Monday, June 23, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 24 Performances Part 1

And we are starting!!!!

Since this year the number of guys doesn't equal the number of girls, instead of having a night of all guys performances and a second night of all girls performances, we'll have two nights of male/female performances. Should be really interesting!

Lindsay Barr - Burning Love
She's got a great tone, and seems to be a good performer. But it feels like she's holding back... a lot. I hope she sticks around, because I would love to hear her sing some more soulful rock.

Martin Kerr - Lost Together
It seems to me like it should have been better? I like his voice but his mannerism really bother me. I did not like the arrangement - it seems the band was either too low or too loud. I did like when Martin reached in the middle, his veins popping out in his neck. That was good. Not the vein popping but the singing.

Gary Morissette - Good Golly Miss Molly
I like what he says in his pre-performance package - "if you have the music knowledge inside of you, you shouldn't have to think about it all too much, just let it come out and loose yourself in the music". Cool bluesy rock and roll song for his gritty vocals. The guy is crazy! He plays a guitar solo, and he's rocking the hell out on the stage. NICE!!! It cracks my shit up that Zach calls him Cyber Boy (because he auditioned online).

Tetiana Ostapowych - Feelings
While I appreciate the effort of her making this song her own, I did not like the arrangement at all. I really didn't think it suited the song, or even Tetiana's style. Very “cruise-shippy”. I am not a fan of this girl, but I am willing to give her a chance, because she can really sing.

Mitch MacDonald - Follow Through
Aw, that was nice. Dude's gotta loose the perma grin, but other than that, I enjoyed hearing something new, something not totally overdone. That vibe really suits him well. But if he's going to go the indie route and sings songs the vast majority of us have not heard, dude better sing the shit out of it everytime... He is likable, and that is something that hopefully will help him in the competition.

Paul Clifford - Broken
I really enjoyed that. Loved the slow part at the top, the band kicking in the middle with Paul's vocals soaring, and then the slow part at the end. He's got a really gravelly voice, and it worked really well for that song. Loved it.

Earl Stevenson - All Along the Watchtower
I love the soul in his voice. He seemed so nervous tho... But he pulled it off. I love what Jake said - Earl doing a Dave Matthew's version of a Jimmy Hendrix version of a Bob Dylan song. *L* It worked! I really hope he'll go far into this, I like him a lot.

Lisa Bell - Long Train Runnin’
A little Doobie Brothers for this R&B singer. LOVE the slowed down beginning. She did good with the more rocking part, too, although I would have preferred she'd keep it up with the slow. But it was really good.

Mookie Morris - Twist and Shout
While the vocals were really good and the song suited his voice, Mookie's performance was way too copycat, right down to the dancing and shaking of the head. It also did not stretch Mookie's abilities in any way. not bad but not great.

Drew Right - Under Pressure
Rocking the guyliner and the mike stand antics, Drew sings difficult one with this Queen tune. He's rather boring up until he busts out the "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" with the crescendo. Impressive! After that, he rocks it. He could have mad emore out of this in the beginning, but it was still not such a bad first effort.

Oliver Piggot - I Hear You Knocking
Nerves? Over confidence? I don't know what it was, but I was disappointed with this performance. Oliver can sing so much better than that! He seemed to have wanted to make the performance sexy, but it came off... weird for me. He tried too hard perhaps? I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon, but this was not up to par with what he can do.

Katherine St. Laurent - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Very nicely done. Her higher register gets gravelly when she reaches for the high notes, almost on the verge of her voice breaking. While I really like that, I felt her higher notes were a tiny bit screechy on this. Other than that... Very solid performance.

I enjoyed seeing more experienced performers sing on the Idol stage tonight. It makes a big difference on how they respond to the criticism, how they handle themselves, how they answer questions, etc. I think over all it was a good start of the season. Some performers will have to adjust, some will have to shake the nerves and go for it, some will have to tone it down.

Ben makes me laugh. He can be very cheesy, but he always makes me laugh. "Eclipse Totale du Coeur". *LOL*

So, my Top 3 tonight:


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