Monday, June 9, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Auditions - Montreal, Vancouver & Winnipeg

And the auditions continue in Vancouver!

We are treated to Lloyd Robertson, CTV news anchor, auditioning for the judges. It's cute.

We first start in La Belle Province biggest city, Montreal!!! I always love the auditions in Montreal - being francophone myself, I love hearing the "frogs" (of which I am proudly part of) accents, as well as the "blokes" accent when pronouncing french words. :)

Philippe Bournival is up first. Singing Alice Cooper's "School's Out", let's just say he didn't quite cut it.

Adam Olszewski sings "Hallelujah" while playing the accordion. Only in Quebec! *L*

Ralph Zeidan, 20, from Laval, Quebec, talks about how he is a seasoned performer. He's pretty confident, cocky even. Does he bring it? Nope, he does not.

Khuram Sher sings "Complicated" for the judges, complete with dance moves, INCLUDING the moon walk. Funny guy, but no singer.

Melanie Ouimet sings and dances and just doesn't make it.


There she is, there she finally is, a golden ticket winner. Amberly Thiessen sings "Wasted" and the judges love her. Farley has some reservations, but still says yes. Sass says the next Canadian Idol might be someone very much like her.

Our favorite shiny host, Ben Mulroney, shows a different side of him with this blooper clip. Funny.

Philippe Langelier comes in, metal adorning his forearms, voice ready to blow away the judges. Both his parents are opera singers, but Philippe favors the dead metal style. He's got a funny personality, and quite the dead metal voice... The judges ask for his dad to come see them; he and Philippe end up singing together. Right there and then, we discover that Philippe can really sing, but he choses not to with this dead metal thing... He still gets a golden ticket, for "shits and giggles" as Zach says. Well, ok, he says "for the fun of it", but that is what he meant. I know it. Canada, prepare yourselves for steel!!!

Katherine St-Laurent, 16, sings "Love is a Battlefied". She has quite a mature voice, with a bit of rasp in there. The judges love her.

Vancouver, it's your turn to show us your stuff!!!

Shaun Francisco is back for another audition. I didn't find him that good... Jakes said he was boring. After lots of arguing between Shaun and Jake, the other three judges say yes and Shaun's on his way to Toronto.

Originally from the Land Down Under, James Thomas-Hall sings a song of his own composition. "This Song's Gonna Get Stuck In Your Head" has the judges laughing and clapping and having a good time. Although Zach thinks it was a simple, good idea, the judges send him on his way without a ticket.

Andrew Hennings certainly is not shy when performing. He dances his way through an unsuccessful audition, as his voice did not cut it. Boy.

And here comes The King of Swing Pacific Hotel and Casino singer, Pat Milino, 22. Very lizard lounge-y kind of singer... until the judges ask him to sing O Canada. Golden Ticket!

After a long, rather boring segment with Jully Black and some contestants, we meet Mozhdah Jamalzadah. Originally from Afganisthan, her family went into exile in Pakistan for a year, then moved to Canada. She's got a nice enough voice, but doesn't project at all. She doesn't go through.

Then it's Vincent Vorkpor's turn. He's originally from West Africa, and always wanted to be a singer. He sings "I'm Every Woman" to Sass (changing up the pronouns, of course). He's going to Toronto!

Winnipeg, show us what you got!

Jully Black fills in for Ben, who's in LA for the Oscars. Oh dear.

Kayla Luky, 19, sings "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", guitar in hand. She does a good job, sound perhaps a bit too much like K.T. Tundstall. The judges love her and send her to The Big Smoke!

Laura Gallant sings (really? sing???) "Love is a Battlefield". Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Katelyn Dawn, 18, comes in to save the day. Guitar in hands she sings another K.T. Tundstall song, "Hold On". The judges love her, except for Sass (and I agree with her). Zach says, and I quote that "if you are not in the top 10 this year I'm a monkey's uncle". Oh Zach......

Steven Porter, 16, gets a Golden Ticket!

There were quite a bit of people who got a Golden Ticket in Winnipeg, but we don't see many of them. We are treated to a short clip of all of the Golden Ticket owners, but that's it.

Tomorrow night, auditions from Hamilton, Ottawa, St. John's and Halifax, plus featured online submissions.

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