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David Cook - Fuse - 29 June 2009 - VIDEO

American Idol tour press day - Don't Stop Believing

The Top 10 from Season 8 are rehearsing for the summer tour. Here's a sneak peak at a group number to the tune of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

NeedToBreathe -You Are Here - VIDEO

I could give just one more chance
If I thought that there would be romance
Seas of everlasting grace
Fall down upon this sinner's face tonight.
'Cause you give up all you wanted
The time is right, I know it
You are here
And you find out all the pieces
The time is right, I know it
You are here
One last reason to exist
Is the thought that you'd get over this
Words forever left unchanged
And from your lips a sinner's saved, tonight.
'Cause you give up all you wanted
The time is right, I know it
You are here
And you find out all the pieces
The tim is right I know it,
You are here
And you find out all of the pieces
Give me away now take me all down now
Find out all of the pieces
Give me away now, take me away
'Cause you give up all you wanted,
Time is right I know it
You are here
And you find out all the pieces
The time is right, I know it
You are here

NeedToBreathe -Streets of Gold - VIDEO

I want you to know
I’m leaving to let you go
One day we’ll walk upon
Streets of gold

I don’t remember seeing fear in your eyes
When you were fading
The day we said our goodbyes
It’s easy to say that there’s a reason for this
Much harder to know
That what we say is true

Everything we hold could someday slip away

I want you to know
I’m leaving to let you go
And someday we’ll walk upon
The streets of gold

Running through your veins was a slow-ticking clock
Counting down the days
And no one could make it stop
All of the time that it takes to figure it out
Could be the moments
That you can’t live without

Everything we hold could someday slip away

I want you to know
I’m leaving to let you go
And someday we’ll walk upon
The streets of gold

The trouble with love is that it comes to an end
I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna find you again
Just in a place where love can’t die

NeedToBreathe -Lay 'em Down - VIDEO

Come down to the river
Come and let yourself in
Make good on a promise
To never hurt again
If you're lost and lonely
You're Broken down
Bring all of your troubles come lay 'em down

All you sinners
And the weak at heart
All you helpless
On the boulevards
Wherever you are now
Whatever evil you've found
Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down

We're all tied to the same old failings
Finding shelter in things we know
We're all dirty like corrupted small towns
We'll bring our troubles
We'll bring our troubles lay 'em down

All you rich men
And the high above
All those with And without love
All you burdened Broken down
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down

NeedToBreathe - More Time - VIDEO

I promised you the world again
Everything within my hands
All the riches one could dream
They will come from me

I hoped that you could understand
That this is not that I had planned
Please don't worry now
It will turn around

Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we'll be fine
So say what's on your mind
Cause I cant figure out just what's inside

I hoped that you could understand
That this is not what I had planned
Please don't worry now
It will turn around

Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we'll be fine
So say what's on your mind
Cause I cant figure out just what's inside
So say alright
Cause I know we can make it if we try
Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we'll be fine

NeedToBreathe - Washed By The Water - VIDEO

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Daddy was a preacher
She was his wife
Just tryin to make the world a little better
You know, shine a light
People started talking
Trying to hear their own voice
Those people tried to accuse my father
Said he made the wrong choice
Though it might be painful
You know that time will always tell
Those people have long since gone
My father never failed

Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet
Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me
I won't never ever let you down
I won't
I wont fall
I won't fall as long as you're around me

David Cook pays tribute to Michael Jackson during concert - Billy Jean - Aspen, CO, June 27 09 - VIDEO

Kris Allen – I Have a Man Crush on Adam Lambert - VIDEO

David Cook pays tribute to Michael Jackson during concert

Declaration Tour 09 - Denver, CO - 6/26/09

Kris Allen: The Reality Rocks Interview

Posted Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:24am PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

There are times when I've actually felt a little bad for Kris Allen. Yes, I know that sounds weird: How could anyone feel sorry for the guy who won on the biggest show on TV? But Kris spent the entire eighth American Idol season being labeled the "dark horse" and having to prove himself to Simon Cowell over and over again. And although he was ultimately (and some would say unexpectedly) the winner of this year's Idol, snagging the majority of the finale's whopping 100 million votes, most of the media attention--from Rolling Stone cover stories to 20/20 interviews to (YES, I freely admit it) this very blog--has still focused on the "frontrunner" that Kris beat out, second-placer Adam Lambert.

Despite Kris's constant humility on Idol, whether auditioning (when he declared, "There's probably better singers than me"), winning (when he reacted, unscriptedly, with "Adam deserves this"), or dealing with post-finale Glambertmania, I've always wondered...doesn't he secretly resent this? Doesn't he ever want to get up in people's faces and shout, "Hey, everybody, newsflash: I WON. Not that other guy. ME." Hasn't he ever come close to having some sort of Jan Brady "Marcia Marcia Marcia"-esque meltdown moment?

Surely someone couldn't be that humble and that nice, right? Right?

Except, dear readers...Kris is that nice. He really, really is.

When I interviewed Kris in his dressing room at the Idols Live Tour rehearsals, I tried my darnedest to get him to admit to a little jealousy, or even just assert that he hands-down deserved to win American Idol. But no dice. That's just not Kris's style.

Instead he praised his fellow contestants, spoke glowingly of the Kradam bond, declared "Adam's a winner too," and even over-modestly claimed he can venture out in public unnoticed. (In fact, when I met him, he introduced himself to me by his first and last name--as if I would not recognize him or something. Ha.) I didn't believe him for a moment regarding that last statement, by the way. Just because he doesn't go out in public wearing attention-getting black nail varnish or platform Kiss boots hardly means he doesn't run the risk of being mobbed by fangirls every time he leaves the house without a bodyguard. Puh-leeze. If his laid-back style was enough to win over much of America, it's enough to cause a commotion if he walks into a 7-11.

So I finally realized that Kris's nice-guy act is in fact NOT an act, and that he is indeed one of the nicest guys on the planet; that took up a decent chunk of part 1 of my interview. But we also discussed how Kris is a great role model for Christians (well, of course KRIS doesn't think he is, but I do, and I told him so); why all the political/cultural debate surrounding American Idol this year shouldn't matter; how he's a "rebel" in his own quiet way; and how (despite his humility) he should be proud to represent a really strong, musically diverse Idol season (in my opinion, the best season yet). Here's how the first part of our chat went:

In part 2, we got down to what always mattered most: The music, man. In this section I admit I got a little fangirly myself discussing Kris's genius decision to cover the Once soundtrack's "Falling Slowly" (one of the most musically credible moments of AI 8, and my favorite performance of his), especially when Kris emotionally spoke about the reaction his version elicited from the song's composers, Glen Hansard (of the Frames) and Marketa Irglova.

We also talked about what his debut album will sound like and, perhaps most excitingly, the big singalong number he will be performing on the Idols Live Tour. When you go to the concert make sure to bring your cellphones, kids (or your Bic lighters, if you're old-school), 'cause you're going to want to whip them out and hold them up, high and illuminated, when Kris gets his big, non-humble, victorious stadium moment:


Back To Rockville - Review: Red White and Boom

David Cook stood at the lip of the stage to marvel at his audience several times during his headlining performance Saturday at Sandstone amphitheater. "This is a huge milestone for me," Cook affirmed.

Prior to winning last year's "American Idol", the former Blue Springs resident attended the annual Red, White & Boom concert as a fan. Over 14,000 people witnessed Cook's triumphant return to the Bonner Springs venue.

"I don't know about you guys," Cook said. "But I'm having a hell of a time back home."

Cook's voice sounded even stronger and more compelling than it did during his remarkable run on "Idol," and he retained his humble, everyman persona and was ably supported by an excellent band. Even so, the local hero's potential Achilles' heel was revealed.

A heartfelt cover of Collective Soul's "The World I Know" and a rugged version of Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" were the musical highlights of Cook's performance. While the success of Nickelback has demonstrated there's a massive audience for the melodic hard rock Cook favors, little of Cook's original material is memorable.

A significant portion of his fans seem more interested in demonstrating their support for Cook rather than in actually enjoying his music. Songs like "Light On," consequently, have become hits in spite of their plodding qualities. His 70-minute performance dragged accordingly.

"A few years ago I bought a record called 'History For Sale' by a band called Blue October," Cook noted. "What the hell happened? This is a trip."

The men of Blue October may have been similarly disoriented. Cook's appreciation aside, the veteran rock band had almost no aesthetic affiliation with any of the other nine acts on the bill. Their anthemic songs recall the art-rock of Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel. Many of Cook's fans were visibly disturbed by the profanity-laced lyrics and patter of fervent frontman Justin Furstenfeld. Salty language aside, Blue October injected a welcome dose of substance into the day.

The eight acts that preceded Cook and Blue October specialize in frothy, disposable pop music. Three of them were delectable.

The Veronicas shone during renditions of their excellent hits "Untouched" and "Take Me On the Floor." Fronted by twin pop tarts,The Veronicas evoke a lurid version of ABBA. While their risque songs were slightly diminished without the benefit of a slick studio gloss, the Veronicas were still sinfully good.

Although they're utterly ridiculous, The White Tie Affair were the day's breakout act. Like ants swarming to a popsicle dropped on a scorching sidewalk, thousands of teenage girls found the band irresistible. Based on the youthful audience's feverish response, the Chicago band's fusion of T-Pain and Fall Out Boy is the next big thing.

Freshly scrubbed pop punk band LoveSick Radio didn't fare quite as well as the White Tie Affair, but thousands of their fans were willing to get drenched in steady rain to see them.

"A little rain is not going to stop us," a member of the Ohio group said. "We're going to have fun no matter how wet we get."

In a just universe, lightning and hail would have driven Kevin Rudolph from the stage. His abominable appearance was dull, derivative and dopey.

Assisted by a hype man, DJ and two outstanding dancers, Justin Bieber, 15, resembled Justin Timberlake's Mini-Me. While he represents a terrific marketing concept, the teenager has yet to become a compelling live performer. Feathery folk-pop singer Matt Nathanson also failed to make much of an impression. It's not a good thing when the best part of your set is a withering attack on a heckler. Nashville-based Safety Suit had the misfortune to play through the most severe of the day's intermittent storms.

Kick Kick, winner of a battle-of-the-bands contest for the right to kick off Red, White & Boom, opened the show about eight-and-a-half hours before fireworks greeted the conclusion of Cook's performance. Friends of the locally-based band might argue that their bracing set offered something for everyone. Others would be excused for thinking that they looked and sounded as if each member was playing in a different band.


Chris Daughtry – I’ll Be There for You – Songwriters Hall of Fame – Video

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We Are The Fallen Press Conference and Performance - VIDEO

Visit them at their website:


Press Conference Part 1

Press Conference Part 2

We Are The Fallen

Concert review: David Cook at Oklahoma City’s Diamond Ballroom


David Cook proved in person Wednesday night that his as-seen-on-TV potential and promise are real.
He rocks.
The 2008 “American Idol” winner and his talented band energized a sold-out Oklahoma City crowd with a short but potent rock ‘n’ roll show.
“This is our first, like, big (solo) tour,” Cook said, chuckling at the shrieks that accompanied his every word. “So we want you guys to leave here tonight feeling like your appetite for a rock show has been satiated.”
Job well done: His emotive hour-long set of power ballads and soaring anthems thrilled with screaming guitars, thundering drums and casual charisma, creating an arena rock sound and vibe that seemed a bit too big for the overheated Diamond Ballroom.
The show capped off an Oklahoma homecoming trip for Cook, who was living, playing clubs and tending bar in Tulsa when he auditioned for “American Idol” back in 2007. The singer/songwriter/guitarist, who grew up in Blue Springs, Mo., also played a sold-out concert Tuesday night at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom, plus an acoustic post-show jam at one of his old haunts, the Gray Snail Saloon.
Fervent fans welcomed Cook back to Oklahoma: Despite the summertime heat, more than 100 people were lined up outside the Diamond Ballroom by 5 p.m. Wednesday - two hours before doors opened - jockeying for the privilege to stand closest to the stage. Though the crowd of about 1,000 leaned toward squealing female fans, the show drew a good mix of men and women, including young couples, parents with children, grandparents, teenagers and, yes, the cougars who so famously love Cook.
When the house lights went down, they chanted Cook’s name, and when their “Idol” seized the stage with the sexy, pulsating “Kiss on the Neck,” they yelled in adulation.
Cook’s jaunty hat, black V-neck T-shirt, facial scruff, electric guitar, gravelly voice and wide grin were all in place as he hit the high points from his platinum-selling self-titled album, including the angsty “Mr. Sensitive,” the heartbreaking “Lie” and the anthemic “Declaration.”
But some of the show’s best moments came when Cook delved beyond his 2008 post-”Idol” debut, including the passionate “Make Me,” a song from his days with the Tulsa-based touring band Midwest Kings. It was a fitting choice, considering Cook’s capable current band includes former MWK guitarists Neal “Doctor” Tiemann and Andy Skib.
The 26-year-old singer and his bandmates reached all the way back to 1986 for the highlight of the night. They got the entire crowd dancing and shouting along when they transformed Cutting Crew’s pop hit “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” into a full-blown, post-grunge rocker.
Throughout the night, Cook showed he has lost none of the easy charm, goofball tendencies and disarming humbleness evident on the seventh season of the reality TV singing contest.
After commenting on the stifling heat inside the venue, he performed the uplifting “Heroes” with a guitar pick stuck to his sweaty forehead. He often joked with the crowd and even asked at one point for the house lights to go up so he could see and thank his fans.
“There’s some of you that’s got the idea to move around a little, have your hands in the air, shaking your head a little bit, maybe shaking you’re a - -, whatever feels comfortable. But the idea is to move around,” Cook quipped as the band broke into the grungy-bluesy groove of “Bar-ba-sol.”
On several songs, Cook encouraged the crowd to take over the chorus, listening with a smile on his face. And he so charmed the fans he could get them to sing, clap or cheer with little more than a crook of his finger.
Cook and Co. abruptly exited the stage with the final strains of the power ballad “Come Back to Me,” but several minutes of screaming, chanting and clapping brought them back for another big love song, “Light On.”
The budding rock star closed the show with a song he wrote back in 2006 at a friend’s house in Tulsa.
“Now, three years later, it’s on a freaking record. It’s kind of ridiculous,” Cook said as he launched into the stirring “A Daily AntheM,” a tribute to his late brother Adam, who recently died of cancer.
As he and the audience belted out “oh, oh, whoa-oh” together, Cook climbed a huge speaker to lead the fans in waving their arms, then finished with his hands clasped in a kind of celebratory gratitude.
The show certainly left fans clamoring for more: Cook’s entire set, including the encore, was only an hour long. With much of his album left unplayed and his reputation for creative covers, it seems that Cook could have given his adoring audience more music for their money.
Cook was ably assisted in his quest to rock the crowd by high-energy opener Ryan Star, a fellow reality TV show veteran from “Rock Star: Supernova.” His ballads “11:59,” “Breathe” and “Last Train Home,” along with “Psycho Suicidal Girl,” got fans warmed up for their “Idol.”
See the full set list for the show after the break.
David Cook, Diamond Ballroom, OKC, Wednesday night set list:
Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Make Me
(I Just) Died in Your Arms
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

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David Cook: The Reality Rocks Interview - VIDEO

Although he's too humble to admit it, I sincerely believe that David Cook's victory last year on American Idolpaved the way for Idol season 8. While other rock Idols, most notably Chris Daughtry, had achieved success before David, no rocker had ever won on the show, and Idol seemed very much the domain of mostly pop and R&B singers. But David changed all that, opening up the show to a whole new fanbase.

Want proof of this? Well, just look at how this past season panned out. The top four was decidedly non-pop this year, featuring two full-on rockers (Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta) and a mellow soft-rocker, Kris Allen, who won the whole competition over more obvious pop/R&B types. I honestly believe David Cook helped make this possible.

Of course, David, probably one of the nicest guys on the planet, is too modest to consider himself any sort of "pioneer." But still, I tried to get him to take a little credit when--a full year after his glass-ceiling-shattering Idol triumph, during an interview I'd been waiting to conduct ever since he had me at "Hello"--I had the privilege to hang with David at L.A.'s Griffith Park golf course. There on the green, during some of his rare downtime, we discussed his opinions on Adam and Kris (and his own similarities to both contestants), life after Idol, and his future career plans.

Check out my very enjoyable and eloquent conversation with the "Word Nerd" (and possible Idol pioneer) below!

Empty Cities by Lukas Rossi & Stars Down - VIDEO

Music video for the song Empty Cities performed by Lukas Rossi & Stars Down. Video by Dean ej Friss. http://www.lukasrossionline.com/ Also supporting the NOH8 Campaign against California's Proposition 8.

Thanks to lukasrossiofficial for the video!

Kris Allen - Peeing with Randy and Simon - VIDEO

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Chris Daughtry – Fox Business Channel - VIDEO

Thanks to rickey.org for the video.

Live Chat with Kris Allen on Eye on Idol - Transcript

Victor Balta: Hi, everyone... welcome to our live chat with "American Idol" winner Kris Allen! We'll get started at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT, but in the meantime, go ahead and start submitting those questions and comments for Kris!
Victor Balta: Keep those questions rolling in! We'll get started shortly.
Victor Balta: Please be patient, as there are a lot of people in this chat. We'll try to get through as many questions as we can in our 30 minutes with Kris.
Victor Balta: He's here! Welcome, Kris Allen!
Victor Balta: Oops! Minor technical difficulty... Kris will be here in a sec!
Victor Balta: Gotta love the live Internets!
Kris Allen: Hello, everyone... this is going to be fun. I'm excited!
[Comment From Hannah]
can u tell us about ur album like the name of any songs?
Kris Allen: We haven't started on any of that stuff yet. We're still writing, so we don't have any song names or anything like that. I wish I could throw those out there. But not right now.
[Comment From gotnoaction]
Kris, you're awesome! As a former school band geek myself (trombones represent!), I have to ask, would you ever consider breaking out your viola for a concert or occasion? We'd love to hear you play!
[Comment From Lesley]
hey kris - congratulations! i was wondering... when are we going to see you bust out the viola? also, will you sing a duet with me when i become a famous singer? ;)
Kris Allen: Absolutely! Maybe not on the tour, but on my own stuff, I think it would kind of be a cool thing to do, just because that was a big part of my life for a long time, so yeah, that's something that would be a possibility.
[Comment From shan]
kris, so i luved all of your performances ALOT but which one of your songs was ur fave to perform???
Kris Allen: My favorite one to perform was probably Ain't No Sunshine, just because it was soemthing a little bit different and playing the piano was something that was definitely new to me. So it was nice to get on stage and do something I don't do all the time.
[Comment From Aubrey]
Is there anything that bothers you about being a celebrity?
Kris Allen: Haha... I don't think. I think a lot of people think going to restaurants and people are going to bother you, or whatever. But I think that's just a part of it, and if you can't deal with it, this probably isn't the business for you.
[Comment From ohmyheck]
Hi Kris! So Adam posed with a snake on the cover of Rolling Stone. What animal would you pose with? I’m thinking puppy. Maybe bunny, lol. Love you!
Kris Allen: Hahahaha... I think... haha... that's a funny question. Me and my friends always joke around, and they say if I was going to be an animal, I would be a koala bear, so maybe a koala.
[Comment From Deirdre]
What songs did you sing early in the competition that weren't aired?
Kris Allen: There's a couple of songs that weren't shown in Hollywood week. I sang Everything by Michael Buble and For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder.
[Comment From Julie (ontdai)]
Hey Kris:) Could you tell us more about some humanitarian work you did?
Kris Allen: Yeah, I've been to different countries on mission trips with my college. After the tsunami in Thailand, we went there and built some houses and tried to do as much as we could. After that, I went to South Africa and tried to do some AIDS relief, so those are some things I've done.
[Comment From rachel]
is your brother going to try out again next year
[Comment From Lenore]
You've said your brother, Daniel, has an amazing voice. Do you think you'll ever have him on one of your albums? Maybe a little bit of a duet?
Kris Allen: I don't think he's going to try out again, because I feel like he kind of got his final foot in there. Probably not. Our vocal styles are very different, but I do love my brother and we do like singing together, but probably not on an album or anything. But he'll probably love to know people were talking about it.
[Comment From .Kick.Awesome.]
Are you going to finish your degree in business once you record your first record and have some free time on your hands?
Kris Allen: If I have some time, I would love to. I don't know when that's going to happen, but I think it would always be a good thing to do. For me, it's always something I've wanted to have. So if I find the time, that would be amazing.
[Comment From zmitchell]
Hey Kris, huge fan here! what kind of album do you think you will put out? acoustic? or more upbeat?
Kris Allen: It's going to be more of a... I think it's going to have that acoustic feel, but not too much. It's going to have probably a little more rock feel than people think it's going to, which is cool. But also good stuff that people will want to listen to. More along the lines of pop rock.
[Comment From Katie]
What was your funniest or most memorable moment from behind the scenes on Idol?
Kris Allen: Good question. Probably the most memorable moment -- this wasn't very funny at all -- when the stage manager fell from the stage. That was definitely one of the things I'll remember, but she's a trooper and she'll be fine. But that was just a crazy day and I'll never forget that.
[Comment From haylee]
hi kris im a big fan. i was wondering if you ever got annoyed on the show when the judges favored other contestants more than you. Did you ever feel they never gave you the credit you deserved?
Kris Allen: You know, I never felt like that because I felt that the people that did get the credit were very deserving of it. The people getting all the praise were really good. I felt like I was getting enough praise, as well. For me, I'm very hard on myself, so even if they would've told me I was the best ever, I would've gone back and listened to it and thought I could've done better. So I'm way harder on myself than they would've been on me.
[Comment From .Kick.Awesome.]
So I just love your pre-Idol record (Hope you didn't wince when I brought that up haha), and I just wanted to ask whether the song "Wipe it Away" was about Katy? And if not, were any of the songs on your "Brand New Shoes" record about her?
Kris Allen: Yes, definitely. She was probably some inspiration to some of those songs on there. Yes. That's one of my favorite songs I've written, actually, so I'm glad you know it.
[Comment From Domocentric]
Are there any songs you wish you could've covered on AI, but the theme weeks just never coincided?
Kris Allen: There were a couple of songs I wanted to do that didn't cleared. I am not going to say what they are, because I am going to do them on tour. So you'll have to come out and listen.
[Comment From Sami]
First off congrats! What was the first thing that popped into your head when Ryan said your name?
Kris Allen: The first thing that popped in my head was the singing. I thought, I don't want to sing right now! Then Adam told me you have yo sing. So that was definitely the first thing.
[Comment From hushcats]
If you could choose one other Idol contestant to work with, whom would it be, and what kind of collaboration would you want to do?
Kris Allen: If I had to choose one, it would probably be... gosh!... I'm going to say this because when me and Matt Giraud were roommates in Hollywood week, we said we were going to have to work something out together. So we were talking about that before, so if I have to choose one person, I will choose him.
[Comment From amykip]
What will be your tour colors? I heard plaid...
Kris Allen: Oh yeah? I really have no idea. I've heard green thrown out there, but I really have no idea. I didn't know about the tour color thing until about a week ago.
[Comment From PocketLauren]
Kris, the friendship you've forged with Adam this season is amazing...I'm wondering if you think you two will be friends for the long haul? And do you guys have any plans to work together in the future? (Duet on your album/on the Idols tour perhaps?)
Kris Allen: Me and Adam, yes, we are very good friends and I have a feeling that we're going to be friends forever, just because when you go through something like this with someone until the very end -- and we were roommates from the beginning. I don't know if we're going to work together. We've already started bouncing ideas off each other for our own albums, but our styles are so different, I don't know if it would work. I respect what he does and he respects what I do, but I don't know if it would mesh together well. Maybe, who knows?
[Comment From Justine]
Who is your favorite judge and why?
Kris Allen: If I had to pick my favorite judge... it might be Paula, just because she's so nice and I probably spent the most time with her. Like, she came and did the choreography and she's so nice and sweet and she got me and Adam a present for being in the finale. So she's just a sweetheart.
[Comment From wv4dmb (Stephanie)]
Kris, What are the round charms you wear on your chain around your neck? Happy Birthday to you Sunday..today is mine:)
Kris Allen: Aww, thank you for saying happy birthday! It was actually a gift given to me by one of the stylists on the show. It was just one of those things where I kept wearing it. So it really doesn't mean anything other than that.
[Comment From Christina (BENCHES)]
Did you have any rituals or routines that you did before you took the stage for your performance?
Kris Allen: Probably, the only thing I would do is take 15 or 20 seconds and just calm myself down and get into the moment of the song and feel inspired and just think about what the song is about and the feeling of the song and try to portray that.
[Comment From Michaela_ontdai]
Hi Kris! What's the funniest thing you've read about yourself on the Internet since winning?
Kris Allen: Oh, I think the funniest thing was that me and my wife were getting divorced and she's pregnant. Yeah... she's pregnant and I can't deal with it and we're getting a divorce. I thought that was hilarious. She's not... and we're not getting a divorce.
[Comment From Alli]
Can you tell us what song you sang for your sing-off in the Judge's mansion?
Kris Allen: Me and Kenny, we were told to do the last song we did in Hollywood week, so I did Everything by Michael Buble.
[Comment From Marilyn Archuleta]
Hi Kris! your shoulder is really awesome when you play guitar!!!! Is this a technique?
Kris Allen: I never noticed. I think it's just kind of the way I move when I play. So, no, it's not a technique. I did not learn how to do that.
[Comment From Nuclearwinter]
What would you like your career to look like 5 or 10 years from now? Also, what do you *not* want your career to look like 5 or 10 years from now?
Kris Allen: I think, for me, I would like my career... I would like to be making more albums and just making music that people respect and that people would listen to and say it's good music. So hopefully that's the case from a year on out. And what I don't want it to look like is.. I don't want it to end, that's for sure!
[Comment From hansley]
I’m from Malaysia and I would like to ask.. What’s the ONE thing you want to change in your life? Something that you wish to change cause you made a wrong decision maybe
Kris Allen: Wow... I think the one thing that I would want to change is... I don't know... I like everything now. It's very good. I have no complaints. I'm the happiest person in the world right now, so I can't think of anything I would want to change, other than my grandmother is passing away right now, and that's not very good.
[Comment From gemma!]
so, if you could collaborate with any artist in the whole world, who would it be?
Kris Allen: If it was a dream person, I would love to work with Paul McCartney, just because everything he puts his hands on is magic.
[Comment From Lauren]
Was there anyone you didn't get along with on Idol?
Kris Allen: No, we all got along, seriously. And I like everyone, so I had a great time with everyone. I think we're all pretty good friends, which makes me really excited about the tour.
[Comment From Aly]
What do you think set you apart from the other contestants this season and why?
Kris Allen: I don't know if anything particularly set me apart, but I think people have told me it was the realness that they saw in me and the genuineness... I think all of us have that, but different things show up on TV for some than others. So, for me, I think that was part of it.
[Comment From AmandaLeigh]
What encouraged you to audition for American Idol?
Kris Allen: It was actually my brother. He was going to audition and he said, you should come audition with me. We just kind of ran with it, and it turned out very good.
[Comment From kris allen lover]
kris did adam really paint ur nails black?
Kris Allen: Haha... yes he did. Not all of them, just the thumb. We were just kind of joking backstage one day. He was painting his and I said, Adam paint mine, and I was just joking but he was, like, OK. I'm up for anything and that just became a statement. It was funny. There was one point where I had one thumb and he took one of his thumbs off.
[Comment From Max]
Do you have a twitter account?
[Comment From shelley]
why is twitter the devil? :P is there any chance you'll get a twitter account? :) your fans (including me!) are basically clamoring for it! and oh, happy birthday!
Kris Allen: Hahahaha... that's hilarious. I don't know why Twitter is the devil. I have not seen evidence of Twitter being the devil, but, no, I do not have a Twitter. So if there are people saying they're me, it is not me.
[Comment From Tierney]
Hi Kris! Does your wife ever get annoyed by all of your girl fans?
Kris Allen: A lot of people ask me that, and we don't see all that. We don't see all the girl fans, and she knows she has nothing to worry about. She is glad that I have fans. There's nothing wrong with that.
[Comment From Jenna]
what is one thing that fans dont know about you?
Kris Allen: I don't know if people know this or not: I actually had a tumor when I was 13. I had to have one of my ribs removed. I don't think a lot of people know that.
Kris Allen: And I have a sweet scar now. It's awesome.
[Comment From Coral]
What are your strengths and weaknesses as an artist?
Kris Allen: I think my strengths are, like, really getting emotionally involved in songs and really singing them to the point where it's very believable. And just melodies and that kind of thing. That's definitely some of my strengths. My biggest weakness is my head gets in the way too much and I start thinking about it and the creative process gets bogged down a little bit in my head.
[Comment From Timmy]
How is your spirituality going to play into your career?
Kris Allen: I think it's going to be the thing that's going to keep me grounded. So I'm glad that I was brought up the way I was. It's kind of made me who I am, so I'm very happy about it.
[Comment From Coral]
What's the most imporant thing for you in terms of your music? What won't you compromise about?
Kris Allen: I will not compromise lyrics ... I have to get emotionally involved and cheesy lyrics I will not get emotionally involved with, so that's one thing I will not compromise on
[Comment From Angel]
What is the funniest encounter u have had with a fan?
Kris Allen: The funniest thing is that most of the, I will call them the grandmas... older ladies...they come up to you like you are their grandson, so they, like, kiss you and it's totally cool. That's definitely the funniest thing. But you have to roll with it. They're grandmas. They're not trying to hit on me or anything, so I don't think there's anything to worry about there.
[Comment From Taatee]
who is your favourite past winner of american idol?
Kris Allen: That's a tough one. I think, for me, my favorite one would probably be Kelly. But I feel like Carrie was amazing. I feel like David Cook was incredible. I think Kelly has a special place in everyone's heart, because she was the first one.
[Comment From Krystle]
Your performance with Keith Urban at the finale was AMAZING! Is there any chance you might ever come out with a country record?
Victor Balta: Two more questions!
Kris Allen: Definitely not. I had a great time with Keith Urban, but that's not the route that I want to go. But I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, because I enjoyed it. I had a great time with him and it was a lot of fun.
[Comment From Cindy]
You and your wife make such a cute couple. What is the story behind your meeting each other?
Kris Allen: It's almost too cute to tell... we met in high school, we were both in orchestra. She played the violin and I played viola. We got to know each other on an orchestra trip. And we've been together ever since. So it was just one of those things where you find the right person very early in your life.
[Comment From Max]
You mentioned that your least favorite performance of the season was the Don Henley song "All She Wants To Do Is Dance". If you were given the chance to perform again on the "Year You Were Born" Week, what would you have performed instead?
Kris Allen: I don't know, exactly. I know that, as a joke, the song "Right Round" was written that year, as well. I don't know if I would ever do that song. I don't know. You got to surprise people on Idol.
Kris Allen: Thank you guys for the questions and for caring, that's nice. If you want to come out to the tour, it's going to be great. All 10 of us have great shows, and I can't wait to see you guys!
Victor Balta: Thanks, Kris!
Victor Balta: That wraps up our series of live chats with the Idol Top 10!
Victor Balta: I hope you all enjoyed them and thanks for being here!

Kris Allen - Good Day LA - June 09 - VIDEO

Part 1

Part 2

Kris Allen - Interview from oprah.com

SS: What the best piece of advice you received?

KA: The night that I won David Cook came up to me and said, "Sleep." That's the only thing he said. And I was like, "Okay." That was pretty good.

Q&A with American Idol Winner Kris Allen

Kris Allen won the hearts of America to become the winner of American Idol—and was honored with his own Disney World parade in return. So what's he going to do now? Chat with Screening Room about his rise to stardom.
Stephanie Snipes: How does it feel to be the American Idol?

Kris Allen: I feel good. I feel like I've been thrown into the craziest world ever. It's a lot of fun. I'm so excited, seriously. I'm so excited to be here.

SS: You have gotten to do a lot of cool things after the win. But, performing at the NBA finals? What was that like?

KA: The Lakers game was one of the weirdest experiences. It was amazing. It really was. I actually had never sung the national anthem, so I was so nervous. I was like: "I can't forget the words. I have to start it right." And then I think I started it too low and I was like, "Crap!"

SS: Next up is the Idol tour. Excited?

KA: Very excited. Doing 53 shows in the biggest arenas in America. I actually talked with friends about doing shows, I think we were watching like a YouTube concert or DVD, [and I thought] it would be so cool to do that. And I'm getting to do stuff like that. It's a dream, and I'm so excited.

SS: Do you know what you're going to perform?

KA: I do.

SS: Can you say?

KA: No.

SS: Darn the secrecy!

KA: [Laughs] There are going to be some songs from the show. But there's going to be some songs that I actually wanted to do on the show but they would not clear them. It worked out.

SS: During the competition, America got to know your family really well. How are they adjusting to this new world?

KA: They're doing great. I think my family has actually been able to do their jobs now. I think it's been nice for them to get back to their lives and not worry so much about, "Is he going to make it this week?" I think it's nice for them that the show's over.

SS: I read you played the viola and the ukulele, true or false?

KA: I have played the ukulele. I played it once. I know very, very little about the ukulele, but I actually grew up playing the viola from 4th grade through high school.

SS: So you knew early on that music was your thing?

KA: I don't know if I knew what I wanted to do with it. But my dad was a musician and his dad was a guitar player and singer as well. It ran in their family, so it definitely runs in the family. It's always been there. Music has always been a part of my life.

SS: If you could work with anyone who would it be?

KA: I would love to just talk to Paul McCartney. That would be incredible, but that is definitely like a dream.

SS: Now you're working on your album. Where do you find your creative inspiration?

KA: Someone asked me awhile back, "Why do artists always write about love?" And I was like, "Love is the coolest thing that's ever happened in the world." I feel like that's definitely an inspiration. And in different situations as well—loving friends or going through a hard time with love, or me and my wife…or seeing other people love each other. That's definitely like the biggest inspiration. When it goes good or when it goes bad. That's something creatively I think about it.

SS: Is your wife going on tour with you?

KA: She's not going to come on tour with me. She could follow me around if she wanted too, but that's definitely not what she has in mind for her summer. She's going to be at home, but she'll come to some shows and we'll hang out, which will be nice.

SS: What the best piece of advice you received?

KA: The night that I won David Cook came up to me and said, "Sleep." That's the only thing he said. And I was like, "Okay." That was pretty good.

SS: What type of music is playing on your iPod?

KA: The hardest question in the world!

SS: Is it?

KA: Yes! Because I seriously listen to everything. I don't have a whole lot on my iPod because, as a musician, I've just got that conscious[ness] that I have to buy music now, so I don’t have a whole lot. I have everything from Kelly Clarkson to Kings of Leon to Paramore to different soundtracks to freaking Britney Spears.



Publishing Briefs: Cherry Lane, RightsFlow


June 17, 2009 - Publishing

By Ed Christman, N.Y.

-Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. has signed a worldwide, long-term
publishing agreement with 2008 "American Idol" winner and songwriter David Cook. As part of the deal, Cherry Lane will be administering Cook’s current catalog and will hold co-publishing rights in any new writing opportunities that are set up through Cherry Lane.

"Everyone knows David Cook the American Idol winner," Cherry Lane senior VP of creative services and marketing Richard Stumpf said in a statement. But after early discussions with Cook, "I was most impressed with David Cook the gifted songwriter," said Stumpf.

The deal was negotiated by Stumpf, Cherry Lane VP of business & legal affairs Keith Hauprich, and Iain Pirie at 19 Entertainment and Howard Siegel at Pryor Cashman LLP.

-Essential USA, a joint venture between the Rocket Science marketing firm and the Cooking Vinyl label, has hired RightsFlow to license, account, and pay publisher royalties for physical, mechanical and DPD licenses on behalf of Essential USA’s as well as select Rocket Science clients.

“This partnership with RightsFlow provides a key service for our expanding venture that serves many marquee acts such as the Prodigy, and all other Essential USA releases," stated Rocket Science owner Kevin Day. “Through RightsFlow’s systems, we are able to cost effectively and rapidly obtain bulk DPD licenses for US distributions, allowing labels to clear licenses quickly, thereby resulting in the sale of more content. Rocket Science at its core is a services company; our goal is to effectively and rapidly service our artists' needs and RightsFlow achieves this for both us and our UK partner."

Adam Lambert - Interview with Access Hollywood - VIDEO

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ryan Star - Alternative Addiction Interview Exclusives

Listen to Ryan talk about touring with David Cook, about his EP, about the upcoming album, and much more!


BTW, Ryan's "Last Train Home EP" is available on iTunes! Go buy it!!!! It's good. :)

David Cook - Larry King Live - VIDEO

Part 1 - About his brother Adam

Part 2 - On Idol, Fame and what's ahead

Thanks to mjsbigblog for the video.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lukas Rossi Live @ The Mint June 6, 2009 - VIDEO

Rebel Yell (thanks to selaneguitar for the vid)

Empty Cities (thanks to selaneguitar for the vid)

Dream Brother (thanks to selaneguitar for the vid)

Hallelujah (thanks to jacobjoal for the vid)
Alright, this is absolutely beautiful. Accompanied by a guitar and a violon. Fucking GORGEOUS.


Dead Parade


Thanks to starsdownofficial for the last two videos!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daughtry - No Surprise - Official Video

Available at Daughtry's official YouTube Channel:


Kris Allen’s interview with Larry Flick on SIRIUS XM’s OutQ channel

Thanks to the Sirius youTube Channel for the video!

Kris Allen on loving Jacko, learning the viola, and being a heartthrob

Jun 9, 2009, 04:27 PM | by Missy Schwartz

Yesterday, 19 Recordings announced that it has signed American Idol season 8 champ Kris Allen -- surprise! (Ha.) In a statement, Allen teased what the album might sound like: “It will be very similar to what you heard from me on the show -- definitely in the pop/rock genre.” During my recent interview with Allen, he told me pretty much the same thing, though he also added, “The way I came across on the show is a guy and his guitar, but I want to come across as more the soft-rock kind of thing… hopefully something that not everyone has seen before. I think that some people will be very surprised by it -- certain songs, people will be like, ’Didn’t expect that.’ Just like the whole 'Heartless' thing -- people were not expecting me to do that song. And it worked out. So I think you’ll see things like that. I think it’s going to be very cool.”

Since he was still in the process of working out who he was going to work with on the album, Allen was understandably reticent to get more specific than that. But he had plenty to say about the music that has shaped him so far. So in the hope of tiding you ravenous Allen fans over until the fall release of his debut record, I offer you the following tidbits. Oh, and I fully expect to hear a collective awww… after you read the part about him dancing to Jacko all by his lonesome. (Also, in the rare chance that you missed it, do check out Idolatry's terrific five-part interview with Allen)

On playing the viola
I started playing viola when I was in fourth grade. But it was kind of like a requirement. I never hated it or anything, but it was never something that I loved. We had an orchestra and it was like, a couple of my friends play the viola, so I was like, “I’ll play the viola.” We had to play something, I just picked that. All my friends stopped playing but I kept playing until the end of high school.

On growing up musical
My dad was a musician. He was a singer and he played the guitar, so music was always around. I never really wanted to pick up [the guitar] until I was 13. One summer, during the day [when] my parents were working and we were home alone, my brother would go to the pool and hang out with girls and do whatever. I would just hang out in the house. No one had a clue what I was doing. I was teaching myself how to play the guitar.

On Michael Jackson and his other favorite artists back in the day
I was a huge, huge, huge fan of Michael Jackson. Almost too big of a fan. He’s one of the best ever. I would sit in my room and put on a hat and try to dance in front of the mirror. All this stuff on my own, never in front of people. I was too embarrassed. I started listening to him and then started listening to a lot of R&B stuff like Boys II Men, II. I grew up listening to that. I love that. [Singing] “I’ll make love to you…” Probably not a good idea [for a 9-year-old kid]. And then I think my next CD was TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool. My parents were totally cool with it -- maybe they didn’t know exactly. They were young and they tried to be cool. [Laughs]

What he’s listening to now
A lot of different stuff. Love Coldplay. Coldplay’s first CD, I think it’s amazing. The Kings of Leon CD is incredible. I like Mutemath a lot. The Kanye CD [808s & Heartbreak], it’s amazing, one of the best of the decade, probably.

On being his own artist in the, eh-hem, often controlling recording industry
I am really laid back and kind of go-with-the-flow, but I will never do anything that I don’t believe in. So if there’s a song that they’re trying to shoot at me and I’m like, ehhhh, then it probably won’t happen. I think it would just be uncomfortable. You can’t do something that you don’t feel good about.

And just because… On adjusting to overnight heartthrob status
I always try to take it with a grain of salt, because being that is not going to get me anywhere. I just hope I can put out good music. It’s weird. But [my wife is] amazing at dealing with it. They ask her for her autograph as well. [Laughs]

Adam Lambert - Rolling Stone scans

“I am an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing” Adam says, “It shouldn’t matter, except it does. It’s really confusing.”






Thanks to The Gossip Candy blog for the scans!

Exclusive: 'American Idol' alum Allison Iraheta officially signed to 19/Jive

Jun 9, 2009, 08:00 PM | by Tanner Stransky

And the record deals for American Idol season 8 finalists continue to roll in at a quick clip. After champion Kris Allen's deal with 19/Jive and runner-up Adam Lambert's deal with 19/RCA were announced earlier this week, EW has exclusively learned that 19 Recordings has also signed fourth-place-finisher, rocker Allison Iraheta, and that her debut album will be licensed to Jive Records, like Allen's forthcoming disc. And just like the the albums from her two fellow alums, Iraheta's is anticipated for a fall release. (Talk about an Idol-rific autumn!)

All week long, Idol fan sites like mjsbigblog were abuzz with rumors of Iraheta's signing. The 17-year-old singer sounds like she's barely processing the news herself: “I think I’m still in shock that this is happening -- getting to record my first album and this whole awesome experience is a dream come true!” Allison said in a statement released to EW by 19 Recordings.

Notably absent from the recent spate of deal-making? That’d be polarizing third-place finisher, Danny Gokey. Says a rep at 19: "There’s nothing to report just yet."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Rolling Stone Magazine Features Adam Lambert Cover Story

American Idol’s glamtastic runner-up Adam Lambert opens up in the next issue of Rolling Stone, speaking frankly about his sexuality, though he doesn’t think his revelation is particularly shocking.

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands this week. (Click here to check out exclusive video of his cover shoot).

The flamboyant Idol singer hits our cover and bares all, talking about his childhood (”I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy,” he says), the drug-fueled Burning Man epiphany that led him to AI (”I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen,” he tells RS) and his run on the show (”I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!’ “). And yes, he talks about his sexuality. “Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler,’ ” he tells us. “I didn’t want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-magazine bullshit. I need to be able to explain myself in context.

“I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert adds. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Ultimately, however Lambert tells RS contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis that there are other parts of his life that he’s trying to keep front and center. “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” he says.

It was that mission — and his Burning Man “psychedelic experience” — that lead him to Idol after years in musical theater. “I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it’s fast and broad,” he tells RS. (See photos of Lambert’s remarkable American Idol run here.)

He details his experience on Idol, his true thoughts on winner Kris Allen and how his sexuality impacted his Idol run in our cover story, “Wild Idol: The Psychedelic Transformation and Sexual Liberation of Adam Lambert,” which hits newsstands this week.

Some excerpts from the interview:

"Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, 'I'm going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler.'

"They put me with the cute guy. Distracting! He's the one guy I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type — except that he has a wife. I mean he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100% straight."

"I loved it this season when the girls went crazy for me," he says. "As far as I'm concerned, it's all hot."

"I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader."

More photos and videos HERE.

Jim McGorman Interview - Part 3

Exclusive interview with Jim - part 3

June 2009


Jim: OK, before we get into the favorite stuff, here is a disclaimer. There are no favorites: there is too much great music out there, and I really don't have favorites. Just stuff that I love. These will be off the top of my head.

K&M: Favourite guitar riff?

Jim: AC/DC - Back in Black (link)

K&M: Favourite guitar solo?

Jim: Anything played by Neil Schon (Journey) prior to 1990. “Faithfully” maybe? (link 3:20 onwards)

K&M: Favourite guitarist?

Jim: Neil Shon, Mike Campbell, The Edge

K&M: Another favourite and we’ll stop. Favourite line (verse) from a song?

Jim: “Never trust a big butt and a smile, that girl is Poison” - Bell Biv DeVoe, Poison (link)

You know what - I was talking to my brother the other day, and there is something I have a favorite of. I think my favorite movie of all time is... dramatic pause...: Raiders of the Lost Ark.


K&M: Do you speak any foreign language or have you learned any foreign words on your travels? What language would you like to learn, if any?

Jim: I can barely speak English. No, I would love to speak Italian. My grandmother was Italian and I always wanted to learn it.

K&M: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… Do you have any affinity for or see any benefit in any of the social networking sites?

Jim: I am pretty much done with all of them. I check Facebook every now and then because I have reconnected with some old friend through there, but I think the whole thing has gotten out of control. Either no one is doing their jobs, or everyone is unemployed. How else do people have time for these constant updates of meaning less thoughts and activities. Why do I care that someone is going to workout right now? Is this really necessary?

K&M: We loved “Marley and Me” - the book and the subsequent movie. Considering that you have a dog (we assume that “Sammy” from your CD sleeve is the dog-ter you mention) – have you seen or do you plan to see it?

Jim: My wife rented it, but I was working in the studio. I saw a few minutes and am sure I would like it. She cried.

K&M: As a movie buff, who do you think should play Frank Sinatra in the upcoming Martin Scorsese biopic? Can anyone do justice to the Ol’ Blue Eyes and his singing?

Jim: Wow. That could be cool. Harry Connick, Jr. could definitely do it from a musical standpoint, but I’m not sure he has the acting chops. I’m sure Leo wants in, and hey - he’s a damn good actor. It would be cool to go with a no name. guy. Someone like a young Ray Liotta would be great.

Thanks to sunfired.net for the interview!

Jim McGorman Interview - Part 2

Exclusive interview with Jim - part 2

June 2009

Music in general

K&M: What do you feel makes you a good musician?

Jim: My haircut. Answering that about myself feels a bit odd, but there are many things that make people good musicians:

- Ability to listen: to the big picture and to other musicians while you are playing as well.
- Timing: not just playing in time, but knowing when to play or not to play something.
- Confidence.
- Being a student of music: knowing the history of where things came from so you can draw from many places.

Those are a few.

K&M: Stemming from the previous question, what kind of qualities should a person possess in order to be a successful musician?

Jim: Successful musician?? There’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. I guess that all depends on ones definition of success. To some, selling a million records is success. To others, simply having someone enjoy your music in a bar or a living room is success. I think that is up to each person to decide what their definition is first. After that, it’s all about desire and persistence.

K&M: If you could to put together a concert with any 5 artists/bands, who would be on the bill?

Jim: U2 - Michael Jackson - Tom Petty - Prince - AC/DC

K&M: Speaking of concerts, so far in 2009, have you seen any concerts? If so, which artists/bands?

Jim: Not sure - I can’t think of any. God, has this year been flying.

K&M: Are there any new bands or artists that have peaked your interest lately and if so which ones?

Jim: Phoenix is my favorite band of the last 10 years. They just put out a new record. I just love them.

K&M: You covered Jessie Girl, You Can’t Get What You Want, Boys of Summer… Were all these your choices and which song would you like to cover in the future?

Jim: Yeah, they were my choice. There are so many I would love to cover. I like “Dirty Laundry” by Henley. I just feel like my voice works in the register that he sings in. And what a great message! Also “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown, Damn, that shit is funky!

K&M: You have played in many venues all over the world (and that’s an understatement) – from arenas to intimate clubs. Any venues that stand out - for whatever reason?

Jim: Giants Stadium with Michelle Branch in 2002. We were on a bill that Bon Jovi headlined. For a kid growing up in Jersey in the 80’s, to play Giants Stadium with Bon Jovi was pretty amazing. The Tokyo Dome with Avril last year was pretty cool too. Big place.

K&M: What is the biggest screw up you personally have done on stage? Come on, fess up.

Jim: Well, the worst thing was with Cher. I’m not gonna pass the buck (her fault) but the whole band got off from her while we were playing “Walking in Memphis” at a show in Australia in 2005. She drifted in time from us at the beginning of the song - and NEVER got back on. It was 4 minutes of pure agony. Pretty rough.

K&M: Over time, have you become more optimistic or more jaded by the music business?

Jim: I never really thought the music business was so pure in the first place. I am sure that I lost my innocence about it, but that goes for almost everything in life.

K&M: Do you know where the Starmaker show is? Or… is it one reality show too many on TV at the moment, hence the delay?

Jim: It is now scheduled for a 4th quarter release. Some time in the fall, I guess. We’ll see??

K&M: The Goo Goo Dolls have confirmed two summer shows during the month of July in Indiana and Illinois. At this stage are you planning to perform with them at these upcoming concerts?

Jim: I will be there.

Thanks to sunfired.net for the interview!