Friday, November 25, 2005

CD Signing - 11/25/05 - HMV, Toronto

I wrote this huge report, and it got lost somewhere, somehow... :( So it's gonna be a short report, as I don't have time to completely re-write it... No time and no more brain powers!

Inzane already reported little details (Jon and Jd with the handicapped lady, with the babies, etc), so I won't repeat them. It was cool to hang out on the second level and watch the rest of the signing! The guys were really cool, looked up at us on the second level quite often, and I had a blast squeeing my little heart out with suzieblue. KIRKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! ;)

So, I'll just tell you all about my conversations/impressions of the members.

Jon first. He was the coolest I have to say. After meeting him, and seeing how much of a nice guy he really is (not that I had any doubts before, buuut), I think I too, have developped a bit of a crush... I said "HI Jon", and we shook hands. He looked me right in the eye, and then started signing my liner. Not sure of what I said, but we chatted. I then thanked him for the signing, and noticed he had a beautiful ring on his right pinky. I commented on how gorgeous it was, and he told me it is an opal (pink-blue) that his fiancee gave him. He then showed me his other ring (left index I think) and said it was... forget the name of the stone. But that one too was stunning. He then took my hand, looked at my rings, probably thought they were pretty boring *L* and turned my hand around. Not sure what he had in mind, but I think he was just trying to think of a cool thing to do with my hand. *L* He then lifted his pen, put it high up in the air and lowered it down slowly, finally drawing a dot in my hand. We looked at each other, laughed, and said goodbye.

Next up, Tim. He was cool and collected, very calm. He looked tired, but so happy to be there. He had a huge smile on his face. He said hi, I said Hi Tim, and we shook hands. He asked what my name was, and repeated it a few times. After he signed my liner, he leaned forward to sort of whisper to me a soft "Thank you so much for coming here today", grabbed my hand in both his, smiled at me and said goodbye.

Andrew. So nice in person. Doesn't look shy at all in person! I said Hi Andrew, he extended his hand to me and we shook hands. I asked him how he ws doing (profound, n'est-ce pas?), he said great, that he was happy to be in Toronto and that he couldn't beleive the crowd! He said that it was fantastic to see so many poeple come out to see them. As he gave me back my liner, he was going like "Where am I? I cna't beleive this! *hands in the air showing the crowds* Where am I?" Then he cracke dup laughing, we shook hands again and ... I made a mistake.

As I was retrieving my liner from Andrew, I noticed JD was twirling his thumbs waiting for me. I panicked, shoved my gift to him across the table and started moving towards him as Andrew was saying goodbye. I quickly turned around, grabbed Andrew's hand and squeezed and said thank you so much! Meanwhile, Jd's left alone looking at my dorky gift, and no one to talk to!

So when I finally got to him, he couldn't stop saying thank you, how nice that you thought of bringing this here for me, etc... He kept on saying wow, this is beautiful! I think my cheeks went red, I smiled, and said thank you, I'm so glad you like it! He gave it to his security guy/body guard, and I extended my hand to shake his and said Hi JD is nice to meet you. He said nice to meet you too. He looked around a bit, signed my liner quickly and I asked if I could get a pic with him. He said sure but quickly. I looked around for someone to take the camera off my hands, but no one other than Garry was near. I felt bad asking Garry, but didn't have to, as JD took my camera, extended his arm and leaned forward to take a pic of both of us. I leaned in as much as I could, but since the table was on some sort of stage, and I'm only 5"3', I didn't get close enough. :( No idea how the pic will turn out, but will post it when I get them back. I took the camera back from him, grabbed his left arm and said thank you so much JD, he looked me straight in the eye, I thought I was going to faint, and he smiled and said bye!

Garry. He was more reserved than all of the others. I had taken a pic of him earlier when I was still waiting in the line - he had given me a huge smile. I said Hi Garry, we shook hands, he took the liner. He asked my name and looked at me and said Hi Caroline, just like Tim had done earlier. I asked if they were having fun in TO (I know, again, so profound), he said it was amazing, they love it. He asked if I was from TO, said yes but that I was originally from Quebec city. He said oh that's a great city... Gave me back my liner, and Kirk jumped on the convo, asking where I was from again? So I repeated Quebec city, he said oh that's great! Turned around to Garry while Kirk was singing the liner - said thanks to Garry.

Kirk, while signing my liner, was all smiles and seemed to be having a blast. I later blow him kisses from the second floor balcony when he looked up at me and suzieblue sreaming for him. *L* I can't remember what we said to each other, but we exchanged a few words, he said thank you, we shook hands and that was it.

I went back to inzane, vulcanne, sweetas and her colleage, where my legs almost gave out. It was all over! Already! So soon!

This wonderful experience could not have been as great if I had been alone. inzane, vulcanne, sweetas, suzieblue, bscgirl, eejay and deeceegee were wonderful bsc friends to share this experience with! More than half the fun was meeting all those beautiful people. I know I wopuld have a blast with all of them, but bscgirl and suzieblue particularly made me laugh. :) I so wish we could have bought that table!!!