Thursday, June 5, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Auditions - Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton

Dont you feel it growin, day by day
People gettin ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play
What the people need
Is a way to make em smile
It aint so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through
Oh now mama, dont you ask me why

Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

And here we go again! Canadian Idol is ready to fill our ears and eyes with talented performers for a sixth season. For the third year - yes, I am a late bloomer - I'll be recapping the shows every week. So let's start RIGHT NOW!!!

Our well tanned host Ben Mulroney starts us off with a recap of all the previous seasons, concentrating especially on the last one. Oh, I spy my Greggy in there!!!!

First person to sing in front of the judges - Gary Sneddon. Damn the guy cannot sit still! He's bouncing all over the place, talking fast and nervously. His singing is not great... The judges tell him he's just a weird dude and can't sing. Bye Gary...

Diana Salvatore is next, singing "Piece of My Heart". And littereally blow the judges out of their seats with a huge, no so good scream.

M.C. Yep, that's his name, M.C. Woo! Not sure what' he's singing, but it's NOT good. Funny, but not good.

16 yo Taylor Abrahmse comes in with his guitar and sings his own version of a Queen song (I can't place it at the moment). He's not bad... Zach tells him he reminds him of a bad chewing gum commercial - Taylor launches into the song "The taste is gonna move ya..." Funny stuff. And here's the first to get a gold ticket!

Vanessa Kalala, who pierced her own lip, is up next. Ear screeching.

Tatiana Ostapowych. American Idol watchers, remember her? She auditioned in San Diego last season and got a Golden Ticket. And she gets one for Canadian Idol, too. Blech. She's a good singer... But just like last year, she leaves me really, really cold.

Single dad Omar Lunan says he is one of those singers who can bring back the emotions in music. The judges love his personality and his voice. Golden Ticket!

Next up, the Pigott Borthers. Cutie pies right there who grew up in Portugal and have been on the music scene ever since their pre-teen years. First to perform for the judges is Oliver, 27. Jake LOVES him, says it's the best audition he's ever heard in his life. Zach wants to reserve judgement and hear the other bro before he decides. So in comes Sebastian, 25. Holy James Dean! says Zach. They bring them back both into the room to deliver their fate. The 4 judges agree that Oliver is the better musician of the two, but that Sebastian has tons of personality. They both go through, and I gotta say, I am very much looking forward to what they'll do. Love both of their voices.

Edmonton, here we are!!!

Courtney Waldie looks familiar to the judges. She's never auditioned before. And I hope she never auditions again.

A little R&B hip-hop white guy in the middle of cowboy country? Meet Franco Baccari. 4 nos, but Franco doesn't seem to get the hint. Security!!!

Guitar instructor by day, musician by night, here's Jesse Cottam, 23. He's the lead singer of the band 7 angels. All the judges have to say to him is "You're in!"

Julia Black warms up the crowd before more contestants go in to meet the judges. Maybe she warmed them up just a tad too much...

The next person walks in with huge pit stains. Boy was sweating BUCKETS. Theo Tams is the name, and he sings "Collide". VERY nice. Golden ticket!

And it's time for a little country medley of contestants. Meh.

And here's a rocker, Aaron Biblow. And well, to make an easy joke... He blows.

Jason Morgan with a red guitar! Sass gets arrhythmia, while Zach has lost his chipmunks.

Alena Cherry makes Jake laugh. Good or bad thing? Yeah.

Greg McKenna - dude, your life will go on. And so will ours, without you. Sorry!

Meanwhile Julia Black is getting her freak on with the contestants outside waiting to see the judges. Oh boy.

Brianne Chalifour, who comes from a very small town north of Saskatoon, sings Barracuda. She's not bad, but she's not great... Jake tells her no, but Zach (WTF Zach???) offers her a Golden Ticket so she can have a "life changing experience".

Big girls don't cry... *sigh*

Earl Stevenson, 23,from Lloydminster, AB. Hole digger, snowboarder and singer. And Golden Ticket Holder! Wow, the guy is mellow, has got a great voice with soul... I don't think we've seen even the tip of what this guy can do. I mean, he sang "Heard It Through The Grapevine" in a pretty mellow manner. Can't wait!!

Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg next week!!!

Stand outs for me this week? The Pigott Brothers, Jesse Cottam, Theo "Pit Stains" Tams and Earl Stevenson. Big surprise, all guys. *LOL*


Anonymous said...

re aaron biblow.... i agree that his audition wasn't that great. he agrees that his audition wasn't that great... but he sang for me tonight at my work and he was actually really good. like really really good. so i suggest that all you edmonton ppl go to battle of the bands and check him out.

Bouffe said...

I recognize that some singers are better live than on tv.... I don't live in Edmonton tho...

Jordan said...

I've known Aaron Biblow a while now. No, his audition wasn't that impressive. Now I swear he's got more talent in his pinky finger then all of the winners of the Idol series.
Check out his band, I'm not trying to advertise, I'm helping my boyfriend get the exposure he deserves.

Bouffe said...

Hey Jordan, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you posted the myspace for Aaron's band - I had not heard any of their music until today. I don't think what the band does is the kind of music for me, but I have to admit that Aaron sounds 10 times better on those recordings than he did on Canadian Idol.

So thanks for the link! And good luck to Aaron.