Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Andrew Austin - Just The Way I Feel - Album Review

I picked up Andrew Austin's album, Just The Way I Feel just about 2 weeks ago. The album is available for purchase at CD Baby. One can also listen to the album tracks there. Here's what I thought of the album, as well as some lyrics from each song.

Just The Way I Feel


1. Intro
Such a nice, mellow start to the album, nice lead in to the first song...

"I have come here to rest my bones
After 48 hours on the phone
It seems to me you put me in my place
After 48 hours in outer space..."

2. Just the Way I Feel
Nice groovy song. Horns give this a nice jazzy feel to it. I cannot help but move to this song, snapping my fingers, swaying my hips.

"It's not gonna be my fault this time,
Just the way I feel..."

3.This is Love
I really like Andrew's vocals on this one. The piano adds a nice little touch to this funky tune. This song is totally amazing live!

"If you think that this is love, I did too
Give me something deep, from your soul
I know It's the music that makes it so..."

Sexy, sexy song! I absolutely adore the piano on this, it gives it a bit of a melancholic feel to it. Very well written.

"I'm not privy to what you say
The silence rarely gets us anywhere anyway
I know you think that I'm too late
I'm still gonna sit right here and wait..."

Although in the liner notes, that last line was printed as "But I still think you're fucking great..."

5.I Get Lonely
I adore the strong reggae vibe of that song. Very very cool.

"Last night I did not sleep a wink
My pillow's too wet with the tears I cry
Can't see down to put my shoes on
My body counts as a carry on..."

6.Turn Me Over
Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice (I love Andrew's lower register, wow), gorgeous acoustic guitar, addictive chorus. Mmmmm...

"Turn me over on love
It's not like I need it
We haven't spoken in days now
Cuz you don't care
That's what probably is making me sad..."

My absolute favorite from the album. This simple piano tune lets Andrew's soft vocals shine brightly. This song is beautiful live, played on piano and guitar...

"Sleep beneath the lights my darling sleep
Oh sleep
I would love to kiss your mouth but I won't
Ruin this moment

I won't say a word
The silence speaks louder
At least that's what I heard
I won't say a word

This love will never come back
This love has run its last lap
this love will never come back..."

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great review! I'm just about to publish my own review of Andrew with a live video of his performance at Canadian Music Week. I would love to talk to you about writing for The Ongoing Music Documentary. We'll get you accredited with a media pass for VFEST, EdgeFest, etc.

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Hope to hear from you soon,
Christien ;)