Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol - Top 12 - Results

Elimination night went as follow:

Carly Smithson - Safe
Michael Johns - Safe
Jason Castro - Safe

Syesha Mercado - Bottom 3

Chikezie - Safe
Amanda Overmyer - Safe
David Cook - Safe

Kristy Lee Cook - Bottom 3

David Archuletta - Safe
Brooke White - Safe
Ramile Malubay - Safe

David Hernandez - Bottom 3

Each bottom 3 contestant sang their song after being announced they were in the bottom 3.

And after an hour of Ford video, group sing, phone calls from viewers, some none sense exchanged between Simon and Ryan... The eliminated contestant is announce...

David Hernandez is going home.


I am a bit disappointed that David went home tonight. I did not expect him to win the competition, but I thought he would make the Top 10. Certainly I thought he would leave after Kristy, Chikezie and perhaps even Syesha!

Next week will be Beatles week again?

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