Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol - Top 11 - Results

It was kind of a fun night for an elimination show!

I liked the way they announced the top 10, making each contestant walk up to Ryan, alone with him on stage. But WTF with Carly in the B3??? I imagine she was not really in the B3, but they wanted 1- the public to vote more for her and 2- her to really up her game. There's no way she really was in the B3.

The group sing was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Lots of Cook and Johns, which is a definite plus, but other than that... Oh, I was happy to hear While MY Guitar Gently Weeps!

It shouldn't be a surprise that a woman left tonight, since they eliminated a man last week. There are 5 women who go to the Top 10 and 5 guys... Yeah, predictable. Not surprised about Kristy or Amanda to be in the B3, but I was shocked that Ramiele or Syesha made it straight to the Top 10.

The Ford commercial was really fun! I can so see David Cook playing the role of the director and really getting into it. I liked the behind the scenes and then the actual video. A lot of fun!

Kelly Pickler. I didn't like her on her season, and I don't like her much today either. I'm not a big fan of country, what can I say. I have to admit tho, she sounded much better than I ever remember. And she sang without an ear monitor! I was impressed. She looked great, and really played it to the crowd, that was fun. Boy did they spend a lot of time on her pre-performance package tho!!! Why didn't they do that for Blake Lewis too, uh?

So Carly is sent back to the Top 10 couch first. It's down to Kristy and Amanda. I just knew Amanda was going. She didn't seem heartbroken about it at all... And she delivered a solid exit performance. I'm sure she's a fun performer - AI was just not her vehicle.

I'll miss her!


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