Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 4

Songs that have shaped rock & roll - this was the theme of tonight's show. The contestants were able to choose amongst the songs of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It should have been a great night, by all means...

The judges bickering was at an all time high tonight, and it was pretty painful to listen to. Can't they just give their comments and shut up after? It's not about them, it's about the contestants!

David Cook - Hungry Like the Wolf

David sang first, and he seemed to be a bit off his game. Vocals were great, performance was ok... Simon pissed me off with the "you didn't do what you usually do with the changing... Blah blah blah... Cookie looks HOT... Loved the hand holding, the thank you whispered at the tv... Awesome.

Syesha - Proud Mary

Showing some legs... Sexy... Vocals were good... She's putting on quite a show...

Jason - I Shot The Sheriff

I like the vibe of the arrangement. It's nice to see Jason moving around a bit. Weak on the chorus, but the rest was really nice.

David Archuleta - Stand By Me

I liked it! Very nice, except for the falsetto. Ugh. But it was good, and he seemed more relaxed than in any previous performances. The crowd was going CRAZY! RANDY SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!! His drooling his awful.

David Cook - Baba O'Reiley

Now THAT is more like it!!!! He was so much more in the zone. Very sexy start, with the soft vocals, loved how it kicked up... Amazing. Way, way too short tho - just as he got started, the song ended. I wanted to hear so much more!

Syesha - A Change's Gonna Come


Jason - Mr Tambourine Man

He forgot his lyrics?????????? I thought other than that, he did really well. I like him with his guitar only. It's inviting and comfortable. Judges comments - it is SO blatant they want him out... Wow.

Archie - Love Me Tender

VERY nice. But why did he do the falsetto again? He missed the mark with the falsetto. But yes, I thought he did well.

It's hard to predict what will happen tomorrow night. Jason was thrown under the bus, and this might have fueled his fanbase into voting even more. Syesha's sexy ways, showing off some legs and crocodile tears will give her the sympathy vote. Archie probably got even more granny votes than usual. David Cook having gone first will not help him, but it might have gotten his fans to actively vote to make sure he'd be saved.

Nonetheless, here are my predictions:

Top 2: David A, David C
Bottom 2: Syesha, Jason
Going home.... Jason.

Some more pondering about the night:

Gotta give it to Archie, he came out strong and big tonight. For the first time in weeks, I really enjoyed his performances. Yes, it was predictable. Yes it's pretty much what he's done throughout the show so far. I thought for the first time in a really long time, he felt his lyrics, which makes a huge difference. Yes, even Love Me Tender, I felt it from him. I had to shake the ew factor off of me after *LOL* but I thought Archie really connected especially with that one. His vocals were spot on, and he really upped his performances at a crucial time. Good for you Archie.

Jason was just painful to watch, and I felt so sorry for him. I liked his ISTS - I thought it was perfect for him. It was not his best performance, but it was a really solid one, IMO. I just couldn't believe how cruel the judges were to him. It's one thing if they didn't like it - to each their own, ymmv and all that jazz - but to crucify him the way they did, that was really bad. I thought Mr.TM was good, nothing earth shattering but good, until he forgot the lyrics. His immaturity showed there, as he was completely unable to cover his mistake up. I don't know how his fans will react in terms of voting - I've read in many places that people were not going to vote for him, to put him out of his misery, so to speak. Others were so enraged that they voted a million times harder, recruiting and all that stuff. So really, who knows what will happen to him...

Syesha did good. She used all she could to remain in the competition, she really left it all out there. From the cleavage to the legs to the sexy hip movements to the playful dancing with Ricky Minor to the tears... She really took advantage of everything available to her to remain in the competition. Her singing was alright - her first song was good but too copycat it felt karaoke. Her second song was better, until she started crying and not hitting notes. I have the gut feeling that she'll be safe.

And David Cook... Poor dear Cookie. It was his week, and he delivered sub par (for him) performances. As many said before, I too think he just psyched himself out of two potentially great performances. He thought too much about it, put too much pressure on himself, and forgot to just go out there and have fun. This was Innocent week all over again - one could read the disappointment in his face after each song. Vocally he sounded great... Although it seems he was a bit out of power in BO'R. Performance wise... HLTW was so tame, I couldn't believe it. BO'R was better in terms of performance, much more like the Cookie we all know and love. I guess the guy has set the bar so high for himself, we all expect much more from him, which is not a bad thing, but also can totally mess with his mind, like it did last night. Still, his sub par performances are better than most contestants best.

Of course I am highly invested in Cookie, and I hope he makes it through... I am really worried about him tho. Between going first, putting on so-so performances, Sy's tears, Jason's smack down and Archie's breakthrough night... That doesn't leave a whole hell of a lot of room for Cookie. I hope his fans voted like they did the night of Innocent to save him. Because despite his so-so night last night, he does deserve to go to the finale. He's been the most consistent of all, the most original of all, and the most versatile of all. And let's not forget the guy can sing the fucking phone book and legions would be swooning because of that gorgeous voice of his.

Result night will be interesting, for sure....

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