Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 5 - Results

And here we go for the results!!!!

Group sing - Neil Diamond Song Medley

Brothers and Sisters! It's the Brother Love Show! So show your brother some love...

And the blah blah continues... Chat with Constantine and Gina Glocksen... Idol Stamp for Carrie Unbderwood.... 2 1/2 minute recap of performance night... Ryan adresses rumors about Paula - "She's part of the family, the rumors are not true and we love her". Way to shut them up, Ryan.

"There are one or two prodigies in that group" - Neil Diamond

Jason is asked to come to center stage first. After a bit of chit chat with Jason, Ryan pronounced him SAFE.

David Archuleta is then called up. Chit Chat with Paula about having more fun... And Archie is SAFE.

Now, we get a little sample of the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance". Randy modeling a new design for their Coke Cup. *roll eyes*

David Cook is asked to come up front and center. Ryan recaps the judges comments, with emphasis on what Paula said - that she thought she was already looking at the next American Idol. Screaming from the crowd.... Ryan asking David what he thought about that... David answering the first thing he thought about was what Simon said to Carly last week, that it was the kiss of death... Ryan then said that David Cook is SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means Brooke and Syesha are in the Bottom 2. Ryan recaps the judges comments for both of them. And of course, we won't know who goes home for a good while....

Natasha Beddingfield performs her song "Take Me Away". She chits chats with Ryan afterwards, and goes to say hi to the idols, kissing Archuleta on the cheeks - he apparently really loves her.

Questions time! All questions are for the judges, 2 for Paula, and one for Simon, from his first crush. That was sweet!

Ford Commercial - "Catch The Wind"

Neil Diamond performs "Pretty Amazing Grace".

Who goes home????

Bye Brooke..............

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