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Lukas Rossi - Studio 7 - Seattle, WA, 10/25/2007

Pictures by Emswazzu. Visit hre to read her blog about the show! Here's a small sample:

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Pictures by WATT - here is just a sample...

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Pictures by lovenlust

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Blake Lewis - Break Anotha - Know My Name - Lyrics

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Break Anotha - Tentative Lyrics

Baby girl, like cinnamon,
Hot for the skin he's in
Oops, makes you wanna sin again

Defenses start to break
It's more than you can take
Wanna get you, get you, then your heart'll break

He's got no shame, he's got your name
And your number, baby, now you start to wonder
What's in store
What the hell
That spell that he g-g-got you under

Playing a role, he don't care what he stole,
He's a gentleman lover, get you undercover,
He'll try to prove that his love is for you
Just when you think he's changed his tune

He'll break anotha heart, babe
He'll break your heart

STOP before you jump, he'll switch it like a pump
Wanna bump, bump, then you're lookin' dumped
Dear god, not me - Make you wanna thump
Leave you for a night, leave you feelin' like a,
like a chump

So desperate, be your best friend,
Sign you up just to cross you off his checklist,
One more victim, don't test it,
Don't you want something more you can invest in

Sorry baby, there's something coming over me
It's like two sides of me
I try to be good, but I don't wanna be
But you could be a friend of me

There was a second song leaked called Know My Name. Here are the lyrics:

Know My Name - Tentative Lyrics

I saw your picture in the paper today, girl
All 'a sudden, it hit me
You're someone that should know me
Possibly drive me crazy

In the pages and all over the magazine cover
People gossip about you
And your long list of lovers

You don't
Girl, you don't know about me
But you will, that's for sure
That's not with an introduction

I want you to know my name
Take a little sip with some conversation
It's driving me insane
What's it gonna take for some motivation
I want you to know my name
Girl, I just ain't got no shame
Them other guys causin' you pain
I'll show you that I'm not the same
I swear to you I'm not the same

I got this question I keep asking myself
Are you the cure for addiction
Are you love's definition
Or just bad for my health

There's only one way to find out
What we need is each other
Make our own little story
We could start it today

This is how it's gonna look
Just like this
Baby, you and me, pretty girl
In a future of bliss
You want a dog, white fence, and a couple of kids
Anything I'm-a bring ya - just make me a list

I promise I can make you smile
Oh, I swear that I'll be worth your while
All I wanna do is know you

Monday, October 29, 2007

Blake Lewis - Break Anotha - First Single

Break Another is the first single!!!

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It's an amazing song, very addictive, catchy, driving beat, awesome vocals.... It's brilliant!!!

Written by Ryan Tedder (One Republic) and Samuel Watters (former Color Me Badd member and husband of Tamyra Gray), Break Anotha (or is it another?) is a very dancable, catchy tune. Ken Barnes from Idol Chatter USA, has heard the song, and here's what he had to say:

Blake sets album date, readies first single

Season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis emerges from the cocoon of silence that has mostly enveloped him (tour aside) since the end of the show. 19 Entertainment has announced a Dec. 4 release date for his still-untitled album, and a leadoff single, Break Anotha, goes out to radio Tuesday.

The thoughtful folks at 19 also included a link for lucky recipients of the press release to hear the single, which I did. It sounds like a clever maximizing of Blake's musical inclinations in a contemporary pop context. Or, in plainer English, it's a heavily produced pop-soul tune featuring a chanted chorus with a striking strings figure and a bit of beatboxing and other vocal gymnastics. Seems to be aimed straight at the Justin Timberlake market, and -- with a properly warm radio reception -- it could hit the jackpot.

You can listen through here, or go to http://www.saynow.com/blakelewis and click on the "To My Fans" to hear Blake's message and hear THE FIRST SINGLE, Break Anotha!

Blake Lewis - ADD Trailer

Blake Lewis' Fans got a treat today! A nice little trailer about Audio Day Dream, aka ADD. I had to listen to it several times to first hear what Blake had to say and then to hear the music playing in the background!!!

This is so exciting!

I like putting a twist on everything. I don't want to take you to that place you've already been to, I wanna take you somewhere else... - Blake Lewis

Oh, don't forget to visit http://www.blakelewiscomingsoon.com for more in the coming days...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 12

And it is starting!!!!

Good show! I liked the one cover, one original format. The songs seemed a bit short tho... This week, the covers were songs from Bob Dylan. The judges were good - I disagreed with them sometimes, but all in all, they gave good criticism.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Freight Train Blues (Dylan) and One Time Show (original)

I think this is one of the best band. They are tight and versatile. However... The singer really doesn't have a strong enough voice. There's no depth to it, no swing, no real personality. I agree with Sheila, I think Denver should include his band mates more and put them at the forefront once in a while. Both songs were decent enough to keep them around another week. But going first might kill them...

The Hatch - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan) and Stretch Out The Time (original)

I was bit disappointed. I really don't feel like they are living up to what we were expecting of them. The Dylan song was much better than the original, which felt so chaotic, with no real hook...

Light of Doom - All Along The Watchtower (Dylan) and Eye of the Storm (original)

Alright, they are 12. And for 12 yos, they are PHENOMENAL. But they just don't belong there. The singer is really bad. And I agree with the judges - they should really keep their shirts on...

The Likes of You - Blowin' in the Wind (Dylan) and Love and Gravity (original)

I liked them. Liked them quite a lot. It's true the singer was using his falsetto a bit too much. Other than that I thought he and the band sounded really good! The Dylan cover was really, really nice. The original was not bad, but they are missing a hook big time.

Rocket - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan) and Mean To You (original)

To me, they sounded out of tune at all times. Really didn't like it at all. The punkyfied Dylan cover was actually good, but the singer's voice ruined it for me.

Cliff Wagner & the Old #7 - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Dylan) and Old Fire (original)

Damn they are good. The Dylan cover was really good. The harmonies were awesome, the mandoline was really cool! The original? Who doesn't love a little bit of tender love and diesel fuel? A really fun song, the kind you can't help but dance to!

The Muggs - Meet Me In The Morning (Dylan) and Slow Curve (original)

The band is tight, and I like their sound. But the singer's voice really grates.... Greasy Detroit Rock&Roll, I like! I can't believe the sound they are producing with only a guitar, a drum and a bass. Really amazing. The singer might not sing well, but he's a damn good guitar player!

The Clarks - Maggie's Farm (Dylan) and Billy The Kid (original)

They were absolutely amazing. AMAZING!!! I absolutely love the singer's voice. And what great musicians! I really, really, REALLY want to hear them play with a drum - they'd be the total shit. The Dylan cover totally rocked, but their original? Totally awesome and catchy. One of my favorite band in this competition!

Tres Bien - Subterranean Homesick Blues (Dylan) and Easy To Love Me (original)

They were good... Not great, but good. Like the 60s pop inspired music. Their original was much better than the Dylan cover.

Franklin Bridge - Tangled Up In Blue (Dylan) and Incredible (original)

The singer has a good voice and good stage presence. The band's playing really well, too... However, I didn't like their original at all. Weird, no hook, spastic I'd even say. I thought the cover was much better. Sheila's going crazy predicting they will win... Not so sure about that. There is some stiff competition out there.

Dot Dot Dot - Like A Rolling Stone (Dylan) and Another Stupid Love Song (original)

I was totally disappointed. I was expecting a whole lot more from them. Singer's ok, but he is so over the top it is grating. Enough with the smiling already.... He's got a good voice tho. the Dylan cover was much much better than the original.

Sixwire - Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan) and Good To Be Back (original)

They were by far and away the best tonight. The cover was great, very well done, the original was catchy and freaking good. The lead singer has a great voice, great stage presence, beautiful eyes... The band sounds amazing, tight. I love that they are country but could easily cross over to rock.

My favorites were Sixwire and The Clark Brothers. I'd expect Denver and the Mile High Orchestra and Rocket to go back home.

Blake Lewis - Single News


Finally we get some sort of news about Blake's single! We still don't know much, but it's better than nothing at all, right? Blake's A&R firm, Pure Tone Music, posted a little blurb on their front page:


Next Tuesday, 10/30/07, will be a big day for Blake Lewis fans. More details to follow, but make sure that you visit blakelewiscomingsoon.com and call the number listed to sign up, if you haven't already! You just may hear Blake's first single very, very soon...

This is in line with the rumors that Blake's single would be release on Oct 31st. The single most probably won't be release to the radio stations that day, but still, the fans will be able to hear it!!! So go sign up at blakelewiscomingsoon.com if you have not already... It'll be great to have a little taste of what the album will be like... Album that is coming on Dec 4th!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lukas Rossi - Acoustic Tour - Dates

Lukas Rossi is back on the road, and he's touring Canada, with a few dates in the USA! From BC to ON, Lukas will surely hit a town close to you. So go see him! Lukas is always a very riveting performer, always very intense on stage. Go see him!!!

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You can also visit him at his Official Website where you can dowload flyers for all of his upcoming performances, or visit his Myspace Page. To chat with fans and organize get togethers, you can also visit the Rossi Posse Forum at rockbandlounge.com


Oct 24 – Dixie Tavern, Portland OR
Oct 25 – Studio 7, Seattle WA

Other Tour Dates:
Nov 3: Clarke Theater - Mission, BC
Nov 5: Jet Nightclub - Edmonton, AB
Nov 6: Back Alley Nightclub - Calgary, AB
Nov 7: The Roxy on Broadway - Saskatoon, SK
Nov 8: The Pump - Regina, SK
Nov 9: The Kooler Nightclub - Lloydminster, AB
Nov 10: The Corral - Grand Prairie, AB
Nov 12: Park Theater - Winnipeg, MB
Nov 14: Capitol Theatre - North Bay, ON
Nov 16: Maro - Toronto, ON
Nov 17: The Dungeon - Oshawa, ON
Nov 18: Norma Jeans - London, ON
Nov 20: The Roxy - Windsor, ON
Nov 21: The Underground - Hamilton, ON
Nov 22: Cornwall Theatre - Cornwall, ON
Nov 24: Mercinary, Kingston ON
Nov 28: Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA
Nov 29: Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Magni Asgeirsson - Magni - Album Review

Magni Asgeirsson - Magni

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Magni finally release his new album! It is available in iTunes, of course. 13 songs, 11 new and 2 covers. It might not be what peopel would expect from Magni. There are a few rock songs, but most of the album has a great singer/songwriter feel to it. Soft, seductive vocals gently accompanying heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics. I'll be honest - at the first listen, I was a bit dissapointed. But I've always loved Magni's voice - so pure and clear - and so I decided to give the album a chance... And I am not dissapointed anymore. The more I listen to the songs, the more I love them!

1-If I Promised You the World
Magni's introspective lyrics and soft vocals take you on a journey to his heart. Great melancolic guitar, Magni gently offers this soft side of him to us.

2-Words Unspoken
The guitar is GREAT on this. Again, Magni's vocals are pretty soft and subdued. But it works for this song. This song gets better and better with each listen.

3- Play With Me
This song has apprently been written for Magni's son, Marino. The guitar and the piano are so good. Magni doesn't show the full potential of his voice on this, but it is showcase in a very beautiful and simple way. Uplifting song that can't help but make you smile.

>4-See You Tonight
This song showcase Magni and his guitar. Plain and simple. The guitar is haunting, the vocals are emotional. This feels so intimate. Simple. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

A more uptempo song, but still very melancholic. Magni's voice seems to be too soft for the guitar and the drums; feels like he's being drowned out. The chorus is really good - the guitars are totally captivating. There's even a little hint of spanish flavor in the bridge.

Acoustic guitar, slower tempo than the previous song. The percussions are catchy, creating a nice vibe fr this song. The pleading lyrics are poignant. This song offers a really nice set up for Magni's voice - going from soft, plentive, to powerful and gritty.

The melody is really beautiful. It has kind of a summery feeling to it, which is a bit of a strange contrast with the rather sad lyrics. Still, there's a bit of hope in there...

8-Tear us Apart
Piano and guitar, coupled with the beautiful vocals make this song a very catchy one. This is a love song filled with hope. I really like the way Magni's voice changes throughout the song.

9-You Say
The guitars and organ give a bit of a 70's feel to this song. Once again, I feel the mixing is not up to part and Magni's voice gets drowned out here and there. But his vocals are still beautiful and powerful.

Magni covered that song on the reality show RockStar Supernova. No one was left unmoved by his rendition. This recording of it is no exception. This is the perfect song to showcacse Magni's complete range, from the very soft, tender voice, the powerful, "angstful" grit. I absolutely adore that the guitar is really only accompanying his voice, that the vocals completely carry this song. I do miss the driving guitars a bit tho...

11-Let Me in the Dark
Oh the drums at the beginning totally pull me in. The most rocking song of the album. Great great guitar riffs throughout.

12-World Alone
Starts off with acoustic guitar alone, vocals are sad and melancholic. The keyboard adds to the melancholic feel of the song. The chorus allows Magni's voice to expand, to take off just a tiny bit... Heartbreaking.

13-Dolphin's Cry
This is another song that Magni covered on RockStar Supernova. I fell in love with it when he performed this on the show. This version is from the Birthday Bash concert in Reykjavik in December 2006. What a beautiful, pure voice Magni has. This is another song that really show Magni's voice full potential. Hearing the crowd sing along adds so much to this song. Another cover that is taylor-made for Magni!

Matchbox 20 - Exile on Mainstream - Album Review

Matchbox 20 - Exile on Mainstream

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Exile on Mainstream is the fourth album by Matchbox Twenty and is a greatest hits album containing all of their eleven previous hits and six new tracks. Available for purchase on iTunes and every store, the cd also contains videos for the 11 previously released songs. The first single, "How Far We've Come" is doing really; it is located at #13 on iTunes Canada in the Top Songs section. The album is also charting really well, still hanging in the Top 100 Albums on iTunes Canada.

You can visit Matchbox 20 on their MySpace page, s well as on their Official Website.

1-How Far We've Come
Such a great rock song for a first single. The beat is addictive, the bridge is just cool with Rob's suave, smooth voice. Fast paced and addictive.

2-I'll Believe You When
Infused with country flavors, this song makes you bop your head in time with the music. Rob's voice sounds great. This song will be a fun one in concert.

3-All Your Reasons
The fun, acoustic sing along at the beginning is very catchy! This song is vintage Matchbox 20. The guitar is amazing!

4-These Hard Times
The lyrics of this song are very touching. Nice little ballad.

5-If I Fall
The chorus is catchy; Rob's vocls soar and carry this one. Very good beat, sorta sixty-style pop, but not quite pop enough... Still good.

6-I Can't Let You Go
A little bit of blues in this one. Great, great mid-tempo ballad, sweet sweet love song. The piano gives it a little bit more... Matchbox 20 at its finest. I can't let you go, You're part of my soul, You're all that I know...

The rest of the album goes like this:

1-Long Day
3-3 A.M.
4-Real World
5-Back 2 Good
7-If You’re Gone
8-Mad Season
11-Bright Lights

The Mob Law - Hold Us Down - Album Review

The Mob Law - Hold Us Down

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The Mob Law is a rock/hip-hop trio band from Seattle Washington. They recently released an album called "Hold us Down". Weaving rock, hip-hop and reggae through 17 songs - yes, 17!!! - the album flows well, has great empowering lyrics and is dynamic. I absolutely adore that they mix all those genres together throughout the album but also within the songs themselves. The album is available for purchase on iTunes and CDBaby. You can also visit The Mob Law's website and their Myspace Page.

1-Hold Us Down
I love this song as the opener. Edgy, rocking, catchy.

2-Save Me
The vibe of this one is amazing. The reggae and rock mix well in here and create a song that makes me want to close my eyes and just let my body move.

3-I Would Never
The lyrics of this song are great and well thought out. Makes for a nice hip-hop-y, rocky kind of tune. The drums are very present in this one, love it. Caleb's and Danny's vocals are very clear here, and compliment each other really well.

4-Can't Sleep
Being more of a rock chick, I really enjoyed this song. Pure rock with great guitar riffs, driving beats and beautiful vocals, with just the right amount of grit mix in it. The change in tempo near the end is a nice surprise.

5-Swingin' in the Trees
Nice little acoustic guitar to start off, great singer/songwriter vibe. Then the guitar grabs you and makes you take notice.

Oh, I love this one. Great guitar, awesome beat, but mostly, it's Caleb's vocals that just did it for me in this song. His voice really shines here. The lyrics are very good too... It doesn't feel right - I don't think you should know...

Awesome rock song, with just a tiny hint of punk. This one has great potential to be a radio hit! Nice little rap about mid-way through the song. That was a nice surprise!

8-Life Worth Livin'
Great opening, with some acoustic and electric guitar. Caleb starts singing... Rapping is more the term. Surprise, surprise! From the guitars at the top, I was expecting more of a rock song.... But that's not quite it. I think this song really is a great example of what The Mob Law is all about - a little bit of rock, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of reggae. Catchy song, makes you want to get up and dance and shake that booty!

9-This Mornin'
A little bit of a John Mayer feel right at the top. Very smooth, with hints of jazz throughout.

That's the song to pogo to. Sort of a Green Day feel to this one. Amazing beats, driving guitars... Fun song!

11-Keep on Shinin'
Straight up hip-hop, with hints of reggae. Another vibey, get up and shake that groovy thing kind of song.

Alright, this one reaks of reggae! Love the rapping, the edgy guitar, the rythm.... And the drum building up near the end.... Cymbal orgasm! Crank this up and dance!

13-Never Seen
Loving the guitar very much in this one. It's just too bad it sort of drowns the vocals at times... Freaking catchy chorus... Put 'em up, put 'em up...

14-Serial Killer
Driving down the street... Windows rolled down.... Headbanging, drumming the beat on the stirring wheel...

15-Strip Club
Love the drums in this one. They are really put at the foreground. It's a bit of a strange song, with clear rock parts, then a rapping part right in the middle of the song. That's what makes me love this song, this whole album - you never really know what to expect!

The end's amazing with the drum!

17-Waiting so Long
Great punk rock song, with an awesome, awesome rap! I can see this one getting the crowd in a frenzy at the top of a concert. Would make a great opener!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bo Bice - See The Light - Album Review

Bo Bice - See The Light

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Bo returns to his southern rock roots with this highly anticipated album. And he doesn't dissapoint! Bo had an online listening party on Oct 23, the day of the official album release. He spent 3 hours online with his fans, it was awesome. He played the album for the fans, talked about his collaborations with many artists/friends and called many others. It was really cool. This album is great from top to bottom. Not one bad song on it. Not one! The album is available on iTunes and many stores for purchase - go get your copy! You can also visit bobice.com to listen to the album there and post a review. Here's mine:

Great opening for the album, great for a first single. I love the dual guitars, it's amazing. It's a crank-up-the-volume-roll-the-windows-down-drive-100-miles-an-hour-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs feel good kind of song.

2-Take the Country out of Me
Great, great, great rock country song. A little bit of funk, a little bit of country, a little bit of rock... Love the piano on this. Have great potential to be a hit.

3-I'm Gone
Bo's voice is beautiful on this. The guitars are powerful, Bo's voice is full of emotions and the lyrics are really good. Don't let the slow, tender start fool you...

4-Only Words
Bo talked about this song a lot during his online listening party. He wrote this with a girl who broke his heart in mind. This song is full on country in sound, the whiny guitar and the sax adding to the emotions of the lyrics. Bo's vocals are rich and deep, just beautiful.

5-Got Money
Great bluesy song, full of funk and nice guitar riffs. I can see this one being a HUGE hit live. The way the song starts pulls you in right away. Great catchy chorus.

6-See the Light
Bo's sexy voice hits you right in the chest right from the top. The percussions really makes this a dirty song, the vocals make it sexy and the guitars make it soar. This sexy, funky, bluesy rock song grabs you when the chorus starts... The way the song is structured, it reminds me a bit of "Wanted Dead or Alive" from Bon Jovi. Which ain't a bad thing, man!

7-Sinner in a Sin
If I am not mistaken, this song was on Bo's previous album, The Real Thing, as a bonus track. I absolutely adore this song. It is a very "Bo" song to me. The plentive harmonica, the whiny guitar, the soft piano, Bo's vocals and the wonderful backvocals of this song makes it an absolutely beautiful song. The arrangement is brilliant and really allows Bo's voice to shine. A must listen!

8-This Train
Great rock song with still just a hint of country with the guitar and harmonica. This song makes me want to get up and dance! Great catchy chorus.

9-Ain't Gonna Die
Oh, Bo gets the grit out on this one! Driving guitars, addicting beat, gritty, dirty vocals. What's not to love? This is a great rock song that promises to really, really, REALLY ROCK in concert.

10-Whiskey, Women & Time
Another song that was on The Real Thing as a bonus track (or B-side, I can't never really remember). The arrangement is a bit more rocking, a bit more funky, a bit more gritty. The lead vocal and backvocals go so well together and add so much depth to the song. The drum and the organ are absolutely amazing!

Jim McGorman - Premier Guitar - Anabolic Rock

Jim currently contributes to a number of magazines and on line publications. Here's his latest article, appearing in the current issue of Premier Guitar.

Anabolic Rock

by Jim McGorman


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In this age of technology, we can do more with less. But as technology capable of turning non-musicians into stars becomes a bigger part of the recording process, how will we know what is “real” or “fake”?

Full Article

Other Premier Guitar articles Jim has written:

Premier Guitar 08/'07: Rockstar Supernova, Artist Profile - Jim McGorman - Part 1

Premier Guitar 09/'07: Rockstar Supernova, Artist Profile - Jim McGorman - Part 2

Premier Guitar 10/'07: Rockstar Supernova, Artist Profile - Jim McGorman - Part 3

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Next Great American Band

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Yes! Another music show to blog about! I will be posting my thoughts every week on the performances. For now, here are the 12 bands that made it through and will be performing for us each week. Videos of the audition performances can be found at rickey.org for the moment. I will update with links and pics as I find them...

Top 12

Tres Bien

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Members: Mikey B!, Cody Michael Wilson, Michael James Crowe and Ryan Parker Metcalf

Light of Doom

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Erik: Vocals
Dillon: Lead Guitar/Sexy
Mitchell aka "Mitch Mitchell": Drums
Lucas: Bass/Style
Daniel aka "Bonaduce": Lead Guitar

The Hatch

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Sean Douglas, Jesse Macht, Austin Schumacher, Gary Atturio

The Clark Brothers

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Adam, Ashley and Austin

Dot Dot Dot

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members:Adam Blair, $tephan, and Michael from the Fabulous Janes, Rose and Little Lisa from Catfight

The Muggs

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Danny Methric, Tony DeNardo and Matt Rost

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Denver Bierman, three trumpet players, two saxophone players, two trombone players and a rhythm section.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members:Andy Childs: Lead Vocals/Guitar - Steve Mandile: Producer/Vocals/Guitar - Robb Houston: Vocals/Guitar - John Howard: Bass - Chuck Tilley: Drums

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7

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Members: Cliff Wagner, Nathan Phillips, Jesse Harris, Patrick Sauber

The Likes of You

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Members:Geoff Byrd - Jesse Stern - Joe Higgins - Jason Moore

Franklin Bridge

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Curt Chambers, Adam Blackstone, Aaron Draper, Rayfield Holloman, Wayne Moore, Darrell Robinson


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Members: Lauren, Lauren, Kelly, Kristen and Roxy

Northmont (they didn't make it, but they are still interesting)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Official Website:


Blake Lewis - Videos

I am not one to watch paparazzi videos. I really don't agree with what those people do for a living.


Here's a huge exception. I was not even going to post it, but then, the man's friend posted it on his own blog, so I guess it's ok for me to post it, too.

Blake Lewis, with his friends Ethan Newberry, Ginger and Amanda, were out somewhere in West Hollywood. Some pap followed them into the parking garage, and Blake and his friends just had a little fun with (and at) him, especially after the guy didn't even know Blake's name!

At least I'll link to the one Ethan posted, so someone else other than the pap gets the hit!

Weren't they funny? :)

Also worth noting - Blake put up a song on his MySpace Page - it's an ode to his MySpace Page. Very funny and clever. Go listen!

He also posted a blog with videos of his pre-American Idol days. Videos he made with his friends. They are great!

The Harry Potter Rap

Snakes on a Plane

I was on American Idol

The Chuck Norris Rap

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bo Bice - Witness

Visit B at his official website www.bobice.com! You can actually hear audio clips of all the songs that will be on his new album, "See The Light".

Here's the video for his first single, Witness. I love this song!!!!

Blake Lewis with Flowmotion - Better Luck Next Time

From the Flowmotion website:

09/29/07 Blake Lewis Appearance with Flowmotion

“American Idol” runner-up Blake Lewis put in a late-night appearance at Saturday's show at The JET. Midway through Flowmotion’s 3-hour set, the street-beatboxer-turned-superstar joined the crowded stage for a boxified version of “Better Luck Next Time”, raising the crowd into a frenzy. It was old friends making music together, and a triumphant return for a hometown boy. Before he left the stage Lewis yelled out, “It’s so good to be home!”

There website:


They put Blake's performance up as a free download. Very cool of them to offer this to the fans. 14 minutes of Bshorty goodness. Well, ok, about half of that, since Blake shows up midway through the song, but the entire 14 minutes is great. Flowmotion has a great vibe, it is well worth listening to!

The download link is on the right, just under the header, under the Featured Song Downloads header.


Blake has appeared on stage with them last year for Summer Meltdown 2006. Here's a Youtube video of it:

Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

The lovely Cheryl tagged me the other day, and now I’m passing it on. List 8 things people probably don’t know about you, and then tag another 8 friends. It’s the Power of Eight! It's fun, and and it helps spread the love amongst your friends!

Eight things about Bouffe!

1-I’ve never been overseas. The only other country I've traveled to was the USA.
2-I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo (or two, actually) for over 2 years now. I still haven't qquite figured out the design I want to have permanently applied on me...
3-I design jewelry. Semi -precious stones, crystals and silver mostly.
4-I love ALL kinds of music. I thought I didn't like country, but I recently found quite a few country songs that I absolutely adore. My iTunes player is filled with all kinds of different music!
5-If I didn't have a family and lived in a small house, I would totally be a crazy cat lady!
6-I've moved a total of 8 times, but to 4 different cities. I've always moved WEST of where I lived previously, and I've always lived in the east end of any cities I've lived in! Strange huh?
7-I would absolutely love to go back to school.
8-I am totally lusting over two tech toys at the moment. I've never been into tech toys at all, so it's pretty new to me!

I am tagging:

MJ's Big Blog

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lukas Rossi - Velvet Jones - Santa Barbara, CA - 10/04/07

Lukas played in Santa Barbara recently. Some gorgeous pictures came out of that night... And a new song was heard! Here's the set list:

Sunrise of a Digital Star
It's On
Dead Flowers
Memories of You
It's All Love
Good Enough
Empty Cities
Dark and a Gun
Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins)
Bored and Gorgeous
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

Here are some GREAT pictures taken by a member of http://lrtvannex.com:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can find Lukas online at his official site: http://www.lukasrossionline.com/
His MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lukasrossitv
And two of his message boards: http://www.lrtvannex.com/forums/ and of course http://www.rockbandlounge.com/forum/forum.asp?forum_id=94

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jason Mraz - live @ EBS Space, Korea.

I had to post those videos of an acoustic show Jason did for some Korean TV. Toca, the drummer, is absolutely amazing on these, and with Jason, they are magic.

All videos from msy2e

Geek In The Pink

Please Don't Tell Her

The Remedy(I Won't Worry)

Nobody Likes Me-You And I Both

Life Is Wonderful

I'm Yours

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours - Live in Manchester 05/03/2006

I've discovered this song not too long ago, and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. This song makes me smile, makes me sing, makes me bop my head... It just plain makes me happy!

Video from amyklc

Jason has a different live version on his MySpace Page that is a bit longer and even better. I actually found a youtube video of it, but it's cut somewhere at the end.

Video from shellylicious

The sound is not great on this, but it is simply AMAZING to hear the crowd sing. It must feel so good for any artist to have a crowd who sings your songs like that!

Video from OfficialJasonMraz

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KT Tunstall - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree - Looping

Althought it's been used for quite a while in music, Blake Lewis certainly introduced a whole lot of us to live looping this summer/fall during the American Idol Tour. Not a lot of musicians use this in a live show. Blake does... And KT Tunstall does, too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Audio Day Dream - Blake Lewis - Some News

Blake posted a blog on his MySpace today. He had some more news about his upcoming album, one that we all are excited about! Here's what he had to say:

Hey everyone... My album just got pushed back to December 4th. We think it will be a better day for the release and its also taking some pressure off me, for getting this album done. I can't wait to get it out!!! I have been waiting to make a full length album for the longest time. This album is a mix of all the great pop music that has inspired me since the 80's. Electro/funk/soul/pop I call it my 2080's album. One mix from the start to finish, like a great Electronic or Hip-Hop mix tape.

More News:
I just got done making the documentry and shooting the pictures for the album cover. My two good friends, Ethan Newberry and Cisco McArthy have put together a nice 20 minute documentary, that hopefully will be packaged with the album. Its lookin great!

Gabrielle Revere shot the cover pictures and they turned out amazing! Also, Courtney James, a brilliant artist is helping me out with the design work for the cover. Everything is coming together smoothly and I couldn't be more happy with this project.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you all for your possitive energy you've been sending my way! I've needed it.

Love and Happiness - Blake

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Are They Up To?

Jim McGorman

After a short break, Jim is back on the road with Avril Lavigne and her band. This time, they are hitting Moscow on October 4 and 5. You can check her Official Website for more info on those appearances.

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Blake Lewis

Now that the American Idol tour is over, Blake is back in Seattle and working on his debut album. "A.D.D. (Audio Daydream) is slated to be released on November 27. You can already pre-order your copy from Amazon.com.

Blake will also join his friend Caleb Cunningham from The Mob Law on stage tonight, October 3 @ THE HIGH DIVE in Fremont. Tickets are only 5$. Go see it! Report back! This did NOT happen, so don't get your panties in a bunch, yo!

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Lukas Rossi

Lukas is back in L.A. and busy working with his new band, Stars Down. Lukas will be playing a few shows, starting with tomorrow night, October 4 @ Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, California, and again on October 6 @ Viper Room in Hollywood, California.

Lukas is constantly writing and recording new songs, so be sure to check Lukas' MySpace Page as well as his brand spanking new official website. In fact, he is in the last stages of finishing the Stars Down record, and will soon be putting "Parachute" up on his site for us to listen.

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Chris Richardson

According to his MySpace Page, Chris is in Miami, Florida, and is busy working on his album with ill Factor. No words yet about if he has been signed or not, but one remains optimistic that he will. Chris has written songs for his buddy Blake Lewis, as well as for Jordin Sparks and Phil Stacey. Rumors are that his collaboration with Lewis will end up being Blake's first single.

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DiMarco is a band from Vancouver, British-Columbia, and is composed of Greg Neufeld (guitar/lead vocal) - yes, he was on Canadian Idol, twice - Paul Berg (guitar/vocals), Rob Siebert (drums) and Noland Trombley (bass). The band is kicking off some unofficial tour dates starting in Maple Ridge, BC on October 18. Check their MySpace Page for additional dates in Alberta and Saskatchewan, including an acoustic show with none other than Lukas Rossi on November 3. They also have a few songs up on the page, including a killer live version of "Rewind" and "Running Away". Albums and t-shirts are available through their site. Check 'em out! They are great!

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Bo Bice

Bo's new album "See The Light" will be out soon! October 23. Don't forget! Get it! Buy it for your friends! Give it as a gift! Bo's returning to his rock/soul roots with this album. You can listen to "Witness" up on his MySpace Page. IT ROCKS!!!

Bo will also play at the Cumming Country Fair Festival in Georgia on October 11. If you are lucky enough to live in the area - GO!!!! Just GO!

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The Trews

The Antigonish, Nova-Scotia band is in full tour mode!!! With 24 dates in October, one can say they are BUSY! They are hitting London UK tonight, then off to beautiful France, where they will play 5 shows. Mais oui!!!

Check their music out at their MySpace Page. They are worth it!!!

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Steph Jones

Check out Mr. Ordinary aka Bleph Bones aka Steph Jones. Steph has been a busy working on his own stuff but also working with Blake Lewis for his upcoming album. Give him some love! Not only is he a cutie but he's also a talented and funny cutie! :)

You can check him out at his MySpace Page and listen to some of his songs. His new album will be coming out soon, so make sure to check him out!

Matchbox 20

The new Matchbox 20 album, Exile on Mainstream is here!!! You can order it off of iTunes or through M20's online store.

While you are purchasing the album, watch An Exclusive Live Show From Matchbox Twenty Featuring Songs From The New Album, Exile on Mainstream And The New Single “How Far We’ve Come”. Click HERE to watch!

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