Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 24 - Results

Before we get the results, we are treated to a very nice segment of group numbers - the contestants sing in groups, some with the same groups they had during the group audition rounds, playing the song they auditioned with, too. This is such a great idea - some of those auditions were so great, why not showcase them? Other groups who did not audition together are also formed. Gotta say, I really love this - it shows us the contestants in a different light. And it's so much better than all the filler they give us on AI's results shows!

First up is Shaun, Paul, Lindsay Robbins and Martin with Have You Ever Seen The Rain.Shaun is playing the piano and Paul is playing the guitar. Soooooooooooo good!

Singing Midnight Hour, now it is Adam and Lindsey. Lindsey is playing the acoustic guitar and Adam the electric guitar. This group did not audition together tho.

Old Time Rock And Roll with Mookie, Earl, Mark and Jessica. That group did not audition together either. Mookie and Earl are playing the guitar... They are sounding good! Especially Earl and Mookie.

Mitch, Amberly, Jesse and Katelyn are now playing Yellow. The two guys are playing the guitar and are sounding GREAT on that song, especially Mitch. The harmonizing is really nice!

Drew, Omar and Garry and playing Heard It Through The Grapevine. They put a little bit of a twist on the song and they are sounding GREAT together and by themselves. Love it!

Tetiana, Oliver and Sebastian sing Fly Like An Eagle. They auditioned together with Mookie, and their song was so great then... And this? Even better. WOW! Sebastian sounds AWESOME on this. They really play around with the song, an even throw in a bit of Seal's Crazy at the end. I don't like Tetiana, but I have to say, I was impressed with her on this. Very, very nice!

With Imagine, we have now Theo, Lisa, Marie-Pierre and Katherine. Beautiful harmonizing.


Starting with the Monday Night crew... Wow, Ben goes right into it... Tetiana and Lindsay Barr did not receive enough votes, and they are sent home. And wow, Ben goes right into the Tuesday Night crew, and announces that Lindsay Robbins and Shaun Francisco are going home as well.


I am not a fan of Tetiana - I've said it enough time here already - but I thought she'd last longer. She had started to won me over, especially with that group performance tonight. Very surprised she's going. Disappointed the two Lindsay are going, as I liked their edgier voice. I was hoping Shaun would go, as he clearly was the worse of the crew last night.

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