Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blake Lewis - Canal Room, NYC - June 24th 2008

Thank you to measureinlove for the videos!


You Give Love a Bad Name - The crowd sings the chorus while Blake "drums" - really cool. There's also a long beatboxing bit. Love it!

She Will Be Loved / With Or Without You - Damn I love this cover he does.

1000 Miles - Off his album ADD - love, love, love

Emotional Waterfalls

She Loves The Way - Holy Fuck I love this song. Best is still the original one he did on Halloween 2006, but still.....

How Many Words

From greeneyesxo

Introduction & Improv

Some cute Blake chatter


Whatcha Got 2 Loose

We Came to Get Down & Billie Jean

1000 Miles

She Will Be Loved/With or Without You

Living On a Prayer

Talking about Bon Jovi

America The Beautiful

More Blake Chatter

Here's My Hello

Emotional Waterfalls

She Loves The Way

Encore / How Many Words

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