Friday, November 9, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 8

Tonight was a really, really good night!

8 of the 10 remaining bands were performing songs from Billy Joel. Side note - I LOVE me some Billy Joel. His songs are beautiful, his lyrics are gorgeous and his music is timeless.

All the bands were really good tonight. It'll really be a question of preferences from now on. Excellent song choice all around, too.

Franklin Bridge - Big Shot

I thought their sound was much cleaner compare to last week. Still, I felt that made them a bit sloppy, if that makes any sense. Still, it was a good performance. The singer flubbed an awful lot of the lyrics tho...

Cliff Wagner and the Old No. 7 - You May Be Right

I thought it was a nice arrangement. A bit monotone for such an energetic song, but all in all, I thought it worked. It was fun!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Tell Her About It

Awwwww... Denver had a baby!!! So cute. Anywya, he band sounded AWESOME on this. This song was tailor-made for them! Great, great, great performance. Denver sang it well, but I wish he had a bit more oumph to his voice... The end was really good tho.

Dot Dot Dot - Pressure

Totally awesome song choice. Adam toned his teatrics down, and boy did it work. He was much more focused on his vocals, and it sounded great! Great version. The keyboardist didn't get props tho - and he should have! He was incredible. I really enjoyed them tonight!

Sixwire - She’s Always A Woman

Beautiful. The soft beginning, the slow harmonies... It was perfect. VERY well done. And I LOVED what the singer said to Dicko when he asked why he sang such a mesogynic song. It celebrates all different kinds of women! Love it. They are clearly the band to beat.

Tres Bien - Moving Out

Again, great song choice. The arrangement was good, although I felt like it never really took off. The front guy doesn't have the best voice in the word, but he's good and has a great personality.

Clark Brothers - She’s Got A Way

Dicko keeps on telling Sixwire that they have the housewife vote... Well the Clark Brothers have stolen some of them with that beauitul, heartfelt performance. Ashley's voice ws gorgeous, emotional. I only wish he started singing with mor power a bit earlier.... But it doesn't matter. This was the performance of the night. Wow, simply wow.

Light of Doom - The Stranger

Alright. Light of Doom is the last band to make it. they sound better than they have so far. The singer sounded really good. Their best up until now. Their version of the song was a bit weird tho....

So Rocket and the Muggs went home. And as Dicko said, it really was “death by lead singer" in both cases.

Who will be going home next week? It'll be hard one to guess... I'm thinking maybe the big band and Tres Bien???

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