Saturday, March 15, 2008

David Cook - Pre-Idol Music

There is a lot of pre-idol music from David Cook! You can purchase his solo album, Analog Heart on AMAZON.COM. His two Axium albums are available for purchase at WALMART.


“David Cook’s good looks and witty humor can draw a crowd but it’s his outstanding ability as a musician that keeps them coming back for more. The smile of a boy, the sounds of a man, David transcends the typical boundaries that usually defines an artist. As a Kansas City transplant, David’s background combines the musicality of jazz, the catchy hooks of modern pop, and the raw sounds of Tulsa’s historic rock. Such diverse influences have provided David an honest and appealing versatility. David is today’s Midwest musician.

David’s style exhibits the highest caliber of musicianship and his unerring skills as a guitarist give him a fan base that sets the intelligentsia of the music community side-by-side with the popular high school crowd. David’s straight forward lyrics are, “A little dark, but not depressing a little edgy, but not scary. It’s strong, feel-good, soul strengthening music!” according to His soaring vocals are both rough and sweet in the same breath and the radio-ready lyrics of Fall Back Into Me and Silver are devoid of the cynicism that usually plagues coast rock. David comes across youthfully optimistic and knowingly mature. And the melodic guitar in Don’t Say a Word is a shoe-in candidate for the next edition of Guitar Hero.

David has toured throughout the Midwest and has shared the stage with several big names, including: Caroline’s Spine, Bowling For Soup, Maroon 5, Fountains of Wayne, Happyendings, Smashmouth, and 8STOPS7. As the former front-man of the Kansas City band, Axium, David has already built a formidable fan base. In 2004, David’s former band was named Kansas City’s best local band and in 2006, they were recognized among the top 15 unsigned bands in the “Got Milk? Contest.” David’s voice has also been heard in movie theaters across the country as a featured Movie Tunes artist.

His debut solo album, Analog Heart, was recently named the 4th best album of 2006 by Music Equals Life. Of David’s music, they said, “This is by far the best CD to come out of the Tulsa, OK scene…” Songs from the album are receiving regular airtime on Kansas City and Tulsa radio stations and prior to American Idol, David was in Tulsa recording the follow-up album to Analog Heart.”

Wanna get a feel for his pre-idol music before you download anything? Here are a few songs...


AC - Axium

Peace of Mind - Axium

Leave Behind - Axium

Callout - Axium

Just In Case - Axium

The Finish Line - Axium

Creep (Radiohead)

With Midwest Kings

Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog)

Make Me

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