Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 24 Performances Part 2

The rest of the Top 24 perform tonight....

Jesse Cottam - Rebel Yell
How refreshing to hear some good old rock on Canadian Idol! It's a tough one for me - if I consider the performance by itself, I thought it was pretty good. Jesse's voice lack a bit of grit and anger to really pull of that song, but still, he was believable and did a good job. Now, if I take that performance and pin it against other covers of the same song (JD Fortune, Lukas Rossi), I'd say the arrangement was way to sedate, and Jesse's vocals way to rounded. Over all, I can say I liked it.

Mark Day - Alone
What an odd choice... While he sang it really well, I can't say I liked it a whole lot. It was ballsy to tackle such a song on the first night, but it was just too weird for me to hear a man sing that song. The physical performance... Very cruise ship-y to me. I do enjoy his personality tho. Zach is not in a good mood - just shut the fuck up Zach, ok?

Jessica Sheppard - Get Here (If You Can)
I love the tone of her voice - deep and rich and just beautiful. I'm not crazy about all the runs she seems to feel obligated to sing. She looked and sounded really nervous in the beginning. The bridge was great tho.

Shaun Francisco - Yellow
I sat there watching him with my mouth open. And no, it was not a good thing. The very first note was so awful, it made me frown and gasp audibly. His voice was really weird throughout, too low in places, too strong in others and his falsetto was really weak. And is it just me, or he forgot lyrics and made up shit? I think this was by far the worse we've seen so far, last night included.

Lindsay Robins - River Deep, Mountain High
The really high notes were screechy as hell, but I LOVE her rock edge, the grit to her voice, her little punk attitude. The way she walked around the stage, she reminded me of Avril Lavigne. I enjoyed that very much. And I love her red plaid pants!

Omar Lunan - Every Breath You Take
Now THAT was GOOD!!! I am so not the kind of person who loves a singer who sings runs... But Omar really made it work in this song. His phrasing and the way he held notes really served him well to make the song his own. His tone was perfect for this song. He struggled a tiny bit in the bridge, but it doesn't really matter, because the rest of it was awesome. My very favorite so far, including last night.

Marie-Pierre Bellerose - You Know I’m No Good
The jazzy vibe fits her, but that song was soooooooooooo boooooooooooooo riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I love her tone, and when she went into her higher register, her voice has this sexy, raspy rocker edge that I love. But the rest... Meh. I do like her tho, so I hope she sticks around.

Ben slamming Amy Winehouse had me drop my jaw!!!! *LMAO*!!!!

Sebastian Piggot - Dark Horse
Poor guy is living in his brother's shadow - I enjoyed listening to him talk in his pre-performance package. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the casual sitting down on the stairs, elbows on knees, mike hanging low when he was not using it and then the holding on to the mike stand as he sings. He kinda lost me during the chorus, as I felt he was behind the music and the band was overpowering him. It was good, but not quite there. One thing's for sure, he did miles better than his bro. Clever title for a song choice - he might just be a dark horse in this race. Wow, he's tall - taller than Ben. He looks much smaller when he stands on his own.

Theo Tams - Apologize
Wow, the boy's got balls to do such a modern, well known song. He did it really, really well. I liked that he did not go into his falsetto right away during the chorus, instead waiting until the end. He's got a wonderful falsetto... So gorgeous. I enjoyed the fuller sound during the chorus, and love, love, love Theo's tone. Not crazy about the runs and the vibrato, but it was still a great performance. I might have to revise my statement, this might be my favorite so far...

Amberly Thiessen - What Am I To You
I was not expecting the country vibe from her, but it works. She sang this beautifully. Very nice. She looked really comfortable up there. I like her.

Adam Castelli - Mess Around
I enjoyed the blues vibe for Adam. I was hoping for a bit more dirt on the vocals in the verses, but all in all it was good!

Katelyn Dawn - Hallelujah
She sang great. And the folksy kind of vibe really suits her. But if she wanted to go that route, she should have done a Spirit of The West song or a Great Big Sea song. That folksy vibe did NOT suit this particular song at all. This was the Canadian version of Kristy Lee Cook's Eight Days a Week. Me no likey at all. And it's too bad to end the night on that note, because the last 5-6 performances were really strong.

Overall, tonight was much, much stronger than yesterday. I was surprised that yesterday was so middle of the road while tonight was pretty darn good!

My Top 3 tonight:
Theo Tams
Omar Lunan
Sebastian Piggot

My Bottom 3:
Shaun Francisco
Katelyn Dawn
Mark Day

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