Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 5

Neil Diamond Night!!!

I love Neil Diamond. Total guilty pleasure of mine. I was expecting great things for the idols tonight! And I have to say I was disappointed. Very strange night, from karaoke performances to amateur night mike to Paula totally loosing it... The only one that was coherent tonight was Simon. And of course, David Cook was awesome!

Jason - Forever in blue Jeans

This totally suited him. Started out a bit shaky, but I liked the verses.

David Cook - I'm Alive

His voice sounded GREAT on it. And we got the Les Paul! Woo hoo! David in full rocker mode tonight. I LOVED it.... I just worry that it's not a really well known song.

Brooke - I'm a believer

This was so not her........ It was totally awful. And OMG, she went WOO in the middle of the song! She salvaged it somewhat at the end with the screamier parts, but it was pretty much baaaaaaaaaaad.

Archie - Sweet Caroline

He murdered my song! *cries* Vocally, it was good..... But the interpretation, the constant smiling the runs! The fucking uns! Blech, blech, blech.

Syesha - Hello Again

Boring in the beginning, but the bridge was really nice.

Jason - September Morn

Totaly trainwreck. He looked so bored singing that song!

David Cook - All I want Is You

LOVED the acoustic guitar. Loved the band kicking in mid way through, although they were way too loud. Loved how David ended the song. This felt like something we hear from Analog Heart. It seems he lost himself a bit in the middle of the song tho... Am I crazy? I did NOT like what Simon said to him tho. Well, I loved what he said, and I agree with him... But it scares the crap out of me! I don't want his fans to get complacent. I want everyone to vote their fingers off like he had totally bombed and people were scared!!!

Brooke - I am I said

Much better than the first song. But I dind't like it.

Archie - America

Smart choice, just like Kristy Lee Cook with her God Bless The USA. That's all I've got to say about that.

Syesha - Thank the Lord for the Nighttime

I liked it. The beginning was a bit weird, but then she got into it and it was really nice.

My Top 2 - David Cook and Syesha
My Bottom 2 - Jason and Brooke
Going home - I think it'll be Brooke, but who knows at this point? As long as it is not David Cook!!!

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