Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 16 - Top 8 Girls

The judges were SO ANNOYING tonight!!!!!!!!!

Asia’h Epperson - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I thought she did well with it. It was a great song for her - upbeat, high energy, bubbly, just like her. Her vocals were weak and shaky while going down the stairs, but other than that, I thought she did good. not wow, but good.

Kady Malloy - Who Wants To Live Forever

Wow, big song. I think Kady did a good job with it. I really liked the way she ended the song with a soft voice. And wow, she took Simon's comments pretty well. I agree with Paula, best she's done so far.

Amanda Overmyer - I Hate Myself For Loving You

She looked beautiful tonight! I was so excited when I heard Amanda was going to do that song. And she did not disappoint! Perfect song for her, great interpretation, it really was very very good. She killed it! But why did she look so sad, or embarrassed to be there? She should have been smiling a really big and bright smile after Simon's praise... Something's weird here...

Carly Smithson - I Drove All Night

Oh, I love her hair tonight! And I really love the tone of her voice. I didn't know this Cindy Lauper song... I thought it was good! Not my favorite, but I think she did awesome. She really can sing anything... I thought her performance was more relaxed than last week, too. I have to say - I love that she shows off her tattoos the way she does.

Kristy Lee Cook - Faithfully

I liked the little country twang she added to the song. While I think she sang it well, I agree with Simon - she's kind of forgettable.

Ramiele Malubay - Against All Odds

I actually really hated it. She sang it really well... But she didn't put the proper emotions into it. I've said it before... This song needs angst, and she really didn't deliver on that. A few bum notes would have actually improve her performance... Simon is right, I can almost hear her think when she sings.

Brooke White - Love Is A Battlefield

Very very good. Not as good as last week, but still very good! I love her voice, the textures, the tone of it. I would have liked to see her with the guitar again on this song tho. But still, this stripped down version was really good, totally suited Brooke.

Syesha Mercado - Saving All My Love For You

Blech. She sang very well, hit the notes right and all that. Still, it was just ... a bit lukewarm.

Favs: Amanda, Brooke, Carly
Worst: Asia’h, Syesha
Going home: Kady and Amanda (I hope Amanda stays! )

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