Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 8 - Results

Oh yeah, result night!

The idols start with an unplugged version of "My Generation", which is actually not half bad. Earl came out on a skateboard... *L*

Zach's band album is out today... Meh.

Recap of the night before.... Oh yeah baby!

Gavin Rossdale performs an unplugged version of his single, "Love Remains The Same"

Ben announces that Ann Murray will be on the show at some point.

Another one of Jullia Black's cameo. This time she interviews the idols at the mansion. Youppi. Highlight of that segment was Earl singing some kind of song - he sounded good!

So on with the results...

Earl is pronounced SAFE, as well as Drew. Mark is the first member of the BOTTOM 3.

Theo is also pronounced SAFE.

Mitch is also SAFE.

Sebastian is the second member of the BOTTOM 3.

Amberly and Mookie are left for last. Amberly is SAFE while Mookie is in the BOTTOM 3.

And who will be going home???

Yep, Sebastian. *sigh*

Ben seems to be a fan of the Pigott Brothers. I know I am! I am sad to see Sebastian go. :(

He performs "Lucille" one more time, much much better than the night before. DAMN! Why didn't he do this last night? *sigh*

Next week - Tom Jones...

Bye Sebastian!



Jill said...

So sad to see Sebastian go...
But if he keeps doing the stuff I saw in those videos from Holy Joe's...Holy Smokes!! Loved that!!

Bouffe said...

Wasn't those vids so good? I really don't know why he was not able to show Canada that side of himself. At any rate, I am still grateful for the show, because I got to discover two amazing artists!!!