Monday, June 23, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 200

The grueling process of wading through all 200 singers and keeping only the best 24 - yes, it's a Top 24 this year! - is starting. Who will go on to the Top 24? Who will go home?

Many contestants explain what it means to be in the Top 200 and how important it is for them to make the Top 24. There's a really, really nice Great Big Sea song playing the background that I cannot place - anyone know what it is?

Before the contestants have a chance to show what stuff they are made of, the judges talk to them and give them advice:

Sass - You gotta feel your song, because I have to buy it from you.

Jake - Put your spin on whatever song you are asked to sing. this is going to be the most important thing for you on this show.

Farley - You have to have some kind of image of yourself with confetti and balloons falling on your head or you shouldn’t be here.

Zach - Do something to make us believe you are an entertainer who can win this show.

One by one, the contestants sing in front of the judges. Those who impress stay, those who don't go home after only one day of being in Toronto.

Adam Castelli is up first. "Last minute change, I'll do something fun here", says Adam before launching into a kick ass version of “What I’d Say”. Zacj asks him what he was going to sing instead of “What I’d Say”, and Adam answers "Sexual Healing". "It's been a long week, and well, I need some", says Adam to a laughing panel of judges.

Philippe Langelier, the trash metal singer with an opera singer dad, is up next. Singing, "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)", Philippe uses his real voice to audition. Will that be enough to make him go through...

Alex Simpson is next, and has about 10 seconds on air...

Regan Hiebert sings "Heard Through The Grapevine", and he's not half bad.

Mark Masztalerz has a strong Bob Dylan vibe. Me no likey.

Mark Sparks and Greg Von Euw offers us a bit if swing...

The first cut is made, and Adam Catelli is on to day 2....

The next group is up, and Dan Young sings for his mother, who passed away just after Dan made it to Toronto. His rendition of "Innocent" by Our Lady Peace was really good. And he is on to Day 2. BOOOOOYAAAHHH!!

Oliver Piggot performs his version of Sting’s Fields of Gold. Gorgeous. Contestants in line behind him, waiting for their turn, are grooving to his voice, clapping for him when he's done. Free pass to Day 2 for this brother.

Katelyn Dawn sings next, and while she does well, there's just something that doesn't quite connect for me.

If Omar Lunan can keep the runs in check, I will really, really like him. Great voice, great stage presence, awesome, awesome chops.

Jessica Sheppard seems so nervous. She was cut right before the Top 22 last year, and seems determined but so very nervous.

Rocker chick Lindsay Barr really impresses me. Great vibe, great sound.

Vincent Vorkpor, who made his entire outfit, sings Cheap Tricks' "I Want You To Want Me". Yeah, not feeling it. He's got a great personality, but his voice is not up to par, in my opinion.

Of that group, everyone is on to Day 2!

Martin Kerr, sang "Yellow" by Coldplay, and totally won Zach over. He gets a free pass to Day 2. I loved it.

Carly Campbell has a big, soulful voice. I hope she goes far, I like her a lot.

Kristine Lankinen has a hard time with her song - the judges think it was a terrible song choice. They give her a second chance to come back and sing something different.

Jonny Whitehead, the army guy, sings "Kryptonite". He seems a bit nervous but confident. The judges didn't think he stepped up to the plate at all. It seems that Jonny changed his song choice at the last minute, which proved to be a mistake.

Lindsay Robins delivers an amazing version of “The Show Must Go On”. WOW.

Theo Tams delivers a very emotional rendition of “Arms of An Angel ”. GORGEOUS His falsetto is AMAZING. If he can keep his tendency to sing runs in check... I will love this guy. Free pass on to day 2 for him!

Kristine Lankinen comes back for a second chance at impressing the judges. She sings "Alone", and I'm disappointed. Still, she goes on to day 2.

And on to group auditions... It's the first time Canadian Idol allows mixed male/female group for the auditions. Should be interesting...

Expectations were high for Martin Kerr/Shaun Francisco/Paul Clifford/Lindsay Robins 's group. They totally delivered! The judges are really impressed, Zach going as far as to say that this group might have been one of the best he's seen in all 6 years of Idol.

Oh no, bad group auditions galore. Jake yawns. I yawn with him.

Carly Campbell/Kristine Lankinen/?'s group sound really good together. The judges really liked Carly.

Omar Lunan's group shines with "Wishing Well". WOW!

More group auditions...

One of the girls is sick and needs to go see the doctor, which puts her group in a bad position. They rework their song as a duet, hoping the sick girl will understand.

We get a string of group auditioning with "Black Horse and A Cherry Tree"

Earl Stevenson's group is a hot mess. It really does nothing for me... So is Taylor and Nicholaus group. On the other hand, Theo Tam/Katelyn Dawn/?'s group and Gary Morisette's group is totally awesome! Gary is one of those who auditioned online.

The sick girl, Lisa Bell, is back and Marie-Pierre Bellerose and Hugo take her back into the group. The guy falls in the background as the two girls are having a sing off. Personally I prefer Marie-Pierre's tone...

Last group of group sing. Euh......

It's Tatiana, Mookie and the Piggot Brothers to audition with Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. They sounded the best out of everyone. WOW!!! The Brothers are going to be a force to reckon with.

The judges then announce who will be coming back the next day, nd who will not. Another round of auditions awaits us before the Top 24 is revealed!

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