Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - Top 10

Tonight's theme is songs from the year you were born.

Ramiele Malubay - 1987’s “Alone” by Heart

Pitchy, screamy, shouty, bad, bad, bad, bad. The background vocalists were really off on that one, too. I feel bad that she is sick, but this was really bad.

Jason Castro - 1987’s “Fragile” by Sting

It as nice, but nothing earth shattering. His fans are going to love this tho! I liked the little spanish touch.

Syesha Mercado - 1987’s “If I Were Your Woman” by Stephanie Mills

I am actually shocked that I liked it. Definitely her best so far. A bit shouty here and there, but all in all a good performance.

Chikezie - 1985’s “If Only For One Night” by Luther Vandross

Another one that I liked when I didn't think I would. Yeah, it was a bit old fashioned, but it was a nice change of pace for Chikesie I thought. He sang this beautifully, and showed lots of emotions. I really liked it.

Brooke White - 1983’s “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

I was actually disappointed in Brooke's performance this week. When she started on the piano, by herself, and then the strings joining in discreetly, I thought this was really great. I was expecting the band to kick in at some point, but I was expecting it to be discreet, too (if that makes any sense). But when the band actually joined in, I thought it made the whole thing so cheesy... I didn't like the arrangement once the band joined in. Totally agree with Randy and Simon.

Michael Johns - 1978’s “We Are the Champions” by Queen

Alright. Born in Perth, huh? :) Loved that he started with WWRY, that was good and a nice change for that song. He made WATC work for him, and I agree, he had his breakthrough performance tonight. I didn't mind the two off notes, because unlike past performances, he really showed passion tonight, really showed he was pushing himself. WAY TO GO MJ!!!!!!!! The crowd ws going absolutely crazy for him, that was great to see!

Carly Smithson - 1983’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

She did seem awfully nervous tonight. I thought she sang well, and I did like the rock edge. But she didn't really show anything new tonight. Still, I'm always amazed at the range of her voice. WOW!

David Archuleta - 1990’s “You’re the Voice” by David Foster with Jeff Pescetto

I love that song. It was refreshing to see David do something else than belt a ballad. That being said, I agree with Simon, it really didn't feel like "David A" at all. He sang it well, but the dancing was pretty bad, although the licking the lips was much more under control than we've seen before.

Kristy Lee Cook - 1984’s “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood

OMG, the CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! The red/white/blue lighting with the flag in the background... OMG, THE CHEESE!!!!! She really wants to pull on people's heart strings. She did sing the song well, she's a great singer! But there is a disconnect, something that just doesn't make me go wow when she sings.

David Cook - 1983’s “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

Alright. When I heard he was doing the Chris Cornell version, I of course went to listen to it since I was not familiar with it. And I got scared. I dind't like the arrangement or the way Chris was singing it.

But tonight?




OMG, David knocked this one out of the park. I thought he might have been a tad ahead of the music at the beginning, but then he launched into the chorus, which was absolutely killer. And then? Climax...... And the music stop. FUCK. ME. And he picks it up again, soft and tender.

Let me say it again.





My ranking for tonight:

David Cook
Michael Johns
DAvid A


Dream Baby Dream said...

WOW! I don't have time to watch them all right now, but I had to check out David Cook...and I am continually blown away by him. I love Chris Cornell too, so I'll have to look up his version of Billie Jean sometime.

Bouffe said...

I personally prefer Cook's rendition of it... But it's all a matter of taste...

But wasn't David just amazing? The studio version is great, too...