Wednesday, April 29, 2009

american Idol - Season 8 - Top 5 - Results

Who will be going home tonight???

Over 47 million votes last night!

Simon says last night's show was the best show he's ever seen at this stage of the competition. He says that everyone was good. Hum, not what he said last night...

Taylor Hicks will be on the stage, as well as Nathalie Cole and Jamie Foxx will sing his single "Blame It"

The new Ford vid - Energy

Medley "What Good Is Melody" and "I Got Rhythm" Finally it was live and good!

Back from commercial, and Ryan chats with the kids, who are all sitting on the couch. Mentions Danny's and Allison's birthdays. They are showing us a clip of the Top 5 going all "Martha Stewart", baking a cake and... of course having a food fight!

The kids now go center stage, and Ryan delivers the results.

Matt first. He's asked to stand at the right side of the stage.

Danny next. He's standing on the left side of the stage.

Allison next. She is asked to stand next to Danny.

Kris, and the first time the crowd screams for someone. And he goes to stand next to Matt.

And we are left with Adam. He is asked in which group he belongs. He goes "Based on last night, probably over there" pointing at Danny and Allison.

And Adam's got it wrong - Bottom 3 is Matt, Kris and Adam.

Wow! Shocking indeed!

Allison and Danny are safe, and they can't believe Adam is in the B3. Of course, there are only 5 of them, so 60% of them will be in the B3, but.... Simon says that they've opened up the competition, and that now it's America who decides. Hum, not what he said last night... Then Randy that goes on and on praising all 5 of them... Are we in for a shocker elimination?

Back from commercial, and Nathalie Cole sings "Something’s Gotta Give". Great performance!

Matt, Kris and Adam are now backstage, waiting to hear what their fate will be. Next up, Taylor Hicks' return to Idol!

Taylor Hicks sings "Seven Mile Break Down" off his new record "The Distance". He's looking great and sounding even better! Really liked the song.

Now Matt, Kris and Adam are called at center stage. He's sending one person back to safety, and it is... KRIS! So Kris is safe!

Back from commercial, and Jamie Foxx performs his smash hit "Blame It". Me no likey this at all.

Alright, last commercial before we know who goes home.

Alright, here we go. Adam is safe, Matt Giraud is going home. He closes the night with his rendition of "My Funny Valentine".

I'll miss him!

Next week's theme - Rock and Roll! And Slash will be the mentor...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 5 - Performances

Jamime Foxx mentors this "Rat Pack" week.

Kris Allen - The Way You Look Tonight
Beautiful vocals! It was a bit weird how it was slow, then it was fast, then it finished slow... Still, it was really beautiful. Controlled vocals, beautiful tone, and kinda sexy! I kinda wish he had finished with either a lower note or a big belt... Not the falsetto.

Allison Iraheta - Someone to Watch Over Me
She looks fantastic. She really is mumbling tonight. It's the first time it has really bothered me. Her vocals are stellar, but it's the first time she has not really sold the song to me. I don't know what it is, but I don't believe her in that performance. I didn't feel the emotional connection in that performance either, so I get Simon's "mechanical" comment. But the rest of it? Total bullshit on Simon's part. What the hell is he talking about? Absolutely gorgeous ending tho, wow!

Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine
Pretty, but a bit boring, really. I really wish he had played the piano - just his voice and the piano. I feel it would have let him really shine.

Danny Gokey - Come Rain or Come Shine
Oh, the tone of his voice is absolutely beautiful tonight. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Seriously, Danny's tone was absolutely gorgeous tonight. I loved the beginning, his vocals were so controlled and beautiful... And when he started to get into it more by mid song, I found myself wishing he had kept going with the soft vocals. But then, he hit me with the growls and the bluesy vibe and he knocked me off my seat. Goosebumps!!!!! Best he's done in weeks.

Adam Lambert - Feeling Good
This choice of song so does not surprise me. It has plenty of opportunities for Adam's diva to come out. The beginning is pretty, very controlled, I like that. I kinda liked it until the big note on "Feeling" good at the end. BLECH! I hate it when he goes up like that. Other than that... I thought he did great. Stellar vocals, once again. His theatrical approach to songs usually turn me the hell off, but this song needed that, so I think this was perfect for Adam.

Ok, my ranking as far as what I liked the best:
Danny, Kris, Matt, Allison, Adam

My ranking as far as who I think had the best performances:
Danny, Adam, Kris, Allison, Matt

I do think the B3 will be Kris, Allison and Matt, with Matt going home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daughtry to debut new single on Idol

We don't know when it'll be, but Daughtry will debut his next single on American Idol. Top 4 week (next week) is suppose to be rock, so perhaps Daughtry will be the musical guest then?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Results Part 2

Double Elimination Night...

Group number, song is "Let's Dance"... Back to lipsynching... The choreography was pretty good! Matt is a good dancer... I dare say this one rivals the best group dance last year...

Ford Video "I'm Good I'm Gone" - actually quite boring after this group number...

Lil up first, and she's asked to walk to the far side of the stage. She received the lowest number of votes, I guess, as Ryan says it's the end of the road for her. She sings her song "I'm Every Woman" again. The judges give her props and advices for her career.

Frieda Payne sings "Band of Gold", and is dancing, and she's out of breath and it's pretty bad. Now its Thelma Houston singing “Don’t Leave me This Way”, and she sounds much better. She then introduces KC and the Sunshine Band and they perform "Get Down Tonight". Hilarious!

Back from the commercial, and Ryan is back at it.

Kris stands up and Ryan says he's SAFE!!!!

Adam stands up now, and the crowd is going crazy! Ryan says that Adam is SAFE.

Danny now stands up and Ryan tells him he is SAFE.

Which leaves Allison, Anoop and Matt.

Anoop now stands up. Ryan tells him he is in the BOTTOM 3.

Allison and Matt now stand up. Ryan says Matt is SAFE! Allison is in the BOTTOM 3.

I'd be shocked if it was Allison going home. BUT... She did sing early in the night, while Anoop sang last... I don't think a contestant who got the pimp spot has been sent home before in previous seasons....

Singing "Touch My Hand", this is David Archuleta!!!!!! Let the girl screams commence..... *L*

Back from the commercial break, and Ryan announces that Anoop is going home. Allison is SAFE. So Anoop sings "Dim All The Lights" once again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Performances Part 2

Lil Rounds - “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan
She's off key most of the time. And on the chorus, the backup singers save her ass. Send her home already... Disappointing since she was so full of promises at the beginning of the season.

Kris Allen - “She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer
I LOVE how he changed the song up to suit his style. Jazzy,l Mraz-y kind of version. Gorgeous vocals (tho he kinda missed that big note), nice ending, LOVED IT!

Danny Gokey - “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire
Good song choice for Danny. Finally changing it up a bit. Sounds like he's screaming a bit in parts, but all in all, great vocals.

Allison Iraheta - “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer
I don't like how she's dressed. She's 16, for pete's sake! LOVE how she turned the song on its head and made it a legitimate hard rock song. I LOVED the ending with the "hot hot hot stuff" thing! AWESOME!!!!!!

Adam Lambert - “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Ellim
Adam looks like an Elvis impersonator with his hair styled like that. The snake ring is distracting me. Great vocals which left me totally cold. I will give to him. He didn't go for the obvious.

Matt Giraud - “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees
Great, great, great! I was nervous with the song choice, but he worked it out! Great vocals, great dancing, great performance! Loved the funky version.

Anoop Desai -
Don't like the scruff AT ALL. I liked the beginning, and it was fun during the more uptempo part of the song. I didn't really like the arrangement either. Too bad about that last note, because his vocals were really good.

My ranking


Realistically, I know Adam won't be in the B3, and he doesn't deserve it. But I think Matt, Kris (because he went second) and Danny are all at risk of being in the B3 this week.

But I'll say... B3 = Anoop, Lil and Matt

Simon Cowell on Craig Ferguson

Funny Stuff!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Results

Group sing

Movie with Zach Effron


Allison stands up and she is... SAFE.

Adam stands up. Anyone doubts he's safe? Of course he's SAFE.

Anoop stands up. I'd bet 100$ he's in the Bottom 3. Is he? Ryan's toying with him a bit... And yeah, anoop is in the BOTTOM 3.

Jennifer Hudson is now singing "If This Isn't Love" off of her debut album. She's not sounding particularly good... and the song is not particularly good either...

Ryan asks Paula if Anoop deserves to be sitting in the B3. She says no. Simon is asked the same question, and he says yes.

Kris is asked to stand up, as well Lil. They are talking about Kris' performance, and Simon says "We didn't have a chance to talk last night, but I thought you were brilliant". YES SIMON YES! Now onto Lil's performance. She's explaining why she defended herself last night. Lil, it's ok. One of them is in the B3... and Kris is SAFE! Lil is in the BOTTOM 3.

Matt and Danny are now standing up. Chat about Matt's song, Matt said that in retrospect, he probably would do it over again in a more straight forward way. As for Danny, he says the reason he didn't change up the song is that he wanted to do a strip down version of the song as opposed to having the drums and everything else surrounding him. Randy said that Danny worked it out last night. One of them is safe, and it is.... Danny. Matt is in the BOTTOM 3.

I think America got it right - this is the right bottom 3 in the mind.

Ryan sends someone to the couch right away - and it is Anoop.

Miley Cyrus performs. Blech.

Back from the commercial, and Ryan says Lil is safe. Matt is the one who got the least amount of votes.

Matt sings "Have You Ever Really Love A Woman". He sang it MUCH MUCH better than the previous night. Now, are the judges going to use the save on him??? The crowd is chanting "SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!"

MATT IS STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So two people are gonna go home next week. And the theme? Disco night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Performances

Songs of the Cinema

Allison Iraheta - “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith - Armageddon
I really, really wanted to like this. But I did not. :( The slow, sexy start was pretty good, I liked that. and I was expecting to absolutely love it when she kicked into her higher voice. But it's like there was no power, no grit, no passion behind her lyrics. It's the first time I've felt that Allison was phoning it in.... I also did not like the arrangement and the way the song was cut.

Anoop Desai - “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams - Robin Hood
Quentin cracks me up with his "rough it up!" advice. Anoop is sounding really good. I really liked it!!! I'm glad he did not listen to Quentin and went with the soft, pleading vocals. Really, really good.

Adam Lambert - “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf - Easy Rider
OMG, that was Mig and Ty and everybody else in between. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever laughed so much during a performance of AI. I LOVED IT because it was so fucking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta say, the techno and rock mix did not work for me either. Still, I laughed my ass off more than ever watching that performance! The best was the beating of the foot down on the ground with the fist pumps while "dancing" in front of Ricky Minor. ROTFL!!!!!

Matt Giraud - “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams - Don Juan
He was doing pretty good, until the bridge... His voice cracked BIG TIME, and he couldn't recuperate. There was a bit too many runs for that song, in my opinion.

Danny Gokey - “Endless Love” by Diana Ross - Endless Love
No glasses tonight... I actually miss them. Love his hair cut very much tho. HOLY SHIT I LOVE HIS VOICE. HOLY SHIT I LOVE HIS VOICE!!! Cheesy song, so so arrangement, absolutely wonderful vocals.

Kris Allen - “Falling Slowly” Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Once
It's going to be a tough one for Kris. I know the soundtrack that song is from, and he did a really beautiful, emotional rendition. That whole soundtrack is filled with really beautiful, powerful, passionate music. But for those who don't know the soundtrack, don't know the movie, don't know the song... It might be tough, and may appear boring. For me? I thought Kris did absolutely wonderful. He looked great, sang with emotion, but controlled his voice very, very well. Beautiful falsetto, awesome power notes... My fav by far tonight.

Lil Rounds - “The Rose” by Bette Midler - The Rose
First, I hate her hair. I miss her short, spikey hair that gave her a special vibe. I thought she did ok, but again, she missed her big moment. Although I'm not a fan of how she sings runs, I wish she had done it in a more gospel way like she did in the last half of the song.

My Top 3:

My Bottom 3:
I'm thinking bottom 3 will be Lil, Matt and Anoop. Perhaps Allison instead of Anoop, since she went first.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 8 - Results

Flo Rida and Kelly Pickler are the musical guests.

Frankie Avalon sings a song from 1959

Singing a song from 2002, the year Idol was born, our Top 8 lipsynch, oups, sing "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". CHEESTASTIC.

The Ford Commercial is about Magic Shows. Pretty good. The song they used is "Circus" by Britney Spears.

And onto the results....

Adam is up first, Kris follows him, Anoop, too. Adam is SAFE. Anoop is in the Bottom 3, while Kris is SAFE.

Flo Rida sings a song (right Round) about people getting their heads spun right 'round when someone else goes down, down. *gag* and I thought we were watching a family show!

And back to the results...

Danny's up and has to sit back down because he's SAFE.

Matt is now standing up. Ryans says he's... SAFE, after toying with him, poor guy.

Scott is now standing up, and he is in the Bottom 3.

Allison and Lil's turn now. Allison is SAFE, while Lil is in the Bottom 3.

So it's Anoop, Lil and Scott.

Kelly Pickler sings "Best Days of Your Life". And she sucks.

Lil is sent back to the couches of safety first.

Out of 34 million votes, only 30 000 seperates Anoop and Scott.

Anoop is SAFE, while Scott faces elimination. Will the judges save Scott?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 8 - Performances

Songs from the year they were born

Danny Gokey - Stand By Me - 1980
Love, love, love that song, but hate, hate, hate that version. Danny sang it well enough, although I would have loved to hear more of his soulful vocals along the way. The end was great, but other than that? Not great.

Kris Allen - All She Wants To Do Is Dance - 1985
A bit of a weird choice for Kris. I liked the funky version, and that suited him well. He sang it well, his voice was great, but there was a little bit of oumph missing from it all.

Lil Rounds -What's Love Has Got To Do With It - 1984
She looks great - love her hair and her make up. Very obvious song choice for Lil. She started the song really off. And instead of making the song her own, she is sounding like a pale Tina Turner imitation. She's a good singer, no doubt, but she is not rising to the challenge at all so far.

Anoop Desai -True Colors - 1986
Born the same day as David Cook. *LOL* Anoop made me laugh that he had to mention that. Anoop's shirt is distracting me. Like, I can't stop watching it. Anoop sounds very nasal tonight. I really enjoyed the slowed down, stripped down beginning. But once the band kicked in, it was kinda meh for me. Anoop sang it well enough, but, there was passion missing from it. I LOLed real hard at Simon's "you're like a singing yo-yo" comment.

Scott MacIntyre -The Search Is Over - 1985
I don't think I know that song. I enjoyed this. What a nice surprise to see Scott standing up, playing the guitar, and not just any guitar, the electric guitar! His high notes were off, which is too bad because the rest of his vocals were pretty good. I think I would have prefered to see him play this song at the piano, but all in all, it was not bad. But not his best.

And OMG, isn't so freaking obvious which contestants the judges like versus who they don't want there???? It's like it's killing them to say anything positive about Scott. I'm a Danny Gokey fan, but there was not that much positive in his performance tonight as the judges lead us all to believe. It really is sickening how they are pimping their favs...

Allison Ireatha -I Can't Make You Love Me - 1992
Great song choice for Allison. The beginning is a bit rough, but once she starts with the chorus, she sounds really good. I did not enjoy the runs she sang.... But she's by far the best one so far tonight. There was some passion missing to her delivery, tho.

Matt Giraud -Part Time Lover - 1985
This song will forever be associated with Chicken Little (season 4?) for me. *LOL* Loved how Matt started out, the falsetto was amazing. He sounds really great, love that arrangement for him. He reminds me a bit of Chris Richardson singing all those runs. Really good vocals, except for that really high falsetto near the end... Ouch... And yeah, the judges are running out of time, so really freaking short comments.... I think Matt did pretty darn good tonight. My fav so far.

Adam Lambert -Mad World - 1982
That is an absolutely gorgeous song. HATE the damn blue lights. Adam looks like he's sitting on a cloud of lights, weird. His vocals are controlled and absolutely amazing. Aside from that really freaking high note, his vocals and his performance were PERFECT. His last note was botched, but oh well. FINALLY a performance that was GOOD! My absolute fav from tonight.

My ranking

Best - Adam
Worst - Lil

Thursday, April 2, 2009

David Cook - Come Back To Me - New Single and VIDEO

You can see the video for David cook's new single, Come Back To Me, up on his site:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 9 - Results

Group sing is to the Journey's tune "Don't Stop Believing"

OMG, group sing use to at least be snarkably awesome... But this year? I cna't even snark on this. The lipsynching is awful, and while the vocals are good.... It's all... Blech.

The idols are hving fun imitating each other - pretty funny!

Megan, Matt and Kris are asked to go stand at one end of the stage.

Adam, Lil and Allison are asked to go stand at center stage.

Scott, Danny and Anoop are asked to stand at the other end of the stage.

David Fucking Cook! singing his new single Come Back To Me


Kris... is SAFE

Matt... is SAFE! He thought he was going to sit in the B3 stools, but no, he's safe.

Megan... is in the B3

Lil... is SAFE.

Allison... is in the B3.

Adam... is SAFE.

Danny... is SAFE.

Scott and Anoop are left. Scott is... SAFE! Anoop is in the B3.

Lady Gaga sings Poker Face.

Allison is SAFE and going back to the couch of safety.

Megan and Anoop are left. Facing elimination is Megan - Anoop is SAFE.

And the judges are not using the save on Megan, so she is headed home.

Next week's theme - songs from the year they were born.