Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream (ADD) Press Release

The time has finally come!!! Blake's Audio Day Dream Album is almost here!!! Check out the full PRESS RELEASE here.


From Clive Davis:
"Blake knows music, is deeply involved and connected with the process
and we all had a ball making this album. The results are so gratifying.
Blake comes to the fore as a totally fresh, creative, edgy and bold new
artist, poised to break through right out of the gate," comments Clive
Davis, Chairman and CEO BMG Label Group.

From Blake Lewis:
"This album is exactly how I wanted it to come out. It's like an '80s
mix tape, with some hip-hop and electronic influences. I wanted to make a
record where every song sounds like it could be on the radio, but my radio.
2000-'80s Blake radio is what I call it," Lewis says.

From Simon Fuller:
Simon Fuller, creator of the popular TV series and chief executive and
founder of 19 Entertainment Label Group says, "Blake is an extraordinary
artist; talented, distinctive and unique. He has made a fantastic debut
album, and I am so looking forward to all his fans hearing it -- they will
love it."

SOURCE Arista Records

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