two…

Adam: Oh really?

Michelle: Did you not know about that?

Adam: (laughing) No I didn’t.

Michelle: Oh my god. Adam.

Adam: I kind of want to read it.

Michelle: It’s kind of… hot. I’m really serious, Adam, it’s so good.

Adam: We should show it to his wife. That’s who we should have read it.

Michelle: Do you like Kris’ wife?

Adam: She is adorable. They are the cutest couple in the world. He is the nicest guy. He’s genuine. He’s totally what you see is what you get. He means it. He’s open-minded, and he’s a real musician. He’s great.

Michelle: Was there anyone in the house when you were living with all the Idol people who you really didn’t get along with so much?

Adam: Yes.

Michelle: I think I know who it is. Are you allowed to talk about it?

Adam: I can’t say.

Michelle: Can I say it?

Adam: Well I’m on tour with them all summer, I can’t say! Maybe after the tour.

Michelle: Oh right! I tried to buy tickets yesterday. Look, when you’re in Newark, call me. Anything you need from the city, I’ll bring to you over there.

Adam: [Laughing] Okay.

(Suddenly, Adam’s phone rings.)

Michelle: Oh… who’s calling you? Someone has Adam’s number, that’s so exciting, what a lucky person. Where are you staying? Not that I’m going to come stalk you… I’m losing my job because of this, surely. By the way (motioning at Adam’s security guard, who is way hot) How on Earth did you end up with such a hot security guard? I thought there was a male model in the room! (The two of us laugh. Then I chime in, desperately) Adam, we need to be friends! No, you’re too famous for me.

Adam: Be-fris?

Michelle: Yes!! (The laughter continues, until I realize I’m being photographed.)

Michelle: Oh, great, that will be a nine-chinner, easy.

Adam: I do the same laugh! It pulls your face back!

Michelle: It’s the Jimminy Glick laugh. Where you look like you’re covered in Styrofoam and you want to kill yourself.

Michelle: OK, let me ask you a question about your brother.

Adam: Yeah.


Adam: You’ve seen it?

Michelle: I have.

Adam: Oh, right on.

Michelle: He’s hilarious.

Adam: He is hilarious.

Michelle: And adorable.

Adam: Yeah.

Michelle: I know he was saying that a lot of ladies are interested in you. I’m interested in your friendship, just so you know. If you need a surrogate though… I’m here. So, your brother. He’s hot, he’s single, he’s a Lambert. I’m thinking of doing a contest for the website called “Win a Date with Neil Lambert.”

Adam: Oh my god! You have to!

Michelle: Would he do it?

Adam: Oh he would totally do it. He’s hilarious. He makes me look socially awkward. He’s that funny. I told him at the very beginning, you will get ladies because of me.

Michelle: You don’t even know how slutty I am, so fingers crossed! Don’t look at me that way. (A camera flash goes off.) Oh photos, I forgot. Hold on, let me do the Monica Lewinsky turn so that I look narrow. I am going to Photoshop these. I’ll look like the skeleton from Beetlejuice next to you, shrunken head, you don’t even know.

Adam: I do, I love that movie!

Michelle: Did you ever watch yourself on the show?

Adam: On Idol? Yeah. Well I downloaded the videos on iTunes.

Michelle: Do they quarantine you when you’re in the house? Can you read stuff about yourself?

Adam: Yes, I had a computer. I could read stuff on the internet, watch TV. I could get picked up by friends and leave. I had a curfew, that was it.

Michelle: Now what did you think when you saw yourself on the show?

Adam: I said “More makeup and oh I look fat and I hate high-definition.”

Michelle: HD is the devil. How do you not lose your voice?

Adam: It was hard. It was tiring. But luckily, we only sing two nights out of the week, so the rest of the time if you needed to you could kind of fake it.

Michelle: You’re going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Adam: (A lot of side-glances to his publicist.) Maybe… (The publicist announces I have one question left.)

Michelle: Well now I’m unraveling because the pressure’s on. Oh! Let’s go through a quick thing, this will be fun: Favorite movie, tv, song… (his eyes roll back in his head) Is that gonna make you nuts?

Adam: I’m not good at favorites! Favorite movie is Velvet Goldmine, I can say that.

Michelle: Would you be the lead singer for Queen if they asked?

Adam: You know, I want to do my own thing. I want to be my own lead singer. But I would love to guest star with them anytime.

Michelle: OK, last question. Tell me… How short is Ryan Seacrest?

Adam: Short.

Michelle: Great answer. I love you.

Then? Then we hugged THREE TIMES. Yes, my jacket is already being laminated for Smithsonian-esque purposes. And now, I can honestly say having met my new life hero Adam Lambert: He is every bit as amazing a person as he is a singer. Best. Hero. Ever.

Don’t forget to watch Adam this Friday night at 11 PM on Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins!

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Kris Allen and Adam Lambert - US Magazine - VIDEO

"I like the top"


"Sorry, that was really inappropriate"

Kris Allen - No Boundaries - Good Day New York - VIDEO

Thnks to mjsbigblog for the vid.

Kris Allen - Mornings with Mike And Juliet

Check out Juliet interviewing Kris this morning on the show. Then Kris sings No Boundaries.

See the video here:

or here:

“American Idol” Winner Kris Allen on Rocking Softly, Covering Dylan

He’s only been Season Eight’s American Idol for five days, but Kris Allen is already moving on from last week’s star-packed finale and thinking about his next steps. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt, he reveals how he pulled off covering Dylan on the show and whether he would have entered the competition without his guitar.

People say you’re the “soft rock” guy on the show.
It’s nice to hear “rock.” People call Coldplay soft rock, and they’re amazing. For me, all the stuff that I did on the show, I feel like were pretty conducive to what I’m going to do on an album, that pop-rock kind of thing.

You’re one of the few singers to do a Bob Dylan song (”Make You Feel My Love”) on the show.
I was trying to beat the system, I knew it was a Bob Dylan song, and they were like, “Let’s do country week,” and I was like, “I know Garth Brooks did this,” so I was trying to beat the system, but it just ended up working out. I love Bob Dylan, he’s an amazing writer.

People saw larger significance in the contest, that there was a cultural battle being fought. What’s your take on that?
Me and Adam talked about it — we are really good friends — and people were talking about I’m getting the Christian vote and Adam’s getting… we’re not running for president, we’re not running an election here, we’re just trying to be musicians and be artists, and I hope that’s what people are voting on and people are calling in for, and I know that’s not always the case.

Now you have a career to think about. What kind of approach do you want to take to your career, what do you want to achieve?
More than anything, to be respected and be in the music business and just sell albums and make great music, that’s all I want to do.

Idol seemed like a strange place for rock artists to come from at first, has that changed?
Yeah, I think so. I think once they incorporated the instrument kind of thing that a lot of the rock people were going to jump on that bandwagon. There have been a couple — Chris Daughtry is one of them — who had an instrument and came along.

Would you have entered five years ago before instruments were permitted?
Probably not, man, because I probably wouldn’t have done well, to be honest with you. I think for me, the thing that got me the furthest was my ability to play and my ability to arrange songs and all that kind of stuff and make them mine and show that I’m an artist, not just a signer.

“Falling Slowly” was a song you don’t think of on Idol. Had you seen the movie, Once?
Yeah, I’d seen the movie, and I was trying to think of a song that week, and I was like, “What’s something I can really relate to?” I’d seen the movie, and I was like, “I really love that movie, and I’m gonna take a chance and sing this song,” and I knew it was going to be risky and not a lot of people were going to know it, but it won an Oscar, so I knew it was a very respected song. I went up there, and that week, I had watched it like three times, because I really wanted to feel the song, and I went out there and I just sang it, man.

Since you were the underdog and now you’re the winner, do you feel like you have to prove you’re worth it?
No, I think that hasn’t gone through my head. Throughout this whole competition, I think people were maybe … not underestimating me, but just not … Danny and Adam were frontrunners throughout this whole thing, and they’re great, and kudos to them, they deserved it. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Idol Winner Kris Allen

After shocking almost everyone — including himself — by winning the season 8 of American Idol last week, Kris Allen told reporters, “I’m not a man of many words.” We noticed! PEOPLE caught up with Idol’s dark horse from Conway, Ark., Saturday, and finally got him talking. Here’s what we learned:

1. He Drives a Clunker: Before leaving Arkansas for Los Angeles, Allen, 23, drove a silver 2001 Pontiac Bonneville. “It’s the most comfortable car to drive,” he says, “but it has a lot of problems. The speedometer doesn’t work; the gas gauge doesn’t work; the windows won’t roll down; there’s something wrong with the gas pedal. But it drives!” Allen admits he couldn’t afford the $300 to fix the fuel gauge — and got stranded as a result. “I’ve ran out of gas a lot,” he says. “Probably four of five times.” Hopefully, those days are over. On the finale, viewers saw season 7 winner David Cook hand Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert the keys to a 2009 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

2. He Married His Best Friend: “She’s been my best friend for a long time,” Allen says of his wife, Katy, who he began dating his junior year of high school. “She’s the coolest chick in the world.”

3. He Said ‘I Do’ In Front of 400 Guests: Allen married his high school sweetheart, Katy O’Connell, on Sept. 26th 2008. “We have a lot of family and friends, and we didn’t want to leave anybody out,” Allen says of his wedding, which took place at sunset on the Arkansas River. “We set out 300 chairs and people were standing up!” At the reception, which was catered by Katy’s grandmother, Allen sang the same song that he auditioned with: “A Song For You.” “We just had a blast,” he says of the day.

4. He’s Got a Sweet Tooth — And Loves Lazy Days: Guilty pleasures? He has a few. “I love Twizzlers,” Allen says, adding, “I love any kind of candy. My favorite TV show ever is Boy Meets World, and my favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. For me, my guilty pleasure is that if I don’t want to do anything one day, I won’t. I’ll just sit around, not shower, hardly even eat, and just watch TV.”

5. He Really is Friends with Adam Lambert: “Right before we went to bed [at the Idol mansion,] we’d sit around and talk about the competition, talk about our pasts. We really got to know each other,” he says. “He’s very real. He says exactly how he feels.” Allen explains the two didn’t feel like they were competing against each other. “We both had a lot of confidence in ourselves, and we said, we can’t compare.” – Lisa Ingrassia

Kris Allen - Interview Post Idol with FOX26 - VIDEO

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Mad World

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Kris Allen - Brand New Shoes - Lyrics

Kris Allen wrote songs, produced an album before Idol. And thus "Brand New Shoes" was born. Here are the lyrics for the songs.


1. Brand New Shoes

These old shoes ain't getting any younger
This young mind ain't getting it so don't bother
Take me round and show me what you got back there
Cause I got some questions and I need you to care

I'll take your hand if you'll take mine
Baby I figure it won't end this time.

You brought me up and you took me out
Of that place that I was in that was plagued by men
You stood behind me when I was covered by a shadow of a doubt
I ran away when you called my name
Down that road that I know but it was dark and cold
And now I need some brand new shoes.

These steps I'm climbing are getting a little steeper
This sea I'm swimming is getting a little deeper
All these obstacles seems are getting harder and harder to get through
Guess I'm gonna need a little help from you

Show me the way and I'll get by
Maybe I'll take a listen oh this time.

You brought me up and you took me out
Of that place that I was in that was plagued by men
You stood behind me when I was covered by a shadow of a doubt
I ran away when you called my name
Down that road that I know but it was dark and cold
And now I need some brand new shoes.

One too many times I said I can do this on my own
Now you're in charge, bring me back from this place I've known

You brought me up and you took me out
Of that place that I was in that was [plagued] by men
You stood behind me when I was covered by a shadow of a doubt
I ran away when you called my name
Down that road that I know but it was dark and cold
And now I need some brand new shoes.
And now I need some brand new shoes.
Now I need some brand new shoes.

2. Beautiful Moon

Oh beautiful moon
Sing me a song
Make it slow and sweet if you can

Oh beautiful moon
Don't worry 'bout the clouds in the sky
Cause they'll all wash away with time

On this back porch singing your praises
And when the smoke clears
I see your faces

Oh beautiful moon
It's dark out tonight
I thank God for giving you your light

Oh beautiful moon
When you're all alone
There's no stars, where they all gone

Oh the city lights they hide your graces
And when the smoke clears
I see your faces

On this back porch singing your praises
And when the smoke clears
I see your faces

Oh beautiful moon
Sing me a song
Make it slow and sweet if you can

3. I Was Played

What if we were alone
Would you be the same
As yesterday in a crowded room?

Well, I'm not judging
I'm just wondering
What I'd see for when it's just me and you
And if you tell me it's not,
But I can see right through you

Cause you're saying things
I've never heard,
And this side of you,
I've never seen before

Where you been hiding?
Sister, who are you?
I know it's not easy being only you
Glad I know you now
'Cause now I know who you really are
Guess all along, I was played

How'd you keep this part of you far from me?
Thought I you knew you oh-so-completely
I liked what I saw
Until you broke down those walls and let me see you
I know this sounds bad,
But I hope I'm not wastin' my time on you

You're doing things
I've never seen,
And this side of you
Is killing me now

Where you been hiding?
Sister, who are you?
I know it's not easy being only you
Glad I know you now
'Cause now I know who you really are
Guess all along, I was played

Where you been hiding?
Cause I know it's not easy doing what you do
Glad I know you now
'Cause now I know who you really are
Guess all along, I was played
Guess all along, I was played
Guess all along, I was played

4. Be My Lady

I've got you
But somehow, you don't got me
You let me go
But I just can't set you free

These words from the eyes of the one that I love
I'm sorry it hurts
I don't mean to burn

Your eyes, they speak to me like this:
"I'm hurting inside, oh and my heart weeps"
Oh darlin', I'm sorry
But I know you're getting tired of that phrase
But it's the end of this phase

One more word to say
One more night just looking in your face
Don't you see, my pain is your own
'Cause you're so gone
Won't you be my lady?

Won't you be my lady?

Say what you want
But you know we belong
Whether you want to or not
Lonely's getting old
I need you to hold
Let's start it all over again

One more word to say
One more night just looking in your face
And oh, don't you see, my pain is your own
'Cause you're so gone
Won't you be my lady?

Won't you be my lady?

5. Running

When you fall you're falling hard
And you wonder what is gonna be
The next time you endure
Face-down with your hands slightly under your feet
Where will you go when the dark finally snuffs you out?
When you're feeling a little down and out
Running from it all

Don't you get a little doubt looking back over your shoulder
Maybe soon you'll realize that it's all in your head
But oh no, no
The dust you're kicking up will fade away
Someone will pick you up and say
That it's okay
That you're running from it all

And will you think you've gotten it down
Or maybe you just lost yourself and don't know how
And sometimes don't take it now
Won't you take it, catch your breath, and you'll find out
That you're running from yourself
Running from yourself

Oh, running from yourself
Someday you will open it up
'Til that day, I won't give up
Until your done
Running from it all

6. Wipe It Away

Drive out to see her
Been a long time
No expectations
Can't wait for her smile
Just friends this time

White dress is shining
She's looking so fine
Try to remember
Just sayin' to my mind
That we're just friends this time

Didn't mean for the kiss to come in
Wasn't part of the script that I was given
Please forgive,
Wipe it away, wipe it away

Don't let me stay
'Cause I got nothing for you
No promises
I'm just a nail in your shoe
And I'll give you your own, oh

Didn't mean for that kiss to come in
Wasn't part of the script that I was given
Please forgive,
Wipe it away, wipe it away

Won't you drive away
'Cause I'm no good for you
There's no place in this place that was built for you

7. Lovely

Lovely walking to me
All dressed up for the party
She'll be talked about tomorrow
But she
Won't see the eyes
That stay
Lovely tells me she loves me
As we walk through the screen
She won't know but
There'll be songs about
The way she looks

Tonight in a gown
Crimson red and floats
Through the room as we waltz on the floor
The spotlight on her
She's lovely
Oh she's lovely
She's so lovely

The night when she's in
Lovely still dancing with her feet on the floor
You would think she could float
She looks back at me
She's ready to go
With that smile on her face
She's lovely
She's so lovely
Lovely walking with me
As we leave from the party
She has the blues
But all I can do is think
The way she looks

Tonight in a gown
Crimson red and floats
Through the room as we waltz on the floor
The spotlight on her
She's lovely
She's lovely

Tonight in a gown
Crimson red and floats
Through the room as we waltz on the floor
The spotlight on her
She's lovely
Oh she's lovely
She is lovely

8. Wastin' Time

I'm the person that you try not to be
I'm good at wasting my time, I got it down pat so easily
Some people they call me they call me the king
I'm sitting on my throne not doing a thing.

Everybody's passing me on this road I'm on
I gotta pack my things and get ready to go
Send me on my way
And if you could would you please pay my toll
Cause I gotta get out of this place and
This wasting time is getting old

I've been writing all these verbs down and I don't know why
Cause I got no action, I got no action, I got no action in my life
It's easy living your life doing things the way I do
If you keep it up you better start running cause it'll catch up to you

Everybody's passing you on this road youre on
You gotta pack your things and get ready to go
Send me on my way
And if you could would you please pay my toll
Cause I gotta get out of this place and
This wasting time is getting old

Everybody's passing us on this road we're on
We gotta pack our things and get ready to go
Oh get ready to go
Get ready to go
Oh get ready to go
Get ready to go
Get ready to go
Get ready to go
Get ready to go
Get ready to go
Oh get ready to go.

9. On Our Way

Sunny days come and gone away
And she has let her mind take control today
Head spinnin' round and around it goes
She looks up in the sky and wonders what she knows

She is on her way
She is on her way
On her way to make it all make sense

Sunny days come and gone away
And he is wanderin' through this life with no one to blame
Heart spinnin' round and around it goes
He's starin' at the sky lookin' for someone who knows

He is on his way
He is on his way
On his way to make it all make sense

Her mind is blowin' in the breeze
Well I've been there
I've been there
His heart it blows like a tumbleweed
Well I've been there
I've been there

I know
That you
Have questions
And oh
I know
That you
Don't know where to start and oh
Just wait
You'll see
It get's better
Don't give up
When you're on your knees

You are on your way
You are on your way
On your way to make it all make sense
You are on you way
You are on you way
On your way to make it all make sense

10. Real World

Strumming on my six string
Wondering what this world might bring
Little ol' me
Don't know what to tell them
I hardly know who is my friend

Late at night
I sit up and try to find the answer to it all
I think I'm going crazy
I haven't been me lately

And I'm losing my mind
Only most of the time
And I don't, don't know why

I'm stuck in this mud
With nowhere to run
And I don't know why

I keep thinking this life's not for me
What am I doing
What am I proving to someone, or anybody
Lord, I can't take this anymore
I'm getting restless
I gotta test this, oh this thing they call the real world

Been telling myself that it's alright
Everything will turn out alright
I'll just give it a little time
But that ain't working no more
I don't think it worked before

And I'm losing my mind
Only most of the time
And I don't, don't know why

I'm stuck in this mud
With nowhere to run
And I don't know why

I keep thinking this life's not for me
What am I doing
What am I proving to someone, or anybody
Lord, I can't take this anymore
I'm getting restless
I gotta test this, oh this thing they call the real world
Oh the real world
The real world

I'm getting restless
I gotta test this, oh this thing they call the real world

11. Land Of Smiles

eyre telling me I gotta leave
But I dont know how to stay
Theres so much more for me
In the land of smiles
In the land of smiles

Familiar faces fill my mind
Pray they dont leave with the tide
And I dont think they know
Oh, just what theyve done
Deep within my soul
In the land of smiles
In the land of smiles

I close my eyes and Im there in that place
My skins so fair compared
And as I lay here
I ask in my dreams,
Take me back to the place I have seen
The land of smiles

Kris Allen - MyFox NY Interview - VIDEO

Kris Allen on Ellen, May 22nd 09 - Interview - VIDEO

David Cook on Pop Wrap - "I'm Excited Not To Be The Newbie Anymore"

Kris Allen -Regis and Kelly, May 09 - VIDEO


No Boundaries

Thanks to mjsbigblog for the vids

David Cook - Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - VIDEO

David and the band performed a nice rendition of Come Back To Me.

Video by

Monday, May 25, 2009

American Idol Top 10 on Larry King Live - May 09 - VIDEO

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thanks to mjsbigblog for the videos

American Idol Season 8 Tour Dates

Are the Idols coming to your city? Are you going to travel to see them live on stage? Here are the tour stops for this year's crop of Idols! There are two canadian dates - they are finally going to Vancouver!


July 5 - Portland, OR Rose Garden
July 7 -Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
July 8 - Vancouver, BC General Motors Place
July 10 - Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
July 11 - Oakland, CA Oracle Arena
July 12 - San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose
July 14 - West Valley City, UT The E Center
July 16 - Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
July 17 - Ontario, CA Citizens Business Bank Arena
July 18 - San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena
July 20 - Glendale, AZ Arena
July 23 - Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
July 24 - Tulsa, OK BOK Center
July 25 - N. Little Rock, AR Alltel Arena
July 26 - Memphis, TN FedExForum
July 28 - Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
July 29 - Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center
July 31 - Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center
August 1 - Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
August 2 - Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
August 4 - Washington, DC Verizon Center
August 5 - Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
August 7 - Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
August 8 - Newark, NJ Prudential Center
August 9 - Newark, NJ Prudential Center
August 11 - Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum
August 12 - Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum
August 14 - Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum
August 15 - Rochester, NY BlueCross Arena
August 16 - Hartford, CT XL Center
August 18 - Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
August 19 - Albany, NY Times Union Center
August 20 - Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
August 22 - Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
August 23 - Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center
August 25 - Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
August 26 - Auburn Hills, MI Palace at Auburn Hills
August 28 - Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
August 29 - St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
August 30 - Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
September 1 - Minneapolis, MN Target Center
September 2 - Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
September 4 - Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center
September 5 - Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse
September 6 - Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
September 8 - Reading, PA Sovereign Center
September 9 - Wilkes Barre, PA Wachovia Arena
September 10 - Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard
September 12 - Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
September 13 - Providence, RI Dunkin' Donuts Center
September 14 - Syracuse, NY WarMemorial at OnCenter
September 15 - Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena

For more info, visit

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kris Allen on Idol Tonight with Justin Guarini

Thanks to ISLB for the vid

Kris Allen on Ellen, May 22nd 09 - No Boundaries - VIDEO

Thanks to mjsbigblog for the video.

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on Larry King Live - May 09 - VIDEO

videos by mjsbigblog

Kris Allen

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Paula with Adam and Kris and Bikini Girl

The rest of the Top 10 (Danny, Allison, Matt)

The Rest of the Top 10 (Anoop, Lil, Scott, Michael, Megan)

Kris Allen on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush


Singing "No Boundaries" acoustic

Kris Allen - Jay Leno - May22nd 09

Video by

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest

Listen to Kris' interview here:

Kris on KIIS FM

Listen to Adam's interview here:

Adam on KIIS FM

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris Allen - No Boundaries - American Idol Single

Buy it on iTunes! Lyrics below.

Seconds hours so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait
Every moment last forever if you feel you’ve lost your way
What if your chances are already gone
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

Coz hear I am — still holding on!

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

You’ll make it through the pain (or through all your aches and pains)
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

When you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you’ve almost gave up on your dreams
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries
Above and beneath you
B-reak every rule coz there’s nothing between you
and your dreams

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe


Kris Allen Pre Idol Music

Kris Allen's EP "Brand New Shoes" contains 11 songs. All 11 songs hve been made public. They are good! Listen in!


Beautiful Moon

Brand New Shoes

Wastin' Time

Land of Smiles

Be My Lady

I Was Played


Real World

Wipe It Away

"On Our Way" and "Lovely" are coming!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

David Cook in Manila Philippines, May 16th 09 - HD Videos

All vids by coolstone

Always Be My Baby


Light On

Come Back To Me


Kiss On The Neck

Life On The Moon

A Daily Anthem

David Cook - Single for Charity - Permanent

The live version of Permanent performed last night on Idol is up for sale. Right now they only have the song, I guess the video will follow. Yes, canadians can purchase the song, too.

Direct link:

Right now the only way to find it over there is to type in "David Cook charity". ITunes is fucking up big time!

The audio does sound absolutely wonderful. Andy's piano is gorgeous, and David's voice, at the very beginning falters a bit but then it gets strong, like we know he can sound. Beautiful.

Go go go purchase it. IT's for a good cause. And it's absolutely gorgeous!


David Cook on American Idol - Permanent - VIDEO

Kris Allen - American Idol Extra - VIDEO

Part 1

Part 2 - In which we finally get to see Kris' audition

Part 3

Videos by mjsbigblog

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your New American Idol Winner - Kris Allen





American Idol - Season 8 - Top 2 - Results - FINALE!

Just under 100 million votes came in last night! Ryan introduces the judges with funny clips of them. Then he introduces Kris and Adam.


To start us off, here's a group sing! "So What" by Pink with the Top 13. They are all dressed in white. Pretty average group sing, but it's fun nonetheless.



David Cook is on singing "Permanent". The video of tonight's live performance will be up on iTunes, and proceeds will go to the research against brain cancer. Go buy it, all of you, go buy it! It was such a heartfelt performance, it made me cry.



Switching gear now we are in with the Golden Idol Awards. We are shown a few guys who *quite* didn't make it. Nominees for Outstanding Male are Wil Kunick, Michael Gurr, Elijah Scarlett, Dean-anthony Bradford, Nick Mithcell aka Normun Gentle! and the award goes to... Normun Gentle/Nick Mithcell! And tho he had "not prepared anything" he "strips down" and sings for us!



Now Seacrest wears Nick's glasses and headband. *LOL*

First duet of the night - Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah sing "Cue The Rain". That was not very good, I'm sorry to say.



Anoop starts us up with "I'm Yours" and Alexis joins in. And then Jason Mraz!!!!! Then the rest of the Top 10 joins in for the chorus. Hot mess but fun performance!!!




Kris Allen's journey to the Top 2. And then Kris performs with Keith Urban on "Kiss A Girl". They are sounding awesome! the song is good, catchy, and Kris looks comfortable and professional standing next to Keith! Awesome duet. Wonder why Kris never did that song or something like it?



Top 5 girls are singing together "Glamourous"??? and now Fergie comes on stage to sing with the girls "Big Girls Don't Cry". and now the Black Eyed Peas with "Boom boom Pow"!




Golden Idol Awards again - Best Attitude nominees are Katrina Darrell, Bikini Girl!, Alexis Cohen aka Finger Girl, Tiffany Shedd. And the Golden Idol goes to, Bikini Girl, of course... And she's wearing a bikini, of course, showing off her new boob job, that Ryan noticed... And she goes out and sing for us all... And of course she's completely flat. And she's joined on stage by Kara DioGuardi! Kara actually is completely upstaging Bikini Girl, and it's funny as hell! Kara actually has a decent voice... And after the long glory note, she rips open her dress, and she's wearing a bikini!!!



Cindy Lauper is up on stage singing "Time After Time" with Allison Iraheta. They are sounding good!


Danny Gokey is now singing "Hello". It's all wrong! It's David Cook's song! And now Lionel Richie is coming on stage singing ??? with Danny. Danny did a good job, but I can't help it, this song has forever and ever been transformed into a David Cook song. I can't hear anything else but his version now. Lionel Richie is sounding really good still, and I can't help it - All Night Long is a very cheesy song, but it makes me smile, sing and dance!


Adam's journey is now presented to us. And now Adam is singing Detroit Rock City and I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night with KISS! And WTF is that he's wearing??? *ROTFLMAO* Adam is also wearing big KISS boots, but they are gold... Interesting. I have to admit, this was entertaining!


Carlo Santana is now up on stage... playing Black Magic Woman. Damn he's good. and he's joined on stage by Matt Giraud on vocals. Now the Top 13 joins in and they sing "Smooth". That was really good!


Ford Video to the tune of "I Will Remember You"

David Cook presents Adam and Kris with Ford cars. Cute!

Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Steve Martin??? Playing a song Martin wrote "Pretty Flowers". Weird...


Top 13 is back on the stage singing some "IF You Think I'm Sexy" Rod Stewart songs, and then the man himself joins in on "Maggie Mae".


Last Golden Idol Awardfor Outstanding Female - nominees are Chelsea Marquat, Irene Angulova, Dana Moreno, Tatiana Nicole Del Toro. And the winner is... Tatiana, of course.... And Ryan tries to play up the "we don't have time" thing... Tatiana sings anyway...



Adam and Kris are dueting on Queen's "We Are The Champions". Bryan May is on guitar!!! Fun.





And here we go with the results.... Simon says they are both talented and nice and that both should be proud and that the future is all theirs... No comitting from Simon... Weird.


And your American Idol Season 8 is...










WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even he didn't think he'd win, I think. He looks so surprised, and he's speechless! And now he sings "No Boundaries". I thought he actually sounded better on that song tonight. But yeah, it's not great. I'd take the Magic Rainbow any day of the week over that. :)

I am very surprised Kris won. But at the same time, I'm not. It's weird... I really expected Adam to win, but knowing most of Gokey's votes would go to Kris, I really shouldn't be surprised. Still... I'm kinda disappointed Adam didn't win, even if I didn't like his style and his voice, as I think he really deserved it. But I'm also happy Kris won - the fact he was a real, true dark horse (no exposure in the auditions) that came from no where to win it all.. I like that. A lot. :) And I like Kris a lot, so I'm happy. And yeah, another one of my fav won. :)