Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 10 - Results

After a recap of the previous night's performances, the Idols perform a medley of some of David Bowie's hits. I gotta say, Mookie, Earl and Drew singing "Fame" was the highlight of the medley for me. It's a great cool vibe for Earl and Mookie, and Drew showed tons of personality while playing the drums. Nice!

Little segment with Jully Black and the idols, backstage after each of their performances. Jully gets on my nerves.

Finally we get to the results. Mitch, Earl and Mark are called out first. Ben declares Mitch SAFE first, then tells Earl he is SAFE, too. Ben tries to fake the audience out by making us believe Mark was in the bottom 3... But no such luck, Mark is SAFE as well.

Sebastian and Drew are called out next. Drew is SAFE while Sebastian is the first to be in the BOTTOM 3. He doesn't look surprised about it either.

Mookie and Amberly are called out next. Ben tells them that one of them is in the bottom 3. Amberly is SAFE, so Mookie is in the BOTTOM 3. Wow, that was a surprise.

Katherine, Adam and Theo are last to learn their fate. Theo is SAFE, Katherine is SAFE, and Adam is the final member of the BOTTOM 3.

Jake comments that Adam did a great job the night before while the other two could have done way better. I agree. Farley says that Toronto has to vote vote VOTE for the Ontario contestants. And I agree! All three contestants in the B3 tonight are from Toronto/Hamilton!!! Sass says her favs last night were Katherine, Earl and Mookie. Zack gives advice for the two who will survive the B3 and go on to next week: give it your all and be as desperate as you can be.

And your results are...

Adam Castelli is headed home. Adam performs Rebell Rebell again, and does an even better job than the night before.

While I agree that of the three who were in the bottom 3 Adam was the right choice, I really wish Canada would vote for the best contestants and not the one who lives in their province. Be objective! There's NO WAY Mark Day should still be there. NO WAY! Adam was not going to win, but he deserved to stay over Mark ANY DAY. ARGH!

Next week's theme is Rock and Roll Heaven, where the contestants will sing songs from people who are dead. Oh Ben. :)

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