Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Auditions - Hamilton, Ottawa, St. John's and Halifax

More auditions!!!

Alright, what is up with the weird start? We are shown a mock audition, with mock judges played by kids, with a mock contestant, even a fake Ben! *L* Too cute.

We start with Ottawa...

Jonny Whitehead welcomes us in our nation's capital. If he can go overseas and have bombs flying over his head, he can certainly audition in front of the Canadian Idol judges, right? Yes, he certainly can. You are going to Toronto, baby!

A lot of people have told the next contestant, Kelsi Schauerte, that she sounds like Kelly Clarkson. No Golden Ticket for Kelsi, but a hug for Zach!

Lisa Closs is a terrible singer, according to Zach. Jake can't say if he agrees or not, he had his ears plugged all the way trough. Gotta say, for once, I myself do agree with Zach.

Celene Donnelly just wants to have fun. She might be the only one in the room who does.

Dan Young plays guitar and sings, music is his life. He says he's doing that for his mom who has cancer and is dying. His song choice for the audition is not very melodic, but there is a sincerity in his raspy voice that is quite touching. Farley says no, but Dan still goes through. He goes to the hospital to show his mother the Golden Ticket... Very touching moment. Sadly, we learn at the end that his mom passed away some times in 2008.

Kristine Lankinen, Business graduate, singer and bartender, self admitted geek. She sings "Alone" by Heart. She seems nervous, balancing her arms back and forth... But she pulls through, the judges like her, and she's on her way to Toronto!

Ryan Mawla comes right out and admits he use to be a man, but now he's a girl. A bit heavy for a pre-audition package, but I kinda like the honesty. Zach actually shows an open mind and a lot of compassion towards Ryan, saying that music might not be the right vehicle to express who he is, but that the message he/she wants to convey is important. Ryan then talks to Jully Black, saying she inspires him/her. Hugs, tears, touching moment.

We are now in Hamilton, hometown of the current Canadian Idol, Brian Melo!

Nicholaus J Gordon is up first. 16, with a beard, singing "Rehab" in a weird voice... Still he goes through... I guess uniqueness won over good voice...

Rufus shakes his groovy thing to "Get Down Tonight". Energetic audition that earns him a Golden Ticket!

Barbara Griffore says she is our next Canadian Idol. Hum, not so much.

Bill Smith. Yep, his audition was as monotone as his name is boring. He does talk back to Zach, which is actually entertaining.

Sarah Dillon. No, just no.

Jade Padua has a background in acting, singing and dancing. She has a good voice, is on pitch... But maybe not entirely herself? Jake thinks that they'll be able to break her and beat her into being herself. I guess we'll see, since she's going to Toronto!

Jessica Sheppard almost made it to the top 22 last year. And she's back for more. See you in T.O., baby...

Construction worker Adam Castelli is no stranger to the music scene. He use to be in a band with his brother, had a record ready before his brother had a huge accident. So Adam hopes Canadian Idol can help him rebuild his dreams. He starts out his audition by talk-singing his lyrics... Very strange. Then he starts to really sing his chorus... Great, great, great. The judges all love how he touches them emotionally. Off to T.O. you go, baby!

Online auditions were accepted this year, and 11 hopeful impressed the judges enough to go on to the top 200. Hum... Not sure I like the online audition thing...

And here we are on the east coast!

Mark Day, the 90 year old baby face, sings "The Power of Love". Not my kind of singer, but the guy can sing... He's on his way to The Big Smoke!

A little montage of funny judges noises and guitar players who really are not. Later, we meet Lindsay Barr. Good performance ability, nice tone, off to Toronto she goes!

Mitch MacDonald is a very proud Cap Bretoner who comes from a musical family of traditional dancing and singing. He's got quite a unique voice, nice tone, interesting personality... He had Sass at Hello, and he's on his way to Toronto!

Ben needs other kinds of shirts...

Luke and Jock do the original canadian idol song to a string of "no, no, no, no, no" from the judges. They don't make it either.

Next week, the Top 200 goes to Toronto and will get cut down to 22.... Stay tuned!

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