Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blake Lewis - Break Anotha Video clip, ADD Spoilers, making of ADD - Oh My!

There was litterally TONS of things being posted on Blake this past week. I'm posting it all here, in one big post! Enjoy!

She Loves The Way - Blake Lewis & BT

How can Blake and BT and Kevin make a sexy song even sexier? WOW! Really enjoy hearing that version, it's great. The hand puppets are hilarious, and it is great to see how much fun and complicity the three guys hve. :) Loved BT on the Kaoss pad!

Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream clips

Wanna hear snippets of Blake's upcoming album? :)


Blake Lewis - TRL 2007-11-19

Preview of ADD's debut single video, Break Anotha!!!! Green screen!!! Blake dancing!

Blake Lewis as Bob Boberson

From Cisco McCarthy, here is Bob Bobberson in all his glory. I love Cisco. I love Blake. I love Chris who sings in the background (WOW!). But mostly, I love Bob Bobberson. I wanna rub his buddha.

Blake Lewis in Seattle studio

Blake working in the studio with Kevin Sawka and BT. Maybe recording one of the 9 interludes that will appear on Audio Day Dream?

A few tidbits, coming from Team Plaid:

* There will be 9 interludes throughout the album to fit the A.D.D. theme (and don’t expect just beatboxing!). Three of the interludes get their own track numbers (1, 12, 16). The others are hidden, but you can find the names of them in the CD booklet. They were recorded live by Blake’s band.
* iTunes will have an exclusive track that Blake did with S*A*M and Sluggo in New York called “Human.”
* WalMart will have exclusive bonus DVD footage.
* Clive Davis has taken Executive Producer credit.

Check out Team Plaid for more…

Video Interview with Blake on The Vine @ Eonline:

"Idol" runner-up Lewis realizes "Dream"

"I don't want to be put in a box," Lewis said. "If there's any box I could be put in, it's pop music. The surprise is that, hopefully, it's an album you've never heard before, but it's very pop and mainstream. I just go with my gut feeling and my instincts and intuition. I did that on the show, and that's how I approached (the album), too."

Blake Lewis' ideas are there, but scattered,0,3494200.story

Though it features input by industry heavyweights J.R. Rotem and Mike Elizondo, Lewis' principal collaborator on "Audio Day Dream" is songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder, whose band OneRepublic's "Apologize" (a collaboration with Timbaland) has ruled Top 40 radio this fall. Tedder and Lewis trick out their mercilessly catchy tunes with loads of delicious ear candy: In "Gots to Get Her," they layer a vocal melody inspired by "Puttin' on the Ritz" over fluttering acoustic guitars and triumphant R&B horns, while "Surrender" pairs grinding Depeche Mode keyboards with a pounding hard-rock beat.

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