Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 6

I have to say - when the season started, I was not sure about this show. But the more into the season we get, the more I get into it. The bands are good, real musicians who for the most part have been there, done that. In that regards, TNGAB comes closer to RockStar then American Idol. The music showcased is great, too. None of those recycled, rewashed and re-recycled songs we constatnly hear on AI. I gotta say, I enjoy watching!

This week, the bands sing songs from Mig Jagger and Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones!!!!

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 goes home. The judges spent a lot of time praising them, and rightfully so.

Tres Bien - Get Off Of My Cloud

The lead singer is so good. His voice was good, and he's just such a dynamic front man. It was a fun performance!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Free

I disagree with the judges - I feel this band is showing off exactly what they are about. The horn section ws once again phenomenal. I always feel that Denver is the weak link in te band, but he's been improving a lot lately. He physically stepped up to the front for this performance, and for me, it did wonders. He's pushing his voice, and it's sounding great.

Sixwire - This Will Be The Last Time

I absolutely adore the harmonies this band produces. It felt good to have an uptempo song from them this week. I also really enjoy when they showcase Steve on the guitar. Wow, he's good! This was a fun, dance your feet off kind of performance, and I loved it!

Light of Doom - Jumping Jack Flash

Eric started in too low of a key, and he had troubles hitting some of the lower notes. All in all, solid performance musically, but the vocals were really suffering.

The Clark Brothers - Gimme Shelter

Right off the bat, the electric guitar grabbed me. Austin is such an awesome player, it's incredible. Adam on the mandoline/whateveritscalled was brilliant in between the chorus. WOW! And Ashley's vocals? Phenomenal, as usual. I kinda wished he didn't scream as much at the end, but it fitted the song, fitted the urgency they had been building throughout the performance. It ws dark, it ws powerful and it ws goosebump inducing. Last week, it was Ashley's vocals that made the song. This week, it was Austin's guitar. I can't say it enough, those guys are AMAZING.

Dot Dot Dot - Let's Spend The Night Together

I really didn't like this performance. The harmonies between the two girls were totally off, and Adam's vocals were just not up to par. The fact they showcased the girls and then Rose again felt like they are desperate. It's too bd they reverted to that, the lst two performances were really good. But not this one.

So, I'm thinking that Denver and TMHO will be the next band to go... LOD seems to have a good following, so I expect them to stick around... Then again, Denver and TMHO seem to have quite a bit of fans, too... Maybe it'll be Dot Dot Dot who will go? That would be a first, the band that goes last going home....

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