Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's on your iPod - revisited

So almost a month ago I listed the top 10 most played songs on my player. They were:

1-Gots To Get Her - Blake Lewis
2-Powerless To Change - Greg Neufeld
3-Geek in the Pink - Jason Mraz
4-How Many Words - Blake Lewis
5-You and I Both - Jason Mraz
6-Maybe - Jim McGorman
7-Be Still - Kelly Clarkson
8-You Can't Always Get What You Want - Jim McGorman
9-Daughters - John Mayer
10-Running Away - DiMarco

They have not changed since.

So I decided to put my player on random and press play to see what would come up, without skipping a song. No matter how embarrassed I may be, I'll list what came up...

1-Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
OMG!!! How cheesy is that song? Ever since I was a little girl, people would sing that song to me (for obvious reasons). My first ever crush constantly sang it to me. It evokes lots of memories for me... I've met people who love the songs, others who totally hate it. But most people I meet start to sing the song to me... So yeah, I guess I'm stuck with it for the rest of my life!

2-Blue Collar Man - Styx
I love me some old school Styx. It's just plain old good rock and roll!!! Now Blue Collar Man is not my favorite of the lot, but it's an awesome rock song nonetheless. Domo Arigato Mr Roboto anyone?

3-If I Fall - Matchbox 20
From their new album Exile on Mainstream, this cool song has some english 60's pop influences. Catchy, foot taping, bob your head to the music. Cool!

4-Angel of My Soul - Corey Hart
Oh dear.... Corey Hart was the very first singer I fell in love with back in my teenage years. I had posters of him on my walls, I wanted to have all his albums and wanted to see him in concert (which I never did incidentally). Of course it was his album Boy in the Box that drew me in, especially with his famous Sunglasses at night. As time went on, I always bought his albums, no matter if I liked them or not. There are songs from him that I absolutely adore, others I really cannot listen to. One thing always remained tho - I think he is a really talented songwriter.

5-Best Wishes to Your Black Lungs - Less Than Jake
I adore Less Than Jake!!! Always high energy songs, always make me want to dance like a total fool around my house. This song is no exception! Lots of horns, crazy drums, great guitars... I dare you to listen to that song and not tap your foot or bob your head!

6-Got Myself to Blame - The Trews
Great amazing Canadian band. I adore them! The singer has a particular voice, one that brings lots of oumph to the songs. This particular song is VERY catchy!!! I love the electric banjo...

7-Least Complicated - Indigo Girls
To be very very honest, I have not listen to the Indigo Girls in a long time. This is probably one of my favorite songs from them. I love the harmonies and the counter-singing, the banjo, the guitar... It's really nice.

8-Human - Blake Lewis
Here's what I wrote about this song in early december - it is still true!

"This is currently my very favorite. Co-written with Chris Richardson, the robotic intro grabs you right away. The vocals are stellar on this, letting Blake's voice shine bright. The lyrics are amazing, the bridge is pure genius - falsettos, robotic vocals, beatboxing - brilliant. The chorus is so damn catchy, I knew it all after only two listen (and that's a big accomplishment in my mind). The fact that this song didn't make the album just blows my mind and makes me wonder how many other gems currently sit in Blake Lewis' music journal." - from Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream - Album Review

9-Star Song - Bowling For Soup
*LOL* I've downloaded the album a while ago, and never got around to listen to all of the songs... I didn't know this one. Oups!

10-Sky is Falling - Lifehouse
That band is my guilty pleasure. I love the smoothness of their songs and the unusual voice of the singer. It just puts me in a relaxed mood every time I listen to them.

So, yep, my tastes are pretty varied. Folks music, ska, rock, pop, alternative, hip-hop, heavy metal... I even have some country songs, blues, jazz, classic rock, punk, r&b... I really do enjoy and love all kinds of music!

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