Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greg Neufeld - New Songs!!!


Greg Neufeld is getting ready to release his debut album! To give us a little taste as to what is to come, he has put some new songs up on his new MySpace Page. The songs are"

Leaving Song
Your Eyes

The songs are great... Beautiful lyrics and melodies... And of course, the vocals are killer! Go now and give him a listen!

And add him as a friend on his new MySpace Page.


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Fledgling Poet said...

Hi Bouffe, I love your blog...I saw your link to it in the PL lounge at RBL. I wish I was seeing Greg/Lukas this coming week -- I have a feeling you'll be there. lol

I'll definitely be back here to have some great info on some great musicians! :~) TGIF~~

(oh, it's me -- xxlukasxx, by the way)