Monday, November 26, 2007

Greg Neufeld, Channel One and Lukas Rossi - Lee's Palace - Nov 25th 2007

Great, great night last Sunday at Lee's!!!

It was my first time helping a performer by selling merch for them. It was pretty cool, to be honest. It also gave me a different perspective on the show, how it all gets ready, on how hard people work behind the scenes and of course, a very different views of the show itself.

The night started with Greg Neufeld performing a short acoustic set. It was great to finally see Greg live. I got relieved from my merch selling duties for his set, so I made my way to the floor and just enjoyed the music from the pit. Greg's voice is like velvet, with a little husky edge. It can be chill inducing, powerful or very soft... Very, very nice. TV really didn't do his voice or his stage presence justice - he was great on tv, but he's so much better live! I can't remember all the songs he sang. He sang a first song I can't remember the title of, Daughters from John Mayer (wow), a song he wrote with Andrew Austin that totally made me melt on the floor, Delicate by Damien Rice (oh WOW, another one that made me melt!) and two more songs I can't recall the titles of. Very, very good performer. So glad I got to see him. I'm looking forward to more music from him, soon! In the mean time - get his cd and check him out!

Then after a short break, Channel One got on stage to perform an acoustic set. I didn't know those guys, so I have no idea what they played, unfortunately... But what I heard sounded really good. The singer's voice is awesome, and the band sounds really tight. They came over to the merch table after their set to sell their merch, and I got the chance to chat with them a bit... Really nice guys. I'll be checking their stuff for sure.

Oh and now, the piece the resistance. Lukas Rossi himself, on stage with his lovely, gorgeous and talented pianist, Lou Dawson. Here's the set list for Lukas:

Dead Flowers
Lonely Ones I can't get enough of this one)
It's On
Empty Cities
War (new song)
Sunrise Of A Digital Star
Angry Memories Of You
It's All Love
Playboy (for Chrisy!!!!!!!)
Unidentified song that still ROCKED!!!!

Even from the very back of the room where the merch table was, Lukas was reaching out to me and pulled me in the show. He was in great form despite being sick, and was playful with the crowd. He gave a shout out to his dad, having us all scream "We love you Sergio!!!" That was cute. :) He looked.... happy up there on stage. He was intense, shaking his whole body off after a song, sort of like to get the excess of intense energy out of his system. I wish I could have been in the middle of the floor to experience that intensity - it took my breath away from afar - but it was also cool to have a different perspective of the entire show.

Lukas did an encore with Channel One, and they sang Comfortably Numb. Simply INCREDIBLE.

Lukas met with fans after the show for a meet&greet. About 50 fans stuck around after, and he chatted with them all, taking pictures and signing stuff for them. It was cool, it looked like a big reunion of friends, with lots of hugs and laughters and all around good time.

That was Lukas last Canadian acoustic show before he brings Starsdown here. I just CAN'T wait to see him again. :)

I love you, Luke. :) Kendra, you are amazing in everything that you do. Lou, I adore you and it was good to see you again. Chrisy... Thanks for being there with me. :)

Short slide show that aired on ETalk:

Greg Neufeld - Lukas Rossi - Lee's Palace - Nov 25th 07

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