Monday, September 10, 2007

Canadian Idol - Final Performances

I haven't done those in a while... But hey, it's the finale.... Might as well finish what I started! :)

OMG, the Brian pimping was sickening tonight. Granted, I'd be mighty pissed if JayDee wins, and judging by the huge difference in the level of performance tonight, Brian wins by a landslide. But still, wow, the Brian pimping was gosh awful. Poor JayDee, I felt bad for him.

JayDee - Who Says You Can't Go Home - I thought that was JayDee's best performance on the show. I thought that suited him really well. Yeah, sure, the physical performance could have used some oumph, but, as Jake said at the end, it is a singing competition... And JayDee sang that song really well.

Brian - This Ain't a Love Song - fuck, Brian was on FIRE tonight. I'll have to download those three songs he did tonight, he was really awesome. I loved all the emotion he put in this song - he seemed a bit nervous, but he was good.

1-0 Brian

JayDee - Idol song - It's too bad he was singing so low at first that we couldn't hear him well. That kid's got a strong voice - did you guys see where he holds his mike when he belts out? Damn. Yep, back to the song... Really meh for JayDee.

Brian - As Jake said, it felt like Brian had written this song. Very powerful and emotional delivery. Loved it.

2-0 Brian

JayDee - It's Not Unusual - Disagree that this song waas best suited to JayDee then the other's he's done tonight. Not great, but not bad either. Poor JayDee, he seemed like he was about to cry quite a few times.

Brian - Alleluia - That was the "In a Dream" Bo Bice Canadian Idol Moment. WOW.

3-0 Brian

Yeah, Brian should win. But will he?

And Zach? SHUT THE FUCK UP. Reminding people that Greg and Brian were in the B2 together is NOT a good thing to do.

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