Monday, July 21, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 9 Performances

Tonight, the contestants sing songs from Rock & Roll Heaven, or like Ben seems to like saying, songs from people who are dead!

Theo Tams - No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Love, love, love that song. He sang it really well and I liked he took liberties with it. I'd rather hear someone who has more soul sing that song, but I thought he sounded really good nonetheless. Surprise, surprise, he's not playing an instrument tonight... He's done good!

Mitch Macdonald - Angel Eyes (Jeff Heyley)
Holy pitchiness in the beginning! He got his groove by the chorus, and the bridge was really nice. He sounded whiny tho.

Earl Stevenson - Light My Fire (The Doors)
Great choice for Earl. Love how he sounded in the beginning, sitting down on the stool. And then he gets up and throws the stool around?? *LOL* So cool!!!! He got into it so much that I think he forgot the lyrics a bit, but he covered it up well by singing the crap out of the song. Loved, loved, loved it. And dare I say it, but he's looking good with the new hair cut. :)

Sebastian Pigott - Love Me (Elvis Presley)
Alright, this sounds much more like the Sebastian of the earlier rounds. Much better vocals, love the soul he got. I wish he'd push his vocals a bit, because he sounds awesome when he adds a bit of power and reaches a bit. Love the hip movements, of course.. ;) He looks great with that new haircut. Poor Sebastian, they are really being hard on him. He looks totally defeated. I would be, too, if I'd be constantly told that I look great but can't sing. He CAN sing... He sure can. But somehow he's not showing that very much on the show. Missing his bro perhaps? Pressure getting to him? I don't know...

Katherine St-Laurent - Move Over (Janis Joplin)
Holy 80's throw back with the hair and clothes! I love her voice, I really do. I just don't think she connects very much with the lyrics. Seems like Jake and I are of the same opinion...

Drew Wright - No rain (Blind Melon)
Aw, I wish Mitch had sang that song,just because I think it would have suited him very well. Drew's vocals were really good - I liked the parts where he reached, almost going into a falsetto. I also liked the phrase "and it rips my life away", I thought that was just killer. I thought he also showed lots of personality - seems like his venture on the drums last week really loosen things up for him and it's nice to see him come out of his shell. I didn't care for the arrangement - I felt the song was going no where and the ending was weird.

Mookie Morris - I Feel Good (James Brown)
Shut Up and Mook Me! *LMAO* No worries, it's not me, it was a sign in the audience... *L* I thought the song choice was very predictable, and was fully prepare to roll my eyes during the entire performance. I gotta admit, Mookie did good! He worked the audience - he looked really at ease in the audience, it was great. He sounded awesome. I could have done without the little Earl-like walking around the stage and especially without the falling down at the end, but I thought he really did good on this.

Amberly Thiessen - Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
I am almost ashamed to say that I didn't know this song. But I thought her vocals were really great. She gave me goosebumps, actually. My favorite she did so far.

Mark Day - Dance With My Father (Luther Van Dross)
Shaky off the top, and he got drowned by the band a few times, but all in all a good performance. Finally he shows that he can sing and he's not a joke. Still not my cup of tea, but I think that was probably the best he's done so far.

My Top 3:

My Bottom 3:
Mark Day

Who I'd like to see go home: Do I really need to say it?
Who will go: Sebastian
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Jill said...

Please please please let there be a miracle tonight - Mark goes home, Sebastian stays....

Bouffe said...

Wouldn't that be awesome?