Monday, November 5, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 10

Oh, that was a great show this week!

First, I think aside from two bands, the performances were really good this week. Everyone upped their game, and it showed! Also, love the judges. I may disagree at times with them, but all in all, they give good comments and critics to the bands, and I really appreciate that.

This week, the bands were to perform original songs and a song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. I have to say that I really disliked that they did the original first. To me, it was a bit anticlimatic. But still, the bands seemed to have had an easier time making the songs of Elton and Bernie their own, as opposed to last week with Dylan's songs.

We also find out this week which two bands will go home. The show starts with all 12 bands, and each band is given an opportunity to sing an original and a cover except for two bands, who will be going home. The Likes of You and The Hatch unfortunately didn't go through.

So, on with the bands!!!!

Sixwire - Got to Get Away (original) and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (John/Taupin)

The original was really good! Very catchy, it's got a little bit of pop, rock and country. HUGE cross-over appeal for these guys. Excellent musicianship, great quality vocals. I agree with Dicko - the fact the lead singer stepped up a bit really works for them. To me, these guys are the front runners. The cover started out a bit shaky, but it got back on track really quickly, and it turned out pretty darn good. They kept the original melody and just added a touch of rock country to it. Fesh little twist on an overplayed classic. VERY well done.

Tres Bien - How I Feel (original) and Love Lies Bleeding (John/Taupin)

This original song was really good. Love the Beatles-ish, 60's pop feel to it. Agree with Dicko - the front man is great when not hiding behind a guitar. I thought the cover was well done, I liked the arrangement and how they adapted it to their sound. I thought the vocals were sloppy tho.

Franklin Bridge - Love’s Fool (original) and Philadelphia Freedom (John/Taupin)

I liked their original song much better than last week. It is still too busy for me, but it was good. I really liked that the drummer was put at the forefront. Love his drumming and his shouts throughout the song.... Really good! The cover was good. I didn't think it was overarranged... I thought it suited them very well. Thought the cover was better than the original tho...

The Clarks - Country Time (original) and Country Comfort (John/Taupin)

I adore these guys. They look like they are having fun! Great musicians, great and good looking singer. Original not as great as last week's, but still really catchy and good. The cover was amazing. The song suited them so well, it could have been theirs. Love that they did something more low key, show some versatility. The singer's voice was beautiful on that. LOVED the mandolin!

Light of Doom - Light of Doom (original) and Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (John/Taupin)

Alright, alright. They are good. VERY good. Amazing. For kids. But I'm with Dicko - I just can't get past the fact they are kids. They are amazing musicians - the guitars and the drums, WOW! But the singer really isn't anything to write home about. I hated the original - lyrics were painful..... The cover was better, suited them well, but again, the vocals were not great.... In fact the singer was out of tune most of the song.

Dot Dot Dot - Stay (original) and Your Song (John/Taupin)

Ok, the singer really bugs. His constant smile, his over abundant energy, he's just too much. And if his vocals were great, I think I could take him. The thing is, his vocals are NOT that great... The original was pretty good. Much, much better than last week. A litte bit of an 80's flavor there. The cover - goo idea as far as the arrangment, but unfortunately, they fell short as far as vocals.

Cliff Wagner & the Old #7 - Little White Chapel on the Strip (original) and Honky Cat (John/Taupin)

The original song was so catchy and full of fun. Made me want to dance! Very good! The cover was good, but seemed to lack energy. Seems to me the singer forgot his lyrics, too... Not as good as last week, but they were still pretty good!

The Muggs - Should’ve Learned My Lesson (original) and I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues (John/Taupin)

I absolutely adore their sound. Pure rock, really good! The guitarist is simply amazing. But damn! His voice is relly awful. It's not even that he is out of tune, it's just that his voice is not pleasant. The original was good, love the guitar riffs. The cover was PAINFUL. The singer really looked pissed when the judges were critiquing his voice.

Rocket - Future Ex-boyfriend (original) - Rocket Man (John/Taupin)

Ouch. Both songs were pretty bad. The cover was the worst. The band sounds good, but the singer.... OUCH! She sounds really bad. She ws very emotional as the judges critiqued her.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - All Night (original) and I’m Still Standing (John/Taupin)

I liked the original very much. The dance music feel of it was a nice change. The cover was even better I thought. I would love to see Denver be more at the front, showing more that he is the front man of the band.

So to me, it goes like this:

Clark Brothers

Tres Bien
Franklin Bridge
Cliff Wagner and the Old #7
Light of Doom
Denver and The Mile High Orchestra
Dot Dot Dot

The Muggs

Who will go home this time! Tune in on Friday to find out!

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