Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - Top 7

Mariah Carey Night! Woo Hoo!

Not. I'm sorry, I know she's a great artist and has talent and all that, but I am just not of a fan of hers.

Although I have to say, after watching tonight... It turned out to be a pretty darn good night after all!

Archie - When you Believe

I have to admit it's the first time in weeks I liked his performance. He seemed to feel the song, sang it well (tho he seemed a bit ahead of the music in the beginning). Oh and Simon? Way to call him out on his obvious choice without actually slamming him for it. *rolls eyes*

Carly - Without You

I actually really enjoyed her tonight! Like RAndy, I thought the beginning was a bit shaky, but her lower register is really pretty. And the rest, well, she gave me goosebumps. I thought she pulled it off really well.

Syesha - Vanishing

I thought she sounded good in the lower parts... The screaming was a bit much tho. I have to admit she's pretty brave and bold in her choices. She chose to do all the runs like Mariah and all... While she is not Mariah, I still think she did good.

Brooke - Hero

She started out good, then hit a few bum notes and sped up her playing and singing. There were gerat moments in there, and others who were completely ouch.

Kristy - Forever

She sounded weird in her lower register, whiney at times, and brilliant at other times. Very uneven performance.

David Cook - Always Be My Baby

First reaction:

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More coherent reaction: OMG.... Seriously....... I'm such a huge moron.... I'm in tears! My heart was pounding when he started low, a bit shaky....... But when he kicked it up? OMFG, I started crying and jumping up and down and pumping my fists and flailing all over the place. To have Randy stand up, Paula gushing, and THAT HUGE SHIT EATING GRIN ON FUCKING SIMON COWELL'S FACE........... OMG!!!!!!!! And those tears............. OMG!!!!!!! *crying*

Jason - I Don't Wanna Cry

Poor Jason, I could not concentrate on his performance after what David Cook delivered. I had to watch it again more than an hour after it was all said and done. I have to say I enjoyed the arrangement, it suited him very well. I was happy to hear him use his falsetto more. His voice sounded stronger and more confident than before. Very good.

My Top 3: David Cook, David Cook, David Cook

My Bottom 3: It should be Syesha, Kristy and Brooke, but I'm pretty sure it'll be Brooke, Carly and Kristy.

Going home: Carly

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Hinsley Ford said...

Hi, it's Hinsley from The O2 Chronicles..thank you for stopping by!

You know, I really like your picks for top 3 this week ;)

Looking forward to reading your blog....