Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - Top 6

Andrew Lloyd Webber Night! The night was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It truly separated those who can sing from those who can fake it pretty well.

Syesha - One Rock and Roll Too Many from Starlight

I liked it a lot! I really feel like this is her niche, being an actress and all. I really liked her sassy take on it.

Jason - Memories from Cats

Ouch. The beginning was bad, the low parts were awful... I gotta say I liked the part he sang after the really low part, it had more life, more emotion in it. But all in all... Ouch..

Brooke - You Must Love Me from the film adaption of Evita

There were moments of total brilliance, and other moments I couldn't watch her at all I felt so uncomfortable. The stop and start again didn't bother me - it happens in live performances all the time. But it really did threw her, and she tensed up so much after that... I disagree with Paula completely - Brooke did over act the song, to try and compensate for not fully putting her emotions in it.

Archieleather - Think Of Me from Phantom of the Opera

I actually really enjoyed it. The low parts were way too low tho, but the rest of it was quite nice. I really liked the way he ended the song. I can care less about all the runs tho......

Carly - Jesus Christ Superstar

FINALLY Carly lets loose and stops worrying. She was GREAT! Yes, it was a bit shouty in the middle as Simon said, but it was great. She was having fun, not worrying or thinking about her voice or lyrics too much. She just rocked out. I really enjoyed it!

David Mother Fucking Hot and Sexy Cook from Phantom of the Opera

Last week I was so emotional and excited after David's performance, I just couldn't type. This week, I can hardly type, but for a totally different reason. David had me in in a puddle of sweet goo with his sexy looks and inviting eyes. He had me in the palm of his hand with his absolutely gorgeous voice. Soft, tender, caressing my ears like a whisper or a tender kiss. I blushed, I fucking BLUSHED during his performance, that is how well he sold it to me. David can sing anything. ANYTHING.

My ranking tonight:

David MFH&S Cook

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