Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 7

This week, the bands sing songs from Lieber and Stoller.

Franklin Bridge goes home.

Light of Doom- “Jailhouse Rock”

That might be my favorite from them so far. The guitar solo put forward what the problem is with that group; the lead singer. Although, I have to admit, he did much much much better vocal wise than ever before.

The Clark Brothers - “Saved”

After the first verse, I was thinking that the song had too fast a pace for Ashley to really do well vocal wise. Boy ws I wrong. After his fantastic fiddle solo (damn he's good!), the passion was unleashed in his voice. His vocals were not spot on, but they were passionate, emotional, felt like he wrote the song himself. I believed everything he sang, and even through my crappy computer speakers, I let myself get into the performance because they draw me in. WOW!

Dot Dot Dot - “Love Potion #9″

Adam's vocals were really good this week. It was a good, solid performance. Not as great as last week, but I felt that when Adam dials it down, they do so much better!

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 - “Poison Ivy”

I liked it! It was a fun performance, and the harmonizing was pretty cool on the chorus.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - “Ruby Baby”

I'm glad they mde it, I like them!!! I felt like Denver was pushing his voice more this week, and it sounded GREAT! I really wish he had some backup vocals tho, and that he'd clearly step up as the leader of the band. The showcase of the horns was AWESOME!

Sixwire - “I Keep Forgettin’”

LOVE the harmonies. This sounded more pop rock than country, and I enjoyed that very much. The guitar solo was amazing! Sexywire. *LOL*

Tres Bien! - “Some Other Guy”

I think the band did really, really well. Great song that fitted their style so very well. The singer is a great frontman!

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