Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Canadian Idol - Top 16 - Part 2

Mitch McDonald - Blue
The band is too loud... Aside from the falsetto, I thought he did awesome. He's got an unusual voice, but I really like it. It sounded more powerful than usual, too.

Gary Morissette - House of the Rising Sun
Huge song.... I usually like Gary and his hyper gravelly voice. But tonight, the raspiness, the "gravel" seemed forced. The slow beginning was a nice touch, but his voice was weak. Then the more up tempo part of the song came, and I felt like he was hiding his inability to sing on pitch behind his gravel voice. The arrangement was cool tho. Far from his best, and most likely will send him home.

Katelyn Dawn - Zombie (The Cranberries)
WTF??? Zombie for this little girl??? In a pop context, I guess she did good. The arrangement was nice. But in a rock context? OMG, that was like a little kitten trying to produce a big lion roar and failing. No, just no.

Oh, and now they are grouping The Piggot Bros and Earl Stevenson back to back without a commercial? They DEFINITELY want to oust one of the bros...

Oliver Pigott - Lean On Me
No guitar... He is a tiny bit awkward without it, but still seems pretty comfortable. He reminds me a bit of JD, with the hand movements. VERY nice arrangement, and I absolutely adored I Oliver's bluesy voice on this. Very, very, VERY nice. For once, I agree 100% with Zack! *throwing up in my mouth a little*

Sebastian Pigott - Bring it on Home To Me
He seemed so nervous and almost shy singing the first verse... By the second verse he looked more comfortable and sounded incredible when reaching for the highest notes... The harmonica was such a great touch! Too funny the judges were commenting to Oliver about bringing out the harmonica just moments before. I loved the performance and the comfortable feeling I get when I listen to Sebastian sing. Only negative to me is that this particular song highlighted some of Sebastian's weakness in his voice rather than complimenting them. Still, total awesomeness. Sex symbol, Farley??? :) Love it!!!! And Ben's comment about the mikes tand? *L*

Earl Stevenson - Like A Rolling Stone
I don't know what to make of this guy! He moves so awkwardly, but it looks so natural!! I didn't like this song choice for him as I thought it showed the flaws in his voice. But I love Earl, I love his natural charisma and is rough talent. I love him because he is himself, and nothing else.

Katherine St-Laurent - Love Is a Battlefield
Her voice is not cutting through the music at the top of the song. A slowed down acoustic version of this would have been great for her, but I have mixed feelings about this up tempo number. Gotta admit tho, the last little bit when she let loose and went with the raspiness was really good.

Drew Wright - The Reason
Aw, he messed up the lyrics and let it show. I liked his stage presence and his confidence, but I was not crazy about this song for him. I have a hard time watching him, too. Listening is good, but not watching...

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