Monday, September 3, 2007

American Idol Tour, Syracuse, NY, September 2 2007


Two Stars to Idolize


Lewis, known throughout the TV season for his beat-box delivery as much as his singing voice, proved that his vocals are at least as strong as the sounds he makes. His thoroughly gorgeous version of "She Will Be Loved" shimmied into a passionate "With or Without You," simmering enough to make the original singer, U2 superstar Bono, proud. That led into a rocking "Shot Through the Heart."

If Lewis had performed with this much confidence and stage presence on TV, he might have been the one introduced by the others as "your American Idol" on the grandstand stage.

Chris Richardson also flashed star power with "This Love Has Taken Its Toll." He also lost a beat-box duel with Lewis, but not by much. Who knew he was hiding that talent all season long?

Idol concert energetic and entertaining


Chris Richardson really shone with "This Love Has Taken its Toll," as well as a beat-boxing duel with Blake, in which Chris Rich held his own.

The crowd in Syracuse seemed partial to Blake Lewis who revived the best of his songs from the competition. He closed out the first half of the show with "Time of the Season," "She Will be Loved," "With or Without You," and a solid "Shot Through the Heart." His vocals seem much stronger than when he was on the show, and live, his energy onstage is impressive.


Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson beatboxing
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Idol Band - Crazy
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Blake Lewis beat boxing
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Blake Lewis...She will be loved
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Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name
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