Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reality Dish - American Idol Countdown Week Sunday

Murtz Jaffer Interviews 2007 American Idol Runner-Up Blake Lewis

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MJ: Tell me about "You Give Love A Bad Name" because I thought that was the hottest thing that I have ever seen. I have never seen anything like that on Idol before.

BL: Thank you. That came from... I am way into electronic music and in 1993, Oracle came out with Halcyon (which is like the track that really really got me into electronic music). And I heard that song and "You Give Love A Bad Name"... just that "shot through the heart" mixed in with Belinda Carlisle, and how there was controversy on how they sound exactly the same (which they totally do) and I was just like 'if I make it on the show...' cause we get the theme weeks and we know what all the themes are going to be. That would be the track because I am not a big Bon Jovi fan but I like a couple of his songs and definitely that one is my favorite. So I was just like I am changing that song. I was going to do it just me beatboxing and drums because as soon as I met Teddy and watched him play drums, I was just like 'oh, I gotta battle him.' Because my drummer at home is like drum and bass and we can do this four-hour, we can do like four hours together just vocals and drums. I was like America and the world is not just going to get it if it just beatboxing and drums. For me, that's great because all I wanted to do being on the show is balance the beatboxing with the vocals and this is the perfect opportunity for that because honestly, everyone's like criticizing me for beatboxing too much but I really didn't even do it at all. It made it look like it's more of a gimmick for me and it's not because it's such an awesome art form and there's so many talented people out there.

Murtz Jaffer Interviews Chris Richardson

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MJ: And I was going to ask you, how would you describe your musical style?

CR: Rock and soul. I love live band. I would say Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz.

MJ: Yeah, because you did that "Geek In The Pink" right?

CR: Yeah, I did "Geek In The Pink." And that was fun to do but I still wouldn't do that type of music. It's a little too urban for me. But I had fun doing it. I write more intuitive. I love songwriting. I have been writing for Jordin, and I have been writing with Blake on his album and Phil for his country album. It's good too because you are building credibility as a writer...

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