Monday, June 30, 2008

Canadian Idol - Top 20 - Part 1

Mark "Funny Man" Day - In Love With A Girl
It was nice to her him do a more contemporary song. While his vocals lacked power in places, I thought he faired pretty well with his voice. On the other hand... His performance was boring. I have a hard time reconciling his looks with his voice. All in all, pretty average to me.

Paul Clifford - Apparitions
I adore this song... Gorgeous. I really enjoyed Paul's take on it, and his raspy voice complimented the lyrics and the melody very well. Great choice for him.

Drew Wright - The Grace
I didn't know the song, and I didn't feel his vocals where enough to really make me like this. He was good vocally, although he's missing some strenght here and there.

Marie-Pierre Bellerose - Beautiful Goodbye
This sounded a bit too low for her... It was off at times, too. The higher, raspy parts were AWESOME tho.

Mookie Morris - Naive
Great vibe for him. Vocally it was good, the energy was good, too. I didn't know the song, but Mookie made it interesting to me.

Sebastian Pigott - Daydream
This was FANTASTIC!!!! A mile or two or a million ahead of everyone else. WOW!!! He picked a perfect song for his voice, the raspiness complimenting it perfectly. It allowed him to really showcase his personality - absolutely adored the way he smiled, moved his eyes, played the guitar while looking at the band... AWESOME all around.

Martin Kerr - In Your Eyes
I can't watch him, his maneurism really bothers me. It was ok, but not edgy enough for me.

Lisa Bell - Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay
Nice vocals, a bit off in thye beginning tho. Bored me to death, but she sang well.

Gary Morissette - Mr Bojangles
Very, very nice. Love the vibe for him, and his voice sounded really good on this. It was GREAT!

Amberly Thiessen - Everything I Own
Definetely one of the stongest tonight. Her voice was spot on. A bit sleepy for me tho.

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