Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blake Lewis - LG Action Sports Championship Recap - 11/10/2007

Some reports are finally coming from the LG Action Sports Championship, Blake Lewis' first live performance of his new songs. It's all very exciting!!!

From dashery:

Opening riff of "Some say silence is golden, I choose noise."
Break Anotha
Gots To Get Her (inspired by Putting on the Ritz)
Beatboxing Bonanza Introducing the Band, A.D.D
She Loves The Way
What'cha Got 2 Lose
Another new song I'm calling "Don't Say Goodbye" because I know he said that line a lot. :)
Know My Name

To read what dashery had to say and to SEE VIDEOS, visit her journal HERE.

From Midge, we've got a nice recap and some really cool pictures!!! Here's a short excerpt of her recap:

So, the award show ends and on comes BLAKE! As mentioned before, he started with a cool little intro and then on to “Break Anotha” I love seeing him and the band members! They mesh perfectly together and you can really see how much they feed off of each other. It’s just so refreshing to see Blake outside of the AI box.

To read the rest and see the pictures, please head to Team Plaid to Midge's entry!

Here's one picture from her - go see the rest of them at Team Plaid!

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From RzOnMrcury, we've got VIDEOS!!!!!

Intro/Break Anotha

Know My Name

Here's My Hello

Whatcha Got 2 Loose?

Gots To Get Her

Jam Session

Bshorty Grabs the Mic!

She Loves The Way

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